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Forexworld roselands school

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Educating our students on international financial markets and how to become retail traders will also be a part of the curriculum. We allow students to give back by becoming core members through training and support of existing core members to become great teachers and leaders by exhibiting hard work and perseverance.

They will become educators and commit to teaching one year at the academy, also following the vision by teaching in financially challenged communities. Strong partnerships will be developed with their families and communities, and core members can dramatically increase the opportunities available to their students in school and life. Class Schedule:. Forex World Trading Academy will design a simple but effective curriculum in all areas of financial literacy.

While the mission is to teach to a target audience of underprivileged youth and young adults the Academy is open to all who want to learn. The academy will focus on increasing knowledge and education of financial literacy to fill the economic gap that is often presented within the above population.

Within the next two years, Forex World Trading Academy will create an online education platform and open ten field academies starting in the state of Texas with future sites growing nationally. This education will promote confidence and building higher self-esteem in our students by teaching them the ability to understand and adequately apply financial management skills, financial planning, debt management, estate planning, interest calculation, and an overall understanding of the value of money.

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