ethereum classic future predictions
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Ethereum classic future predictions

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In this way, other EVM chains can be seen as incentivized testnets of Ethereum Classic, with much more rigorous testing than a traditional testnet could provide. Looking Ahead As of writing, has just arrived, and ETC is beginning the year experiencing a surge of activity. A litany of new apps and users have organically coalesced, and the ETC ecosystem is starting to show signs of network effects, which will snowball adoption as the network becomes more useful and valuable. Recent growth is partly thanks to a growing army of Ethereum Classic content creators and influencers who have been creating videos and memes, driving adoption through social media.

For Ethereum Classic this will be an extremely relevant event, as it seems likely newly evicted GPU miners will be looking towards other chains to mine, and Ethereum Classic is an obvious choice. The migration of miners from ETH to ETC will likely bring a new wave of interest to the Ethereum Classic ecosystem, increase the security of the network, and accelerate adoption and network value.

Additionally, if there are any short term problems during or after "The Merge", perhaps due to unforeseen game theory problems or protocol exploits due to additional complexity, Ethereum Classic will be ready and waiting to provide a fallback chain that remains on the tried and true Ethereum protocol of today.

EVM Versioning With Ethereum Classic aiming to maintain Code is Law for many decades, if not centuries to come, a feature of major utility will be that of versioning of deployed contracts. This provides several significant advantages to the long term operation and maintenance of Ethereum Classic, notably that it makes it far easier to maintain Code is Law whilst still providing flexibility for upgrading contract execution in the future.

Rather than worrying about whether a protocol change, such as gas repricing, would break old contracts, versioning would mean deployed code is guaranteed to always run on a compatible version of the EVM based on the block number it was deployed to. In additional, future contracts could opt-in to functionality that would otherwise break old contracts, meaning Ethereum Classic can provide new technology like signature schemes, add or modify opcode behavior, etcetera, without affecting existing applications.

Even though they are running on a different version of the EVM, future contracts would still be able to communicate with old contracts over the same or translated API to maintain interoperability.

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Aug 24,  · For Ethereum Classic this will be an extremely relevant event, as it seems likely newly evicted GPU miners will be looking towards other chains to mine, and Ethereum Classic Missing: predictions. Oct 23,  · Ethereum Classic price prediction for December In the beginning price at dollars. Maximum price $, minimum price $ The average for the month . 14 rows · Ethereum Classic price equal to USD at If you buy Ethereum Classic for.