multi exchange crypto trading platform
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Multi exchange crypto trading platform

Manage your risks wisely. Ladder Orders Place orders in bulk at multiple price levels. Five price scales and three size scales allows effective DCA. Lightning Fast Data Low latency streaming data to keep a close eye on the markets. Trade from Charts Right click on chart to trade. Drag orders up or down. Choice terminal for scalpers and day traders alike. You can also spread your profits across multiple price levels. Once you open your position, we monitor the markets round the clock and trigger your conditional orders at the right time without slippages.

Smart order works for both spot and derivative exchanges. Now you can also use smart orders with HyperCopy. Every action on the primary account is copied in real-time to multiple secondary accounts. HyperCopy works with spot and derivative exchanges. You can also copy smart orders. Our DCA and Grid bots are in private beta. We are perfecting them in our playground before we make it available to everyone.

But rest assured, these will be the best DCA and Grid bot traders have ever seen. DCA bots will be based on price deviation while Grid bot will help you do grid trades. Signup today to stay tuned! Leon O Oct 14, HyperTrader is an exceptional piece of software for trading cryptocurrency. All the best features at a great performance. Portfolio balance Your portfolio balance aggregates balance data from all connected exchanges and wallets.

We also support sub-accounts such as: Margin, Lending, Swap etc. In addition you can add and manage manual balance entries, to represent offline wallets or cold storage. Multi-charting interface Fully customizable multi-charting interface with real-time market data from all major crypto exchanges. You can simultaneously monitor prices of different currencies and use more than 75 technical indicators and drawing tools.

Multi-portfolio manager Manage multiple portfolios and share them with colleagues and clients. Each portfolio provides detailed list of crypto assets and various performance indicators. You can edit past statistical data and manually input balance entries in each portfolio. You can also receive automated portfolio reports by email. Smart trading panel Our smart trading panel combines flexible field calculations, order depth indicator and other smart features to help you place your orders with ease.

Multi-Screens You can manage multiple monitor setups and quickly switch between different screen configurations. Each screen saves your preferred grid and trading pairs configuration. Market Data Overview Keep an eye on the performance of different currencies with our integrated real-time market data.

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CRESIO!!!La revolución del TRADING!! plataforma MULTI-EXCHANGE de criptodivisas.

Multi-exchange crypto trading platforms aggregate research, news, and analytics, social indicators from various sources. It helps traders to be up to date with the ecosystem and avoid . Jun 01,  · Multi-exchange crypto trading platforms are being touted as a one-of-a-kind technological innovation in the crypto trade industry. These platforms have a single unified . AdDependable, Professional Support For Over 40 Years. Don't Wait - Sign Up Today!