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Rule of thumb: when in doubt, leave it out! Too many commas can make writing choppy. She made a donation to a new political organization. It will be a frigid, expensive winter. Compound sentence: To separate two sentences connected with a coordinating conjunction, and, but, or—two subjects, two verbs that could be made into two sentences.

Correct: The professor is highly talented, and he will surprise you with his ideas. Wrong: Jones went home, and unlocked the doors. She not only loves peanut butter but also jelly. Dates: Before and after the year, in full dates within sentences: The president was born on August 9, , in a New York checker cab.

Between day and year in full dates but not between a month and year: May 1, May Introductory elements: Use comma after introductory elements that can be eliminated without changing the meaning of the main clause: By the time you get this message, you will probably have forgotten our conversation.

If you agree with our decision, please sign and return the contract. It is not necessary to use the comma after short introductory elements, unless needed for clarity: Before lunch we usually work out. Series: Use comma to separate each item in a series, including the last item: He brought bread, potatoes, green beans, and butterscotch.

Avoid this use of ampersand if possible. Commencement commonly confused words, a few more problematic words may be found in Chicago Manual of Style, pages — Affect v. In summary, the body rapidly maladapts to insufficient physical activity, and if continued, results in substantial decreases in both total and quality years of life. Taken together, conclusive evidence exists that physical inactivity is one important cause of most chronic diseases.

In addition, physical activity primarily prevents, or delays, chronic diseases, implying that chronic disease need not be an inevitable outcome during life. Organization of article 1. The aim of the entire article is to bring better understanding and insight into the observation that a lack of physical activity at ancestral levels initiates 35 pathological and clinical conditions.

Definitions 2. As previously stated, this article will concentrate on the use of physical activity to prevent physical inactivity, and, thus, prevent many chronic diseases. If an external stress disrupts homeostasis beyond an organism's functional capacity, life may not be sustained. Diminished ability to adapt to stressors increases the likelihood of death. Functional capacity is pliable; declining rapidly with extreme physical inactivity or more slowly with aging, while preventing inactivity can increase functional capacity considered in specific detail in the aging section.

Importantly, a direct relationship between functional capacity and survival is a cornerstone of general medicine theory. A major predictor of functional capacity is maximal aerobic capacity VO2max , which while directly testing cardiovascular fitness and integrity also represents a combination of other physiologic components. For instance, VO2max also depends on pulmonary and muscle function, health status of other organ systems, nutritional status, medications, orthopedic limitations, and others An aerobic functional capacity in patients under 4-metabolic equivalents METs , a typical demand during normal daily activities, increases postoperative time from admission to discharge from surgery cardiac and long-term risks In another study, patients were grouped by MET capacity in relationship to complication prevalence after they underwent angiographically verified coronary artery disease and subsequent open abdominal nonvascular surgery.

These remarkable findings can be extrapolated to other stresses where the probability of complications, and even survival, is dependent upon the functional capacity needed to maintain homeostasis. Inherited genes and their interaction with physical activity levels determine physical fitness. However, chronic physical activity levels themselves modulate fitness. Further, the levels of physical activity, themselves, modulate whether fitness improves.

For example, Sisson et al. The percentage of non-responders at a given level of training progressively decreased as the exercise volume increased. The majority of data about fitness and physical activity is focused on aerobic fitness.

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