investing in eco village
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Investing in eco village

Have you ever dreamed of a different way of living? One that builds community and supports our inherent needs for autonomy and connection with the natural world, and frees us from the control of landlords? We have. And we're poised to create the first of many examples here in Humboldt.

If you're passionate, reliable, and curious about living in an ecovillage, we want you! What is an Ecovillage? From the Global Ecovillage Network ecovillage. An ecovillage is not a cult or a commune. What might an ecovillage look like here in Humboldt? The property would be held in a land trust. The residents could be earning shares in the buildings through their monthly payments 'equity payments' in lieu of rent. The group of residents would likely coalesce around some kind of theme or shared interest - permaculture, recycling, folks with young kids, etc.

Over time, we envision creating a local network of ecovillages, each with its own theme and culture. We'll create a set of core values and elements that would apply to all ecovillages - including tangible things like renewable energy features, water catchment, etc. Michael Shuman Shares Increase in We've done so much infrastructure work during these last two years that we're delighted to announce that the share prices are finally going up this year.

We're looking forward to the share prices rising again next year as we're set to expand the eco-village infrastructures in by buying more land. This works like a time-share: if you buy one month, you can live on site one month per year, until you re-sell your share to someone else. In addition there are monthly living costs which are shared amongst all residents, as in any house-hold.

Before becoming residents permanent or temporary there is an entry procedure which starts with filling out the Application Form. All that is described here for External Investors, apart from the minimum investment, applies to EcoVillage Residents. A more detailed Agreement is available for residents. All who are seriously interested in participating in the eco-village are asked to contribute to this document. Here we are only putting the 'shares money' to work on improving the fertility and economic viability of a specific piece of land and project, as described in this web and in strict accordance with permaculture design principles, ethics, directives and techniques.

The percentage of interest gained will be proportional to the increase in productive value of the site, and this you can contribute to directly if you wish and to an extent proportional to your permaculture design experience, by being an active patron of the EcoVillage project. NOTE that technically what we here call 'shares' are loans to the association soon to the Foundation toward the EcoVillage project, they are not stocks or securities and there is no joint stock company at present.

We use the term as described in the first definition of the wikipedia share disambiguation page : To share a resource such as food or money is to make joint use of it; see sharing. You can withdraw your investment at any time on condition that there is another person that wishes to buy your share at the time. The value of the shares should increase with time, depending on the quality of the work done on the farm, external markets and the productivity of the eco-village and eco-businesses we are creating here.

So of course your creative involvement toward those ends is encouraged, although not obligatory. Your application will take priority should you wish to become an EcoVillage Resident, if all other usual conditions permit. Note that share prices are reviewed usually will go up every February, on our anniversary of moving into the new site, which was 14th February We would love to offer some bursaries to cover partial or whole costs for such people. The interns can then be matched up with donors to keep them in touch personally with their progress, if the donor wishes.

Bursaries for online Permaculture Students - we work with the Integral PermaCulture Academy which donates all income to building transition projects. Most of the regular income which has made this eco-village project possible comes from this source.

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Other Language : French My community is a small locality in the south west region of Cameroon. Since , my country has been in a sociopolitical crisis. Freedom of movement within the community on certain days and to certain areas is being restricted. The killings, shootings and burning down of villages has caused a high increase of internally displaced persons to flee in my town Buea, for refuge and help.

In order to keep many of these women and youth, we IPW , implemented trainings on income generating activities, climate smart agriculture , and humanitarian assistance to this displaced population. We share food items and non food items in our community while sharing with them knowledge on best practices food conservation for their small businesses and small scale farming techniques which are environmentally friendly.

Eco-Villages utilize renewable energy, eat locally produced food and produce zero harmful emissions in most cases to minimize the negative effects of modern housing communities. Eco-Villages Around the World According to the Global Ecovillage Network, there are almost self-identified Eco-Villages around the world, with many other sustainable living communities that may not identify themselves as Eco-Villages.

A few of the most popular Eco-Villages around the world are located in Scotland, Portugal, and Italy although they can be found in over 70 countries and on six continents. Many community members have homes, jobs, and kids attending local public schools, but the differences come from where they source their food, energy, and transportation.

However, living in other Eco-Villages means giving up your normal life in exchange for helping the community daily, building sustainable homes, or farming local produce for the community market.

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CREATING an Amazing Eco-Resort: My Motivation for Owning 300 Cows and How I Start My Day

how to invest. There are 3 opportunities to invest in Jagera EcoCommunity right now: “Village Maker” - Investments of $10, and above are welcome. This is a short term loan to Jagera . For this reason, investing in Eco Beach Village includes participating for free in our entrepreneurship program, and venture builder. An investment with an expected annual . 1/17/ · Eco investing, otherwise known as green investing or ethical investing, is when a buyer invests in a company that supports or provides environmentally-friendly products. Often Missing: eco village.