investing based on age
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Investing based on age

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There are penalties if you use your money for non-qualified expenses. Not only that, there are also fees to pay, which vary depending on the plan. In addition, investment choices are limited. As the account owner, you must select from investment options offered by the savings plan you choose. If you have an idea of how much your education may run, it can help you decide whether a plan suits your needs.

It can also give you a savings goal to work toward. The Takeaway plans are a solid recommendation for many families as an investment vehicle. There are many options, which gives you flexibility, and they come with tax advantages. However, the college experience and its costs is different for everyone. You may need a different saving strategy for your future student. If you need help starting your savings journey or adjusting your current strategy, consider reaching out to a financial professional.

They can help you plan for education costs, estimate financial aid or plan a budget. If you need help searching through your options, consider consulting a financial advisor. You can invest in more than one type of plan — even ones out of state. If you want to see your options, check out our review of the plans across the U. They will vary significantly based on which fund family is chosen for the investment.

Finally, keep in mind that these are like mutual funds, in that they carry inherent risks. Just because something is risk-adjusted based on age, doesn't mean that there is no risk. The nice thing about age-based funds is that, as we age, they are rebalanced for us. This makes investing much simpler for those who don't have the time or market knowledge to make adjustments. Instead, the fund manager deals with adjusting the balance between risk and return. As parts of the portfolio grow and become dominant, the manager can make necessary changes, moving securities around to bring the fund back into balance.

As with regular mutual funds, these funds have ratings, in order to give investors an idea of their safety and return. The fund's Morningstar Risk score assigns rating stars to these accounts. A fund with the lowest rating would receive one star, while a fund with the highest rating would receive five stars. There will still be expense ratios to consider, which will be listed in the fund's prospectus. The nice thing about these funds, just as with any tax-deferred investing account, is that rebalancing will not have tax consequences until the money is actually removed from the account, ideally in retirement.

The Advantages of Investing in These Funds These funds are also a great choice for the beginner investor. A young person just entering the working world may find that a fund like this is the ideal way to start investing. They can always go back later and move things around once they learn the investing ropes. Age-based funds are also highly diversified. They can include stocks, bonds, cash, or other types of investments that many people may not fully understand.

They may include international funds or specialized funds that few outside the financial world have ever heard of. The Disadvantages of Age-Based Funds If you need to have total control over your money, these funds may not be a good choice for you. The idea of investing in these funds is to not have to control how your money is handled.

Another possible disadvantage could be a lack of age-based choices you are offered through your retirement plan. As with many employer-based k plans , employees get a limited number of options to chose from. Hopefully, your company has done its research and has optimized the choices available to you. The Bottom Line Age-based funds offer some great advantages to those who prefer a hands-off approach.

Still, these funds are not for everyone. Even if you decide to invest in an age-based fund, it is wise to do as much research as possible and compare your available options. Compare the fee structures, and check out what they say on Morningstar or similar research sites about the funds suggested for you. Article Sources Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work. These include white papers, government data, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts.