future uses of ethereum
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Future uses of ethereum 2 1 odds betting guide

Future uses of ethereum

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Shard chains spread the load of the network across 64 new chains, which keeps hardware requirements low for running a node. However, as of yet, there is no fixed date for completion other than the year. This information means that if you staked Ethereum today, you could face a long wait of a year or more before you can touch your Ethereum stake or withdraw your ETH reward tokens.

But, there's no guarantee against obstacles or delays. A lot can happen in twelve months, especially with cryptocurrencies. Realistically, this necessary restriction could cause people to hold back on staking ETH. Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply. Or, will the Ethereum price depreciate for a while, stagnate in a range or shoot up like a rocket?

The image above is the weekly chart for Ethereum in June There was an excellent opportunity for Ethereum fans in March , when the price of Ethereum hit the last weekly low The second bounce on the bottom line of the chart. Ethereum broke resistance the top blue line in November and headed upwards.

Ethereum may try to test support again. Price action almost always follows a predictable pattern. So what is the future for Ethereum? Chart patterns are helpful road maps for the future of Ethereum. But, much depends on what happens over the next twelve to eighteen months, with completing the Ethereum 2. Ethereum, indeed all cryptocurrencies, takes its lead from Bitcoin. The price of Ethereum also fell by around But they've got it wrong before. If the Beacon chain merger goes ahead this year, it will inspire confidence in Ethereum investors because it indicates that the completion of ETH 2 is on track.

On the other hand, if there are delays, the price could stay range-bound or fall. Could Ethereum Overtake Bitcoin? Bitcoin is under the spotlight right now for its energy-intensive mining PoW protocol. The increasing demand for high-tech computers to solve the complex hash problem is causing environmental concerns.

It correlated with new laws from China regarding cryptocurrencies and a negative tweet from Elon Musk about the mining process requirements for massive energy resources. In , if Ethereum 2. Many loyal fans believe in the Ethereum project, and they patiently wait for their rewards in Unless Governments find a way to regulate cryptocurrencies, they are the way forward for the future.

Nothing has shown us more than how fiat currency is losing favour than the Covid pandemic. Any party can — without permission — use Ethereum to crowdfund projects or build decentralized applications, opening up the potential to develop powerful automated applications — many of which are yet to be imagined. Ethereum allows for the creation of services or applications that lack a central point of failure, which means they are resistant to censorship and that they can operate without the fear of being taken down by any governing bodies.

Current use cases for Ethereum 1. Self-Sovereign Wealth Ethereum is a cryptocurrency, and as such it provides those who invest in it true wealth ownership. While western financial institutions have given citizens a sense of security when it comes to money, the truth is that you do not own these assets, the bank does.

Whilst this problem may seem alien to many in the West, it is a reality for those in developing countries and even more so for those experiencing civil war. Those who invest in cryptocurrencies can easily store their coins or tokens in private wallets which are protected from threats like these. The ability to privately store wealth allows the owner to spend their money freely whilst also preventing their assets from ever being confiscated.

Store of Value Ethereum is also issued at a fixed and known rate expected to be limited to roughly M tokens and so it makes it an excellent store of value which cannot be diluted by a 3rd party. Individuals in these situations who fear for the protection of their wealth or livelihood can store their money in Ethereum to protect it in the event of a collapse of their economy and or their government issued fiat currency. Unlike Bitcoin, which is more or less a payment token, Ethereum has many other useful features that sets it apart in the cryptocurrency space, many of which are in use today.

Borderless Fundraising While Ethereum is a currency and can be used for financial transactions, it also can act as a fundraising system for other blockchain based projects. In fact, it is the most popular option for ICOs who are looking to crowd source capital for their own blockchain innovations.

Users are able to pay in Ethereum, and then trade for these newly issued tokens which are stored and secured on the Ethereum chain. This not only gives new projects an easy way to gather resources for their product launch, but it also creates an ecosystem that allows for free market investments into various public projects and exciting new technologies.

Ethereum allows for investors of any region to invest in new businesses regardless of their location by giving them access to brand new financial markets that they may have been excluded from in a more traditional finance environment. Decentralized Applications dApps These newly tokenized assets can also build their offerings right into the Ethereum network by launching their own decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain. These dApps can then create or utilize existing smart contracts to automatically perform tasks for their users.

In truth, the best offerings are most likely still yet to be developed, but there are some stand out apps here that investors may want to familiarize themselves with: Prediction Markets Augur , one of the first projects to be built on top of Ethereum, launched their long waited prediction market dApp in July Augur is a decentralized betting platform where users are able to wager on the outcomes of any real world events.

As well as betting on markets, users are able to create markets; allowing individuals to benefit from the wisdom of the crowd and to make better forecasts. The entire system is controlled by smart contracts, which allows for trustless distribution of funds and profits, and users will also be able to stake their tokens in order to become system arbitrators who insure the legitimacy of the markets.

Augur is more than just a betting platform, it is a decentralized Oracle a trusted source of information whose outcomes can be used in other smart contracts. Augur is digitizing reality, and in doing so it allows the global community to program on top of reality. Decentralized Exchange With so many tokens on the Ethereum network, it can be a challenge to swap assets in a fully trusted and secure way.

Ethereum is now home to a handful of fully-fledged decentralized exchanges which mitigate this risk entirely — allowing users to trade assets without either party needing to know or trust each other, and with no middleman acting as a custodian. Decentralized exchanges will make trading cryptoassets safer and cheaper, with high profile exchange hacks becoming a thing of the past.

These are just a taste of the vast potential that the Ethereum blockchain holds for app developers, users and investors. Many of the future use cases of Ethereum are unimaginable, although the first pilots of various projects have begun to take place: Future possible use cases for Ethereum 1.

Not just by the Ethereum team themselves, but also by the multitude of other projects who are looking to add their own functionality to the network.