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Early Voting Status: Probable. Trainer: Chad Brown. Last race: 2nd in the Wood Memorial G2. Style: Early speed. The story: Even though he qualified for the Derby, Brown targeted the Preakness all along for this Gun Runner colt who won the Withers G3 in a hand ride and who was caught at the wire by Mo Donegal in the Wood. Only that loss kept him from being undefeated in three races. Simplification Status: Probable. Trainer: Antonio Sano.

Jockey: To be determined. Last race: 4th in the Kentucky Derby. Regardless of who rides him, he will not be at Pimlico. Smile Happy Status: Possible. Trainer: Kenny McPeek. Jockey: Corey Lanerie. Last race: 8th in the Kentucky Derby. The story: Before he faded in the homestretch at Churchill Downs, he got caught in traffic and steadied on the second turn.

Yet he fought back before he ran out of gas. If he did not have too much taken out of him in the Derby, maybe he will like the shorter distance of the Preakness. Zandon Status: No decision. Jockey: Flavien Prat. Last race: 3rd in the Kentucky Derby. Style: Closer. The story: He would carry more intrigue if it did not seem like Brown was leaning against going to Baltimore. As promised before the Derby, Zandon stayed in mid-pack rather than far back, and he pounced at just the right time.

He simply lost to a better horse in his duel with Epicenter. Oh, yeah. There was that rail horse, too. Happy Jack Status: Probable. Jockey: Rafael Bejarano. Last race: 14th in the Kentucky Derby. The story: He spent his energy before the Derby getting his tail caught in the starting gate. Then he was slow getting out of it.

No wonder connections are eager to get back in the fight. Creative Minister Status: Possible. Jockey: Brian Hernandez Jr. The story: If not for a neck loss in his debut, this Creative Causeway colt with an impressive turn of foot would be 3-for He will come off Lasix for the Preakness. Skippylongstocking Status: Probable. Trainer: Saffie Joseph Jr. Last race: 3rd in the Wood Memorial G2. Style: Stalker. The story: This Exaggerator colt is a throwback to a time when racehorses raced. The Preakness will be his 10th start but only his second away from Gulfstream Park, where he got his two wins in maiden and allowance company.

Joseph won the winter-spring title at Gulfstream. At CNN, the first hour news channel, Shaw anchored the network's on-the-scene reporting from Baghdad as airstrikes marked the beginning of the U. When Shaw asked Democrat Michael Dukakis — who opposed the death penalty — whether he would condone capital punishment if his own wife had been raped and killed, Dukakis' cool, legalistic response was deemed fatally damaging to his candidacy. Shaw himself was criticized for even asking it. It was the answer.

He told Salon in , "It took me a long time to see this, but of course it kind of darkened my view of life in general. It meant that I was way more open to fear than any child ought to be, and that I knew more about fear and its first cousin terror, and pain, than children are normally expected to know. And it meant that I was kind of pushed forward into an emotional understanding that I wasn't quite prepared for. I had nightmares; my behavior suffered.

I darkened in character; I was less amenable, less friendly. I was way less a child than I had been beforehand. It took me a long time to understand the consequences of that single event. Once I did understand the consequences then I was far more able to deal with them. It meant also that I had that material available for conscious thematic use. Instead of a dissertation, though, he wrote a novel, "Marriages. Neil Gaiman once likened Straub's short fiction to "tiny novels you drown in. Lovecraft tales.

Clubb and Mr. Cuff', is based very loosely on 'Bartleby the Scrivener' by Melville. I reread 'Bartleby' when it came out in one of those 'Penguin 60s' that also included my 'Blue Rose', and to say I was impressed and moved is drastically to understate.

I thought it was one of the most beautiful, most profound things I'd ever read. It also addressed and spoke to an interest of mine which could loosely be called 'indeterminacy. You cannot reduce it to an equation. You cannot extract a comforting little moral from it. It's hard to say exactly what it means, but it is completely profound. She became more involved in the feminist movement following the birth of her daughter, Rosa, she explained, as she was appalled by her hospital's treatment of patients.

She authored or co-authored 23 books, her most famous being 's "Nickel and Dimed: On Not Getting By in America," in which she recounted taking on minimum-wage jobs such as a hotel maid, waitress, cleaning woman, and Wal-Mart sales clerk , and moving into cheap lodging, to find out firsthand about the lives and struggles of the working poor — people she dubbed "the major philanthropists of our society.

To be a member of the working poor is to be an anonymous donor, a nameless benefactor, to everyone else. A lot of people have it," said Braver. In her book "Bright-Sided," she argued that the relentless promotion of positive thinking has undermined America. Realism, I would call that," she replied. He survived an attempted coup in August , but in a matter of months, after more and more Soviet republics declared their independence, he resigned on December 25, The next day, the Soviet Union ceased to exist.

During his short tenure he had risen to become Soviet leader in March , Gorbachev sought reforms freeing political prisoners, expanding the ability of citizens to travel and engage in open debate, and ending religious persecution. Bush, and moved to reduce nuclear arsenals, while watching Eastern European satellite states pull away from Moscow's influence.

He also oversaw the USSR's ignominious withdrawal from Afghanistan, and initially called Western reports about the effects of the Chernobyl nuclear accident an "unbridled anti-Soviet campaign. There were uprisings and wars in the southern Caucasus and Baltic republics. Many seniors lost their life savings because of hyper-inflation.

Price increases led to shortages, bread lines, factory shutdowns, and strikes. Yes, indeed. And with more persistence and determination. But his global popularity was not matched back home, where he was blamed for the Soviet Union's collapse, and for the economic turmoil that followed. In his address to the nation upon stepping down from office, Gorbachev reflected, "The process of renovating this country and bringing about fundamental changes in the international community proved to be much more complex than originally anticipated.

However, let us acknowledge what has been achieved so far. Society has acquired freedom; it has been freed politically and spiritually. And this is the most important achievement, which we have not fully come to grips with in part because we still have not learned how to use our freedom. What was then the most expensive movie in German film history, "Das Boot" would be nominated for six Academy Awards including two for Petersen, for direction and screenwriting.

It would launch Petersen who'd worked extensively in German television, but who grew up enamored by the films of John Ford towards a Hollywood career, starting with the children's fantasy "The NeverEnding Story. We didn't learn about the situation under the Nazis. My parents never really talked about that.

And for a kid at the age of 10 or 12, you want an answer. I had the feeling that everything in my world and in Germany around that time was unclear. There was no moral there; there was no understanding of why things happened. Clarity is important for a boy, and it was missing from the world around us. Fox Show," "Chicago P. She began acting at age 12 at a N. The following year her year-old brother died by suicide.

At 17 she began therapy for having experienced "a lot of death, and a lot of abuse and homelessness," she told the Associated Press. In she began a relationship with comedian Ellen Degeneres, making them one of Hollywood's first openly-gay couples.

They would be together for three years. But Heche said it affected her professionally — she claimed the studio threatened her if she brought Degeneres to the "Volcano" premiere afterparty, and that it was Ford's support that kept her from being fired from the rom-com "Six Days, Seven Nights. Heche's mental health issues would also become fodder for the media, as when she had a public breakdown following the end of her relationship with Degeneres.

She would go on to have two children, one with husband Coleman Laffoon whom she divorced in , and one with actor James Tupper. In Heche was asked by the magazine Mr. Warburton what advice she would share with a young up-and-comer struggling with insecurity or finding their true self: "Risk is the key. Be yourself. Be brave. Also, the longer I have been in the business, the more I know that everyone pretends to know more than they do.

So don't be intimidated! His session work would lead him to producer Phil Spector to whom, years earlier, he'd given guitar lessons and to countless pop and rock songs that helped define the era. Though his performances were often anonymous, they were nonetheless memorable, whether he was wielding a Daneletro six-string bass guitar on the theme for the TV series "The Wild, Wild West" , or a ukulele on the Oscar-winning song from "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head".

Born in England, the daughter of a German literature professor and granddaughter of a Nobel Prize-winning physicist, Newton-John's family moved to Australia when she was 5, but she returned to England in her teens to live with her mother after her parents split. From the early s, Newton-John had 14 Top 10 singles in the U.

In she was named the Country Music Association's top artist beating out Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn , but her music became more associated with the pop genre. The following year she topped the charts again with "Physical," which sat at 1 for 10 weeks and was named song of the year by Billboard, despite its being banned by some radio stations due to its somewhat provocative lyrics. Her music video for the song won a Grammy for best video. At age 43, Newton-John felt a lump during a breast self-examination.

She was diagnosed with cancer on the same day her father died. You know, 'I've gotta get through this for her. And she continued to perform. Newton-John's later albums included "Stronger Than Before" ; the holiday album "This Christmas" in which she re-teamed with Travolta ; and 's "Summer Nights: Live in Las Vegas," which grew out of her three-year-long residency on the Strip.

But her cancer returned in The cancer went into remission, but in it returned. One of the items sold: her skintight black leather pants from "Grease," which — she proved to "Sunday Morning" in — still fit her. In talking about "Grease" to The Telegraph in , she recalled: "Everything about making the film was fun, but if I had to pick a favorite moment, it was the transformation from what I call Sandy 1 to Sandy 2.

I got to play a different character and wear different clothes, and when I put on that tight black outfit to sing 'You're the One That I Want,' I got a very different reaction from the guys on the set. But McCullough's expertise went beyond the White House. He also narrated the film "Seabiscuit," the real-life story of the racehorse that defied everyone's worst expectations. He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in In a interview on CBS' "Face the Nation," in describing how the nation was living in "clearly a dangerous time," McCullough discussed how America needed to learn the lessons of how it overcame a civil war, the influenza epidemic and the Great Depression, as well as winning two world wars.

We are not doing very well or not doing as well as we should in raising our oncoming generations with an appreciation of the story of their country. The theme park plans were shelved. For all of his writings about the successes and failures of America's past, and of its leaders and despite his criticism of the 45th president's time in office as "disappointing" and "grotesque" , McCullough was an optimist about our country.

He told "Sunday Morning" in , "We're just getting started. That's the way I feel. Two hundred years is nothing! Raymond Damadian Dr. Raymond Damadian posing with an MRI machine, which he invented. Raymond Damadian March 16, August 3, began experimenting at a Brooklyn medical center with nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy — hitting tissue with radio wave pulses within a magnetic field. When he discovered in that it provided a feasible means to detect cancerous cells in rats, he published his findings, which lead to his construction of the first MRI magnetic resonance imaging scanner.

The very first scan, in a machine he called "Indomitable," was conducted on July 3, , on one of his assistants, he being skinny enough, after an earlier scan on Damadian failed. Magazine in Damadian then founded a company, Fondar, to produce a commercial version of the scanner. Fonar would later introduce an upright MRI scanner. But when the Nobel Prize was awarded to two other scientists for the development of magnetic resonance imaging, Damadian launched a campaign to right what he characterized a "shameful wrong.

It became a tremendous critical and commercial success, selling more than 1. Bank, a Cornell University masters' graduate and copywriter for an ad firm, won a short-story competition in The "Girls' Guide" title story was published in in the magazine Zoetrope, prompting a bidding war for a collection.

But it would take Bank 12 years to complete "Girls' Guide," her work interrupted by a bicycle accident from which she suffered short-term memory loss and an inability to remember words. Upon the collection's publication, Bank was praised for her "exquisite portraits of loneliness," and for her wit and precise language, inspired by such writers as Vladimir Nabokov, John Cheever and Ernest Hemingway. Two stories from "Girls' Guide" were adapted for the romcom "Suburban Girl.

In a interview with Salon. At a certain point I had this breakthrough — I was really blocked, and I started saying this thing to myself: 'You're the only person who can write this story. I stopped trying to write like other writers, all of whom were male, and just learned to be myself on the page.

You get somebody right by getting all of the little, tiny things right. Somehow that's how you wind up at anything universal. And while the team changed rosters and managers many times over, Scully was in the announcing booth as the Voice of the Dodgers for nearly seven decades, including for six World Series championships. Born in the Bronx, Scully's family moved to Brooklyn following the death of his father. It was there he played stickball and listened to sports on the radio.

He eventually broadcast games for the Fordham University radio station. He stayed with the team for 67 seasons. During his tenure, he called 18 no-hitters and three perfect games. Scully was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in , and in the American Sportscasters Association voted Scully "the greatest sportscaster of the 20th century.

It was in that the redhead who started with the Brooklyn Dodgers at 23 retired, just shy of his 89th birthday. Scully told "Sunday Morning" in that in retirement he could enjoy watching baseball purely as a fan. He said he did not regret parting with any of his collection, from his Babe Ruth autograph to his World Series ring.

Off of it, he was a civil rights trailblazer. As a star player at the University of San Francisco, he led the team to two NCAA championships in and , and then took home a gold medal from the Melbourne Olympics in After a decade with the Celtics, Russell took on the role of player-coach — the first Black head coach in NBA history — leading the team to titles in and ' Through it all, Russell stood tall for civil rights and social justice.

As Lt. Nyota Uhura, Nichols was one of the first Black actresses to star in a primetime TV show, and she and "Star Trek" made history with television's first interracial kiss in In Nichols, participating in a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" chat , said that she had been ready to leave the show after the first season, after being offered a role on Broadway.

But she was convinced to stay by Dr. If you leave, they can replace you with a blonde-haired white girl, and it will be like you were never there. What you've accomplished, for all of us, will only be real if you stay. Mourning her loss, Nichols' "Star Trek" costar George Takei tweeted, "my heart is heavy, my eyes shining like the stars you now rest among, my dearest friend.

Dow was 12 years old when he started playing the older brother to Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver Jerry Mathers on the hit series that would quickly come to represent an idealized paradigm of mid-century American family life. The show ran from to , and aired for decades afterwards in reruns.

Dow reprised his role in a reunion movie and TV series in the s. But as he told CBS News' Jim Axelrod in a interview, it felt "sad to be famous at 12 years old or something, and then you grow up and become a real person, and nothing's happening for you.

And it's had a lot of effect on my life. He credited his work as a sculptor — combined with medication and therapy — for helping him getting a handle on his depression. In a interview with the Associated Press, Dow laughed when he recounted the day he decided it was time to take the leap from acting to sculpting. He was up for a role in a TV show and a year-old executive asked, "Have you ever done comedy before," recalled Dow, co-star of one of the most classic TV comedies in history.

Maybe it is time to take the art seriously. A chemist and inventor who worked as a consultant for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Shell, his ideas helped define what is now referred to as the "Lovelock test," when searching for chemical signs of life on other planets by studying their spectra. In the s Lovelock and microbiologist Lynn Margulis wrote of our planet as a synergistic body that self-regulates itself — the earth, the oceans and the atmosphere, as well as all living organisms on it.

Named after the Greek deity, the holistic Gaia concept was described in journal articles that would form the basis of Lovelock's book, "Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth. In a article for the Guardian , Lovelock warned of "genocidal acts" — the proliferation of man-made greenhouse gases, and the clearcutting of rainforests — that have caused changes on a scale not seen in millions of years. Gaia will try harder next time with something even nastier. Ron Galella Ltd. Born in Brooklyn, Sorvino trained in music and theater, making his Broadway debut in before Carl Reiner cast him in his first film role in "Where's Poppa?

The Genetic Opera. In a interview with Charlie Rose , Sorvino spoke of being drawn to performing as a moth is to flame: "If you ask me to weep, I will weep for you. I will not fake it. I won't put glycerin in my eyes. I will find the place in me that causes me to weep. That's one-dimensional, a person who's killed himself off. Paulie Cicero had not killed himself off, but a certain part of him was absolutely dead — cold and dead.

And I found that. And when I found that, I scared myself with it. It frightened the hell out of me, because I didn't suspect it, even in me. I did not suspect it was part of my building blocks. And one day I was crossing a mirror as I'd been working on it, I literally was jolted.

I saw a dead look in my eyes. I said, 'Now I know the role. Born Diana Southwood in Britain, she studied culinary arts and collected recipes wherever she traveled. After moving to Mexico in the late s she soon married a New York Times foreign correspondent, Paul Kennedy , she became an authority on local cuisines and techniques, interviewing home cooks and researching local ingredients.

She would later teach classes in traditional Mexican cooking. In a New York Times interview , Kennedy defended her reputation for being at time "prickly" with editors. With numerous memorable appearances in films and TV, he won an Emmy Award as a Roman senator in the miniseries "Masada. In my Wikipedia entry, it says I had a messy childhood, and that's the truth!

But I sort of drifted into the odd school play, and that was one thing that I kind of felt that I had some enthusiasm for. He cares nothing for the microchip or the silicon revolution. Look how he spends His time: forty-three species of parrots! Nipples for men! He explained to AV Club why he kept apologizing to costar Mary Steenburgen whenever he held a knife to her: "Because that's the kind of person I am, you see.

I'm not a method actor! Neal Washington in the s series "Hill Street Blues. He had guest roles in such TV series as "What's Happening!! In a group cast interview for Playboy , Blacque explained the accessory that he used for his "vulnerable and street-wise" detective: "I stopped smoking 12 years ago and started toothpicks.

Then a New York critic described me as the kind of actor who could probably drink a can of beer with a toothpick in his mouth, so I kept it. While Blacque had two biological sons, he also adopted 11 children including five siblings and was an advocate for adoption. In he was asked by President George H. Bush to become the national spokesperson for adoption, after serving as a spokesman for the County of Los Angeles Adoption Services.

Claes Oldenburg Works by artist Claes Oldenburg. All pictures via Getty Images. Pop artist Claes Oldenburg January 28, July 18, was famed for reimagining art in public spaces on a grand scale, creating playful giant sculptures of mundane objects — lipstick, a clothespin, a button, a spoon with a cherry, bowling pins, a typewriter eraser. Born in Sweden, Oldenburg, the son of a diplomat, spent much of his youth in Chicago, and eventually became a U.

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