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The fully developed 50 MW site is expected to be completed by December Founded in , Ecoark is a diversified holding company. The company has three wholly owned subsidiaries: Zest Labs, Inc. Banner Midstream is engaged in oil and gas exploration, production, and drilling operations on over 30, cumulative acres of active mineral leases in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Banner Midstream also provides transportation and logistics services and procures and finances equipment to oilfield transportation services contractors.

To understand why requires a brief explanation of cryptocurrencies. Take Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency in a field of hundreds that includes others like Ethereum and Dogecoin. Computers participate in a decentralized network that spreads out the complicated algorithmic work needed to build out a public ledger of all transactions on the network.

The more a computer contributes to that network, the more Bitcoins it receives. However, the value of Bitcoins fluctuates wildly based on variables like energy costs, the amount of competition, and speculation about regulations — making it hard for miners to predict their returns. Bitcoin mining has become a tougher market as more computers join the network. In the early days, roughly a decade ago, these algorithms were largely processed by personal computers.

But as the network has expanded, increasing the length of time and the amount of power needed to generate a bitcoin, so too has the number of commercial ventures seeking to generate bitcoins and other cryptocurrency at scale with specialized rigs— like Bitstream Mining. Swann, who has a background in finance with a focus on oil and gas, first became interested in cryptocurrency in He held onto the idea of a cryptocurrency mine for a few years until he became involved with Ecoark Holdings Nasdaq: ZEST , a San Antonio-based diversified holdings company formed in There, he said, he found an audience receptive to cryptocurrency ventures.

Ecoark also has two other subsidiaries: Zest Labs, an agricultural technology company focused on reducing food waste in the supply chain, and Banner Midstream, which is involved in oil and gas exploration. Bitstream employs a team of contractors and employees, though Swann declined to provide numbers, saying the business was moving too fast.

These computers, which are singularly tuned for the purpose, will run on up to 12 megawatts of electricity, according to a press release from Ecoark. Swann declined to specify exactly where Bitstream was constructing its mine. Because the Bitcoin network as a whole uses more energy than many small countries, cryptocurrency mining might seem a poor fit for a state whose energy grid nearly suffered catastrophic collapse earlier this year. Bitstream said it expects to participate in an ERCOT program in which it promises to yield its energy usage in times of peak energy demand — such as sweltering summer days or freezing winter nights.

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Another study — published by askgamblers. According to the report, while bitcoin is the most popular crypto asset in Europe, the study of the trends shows that the meme token shiba inu is the most popular in the United Kingdom. According to the findings, bitcoin BTC is the most popular digital currency in Europe as it was the most searched crypto in 21 countries.

BTC outpaced the competitors in the askgamblers. The meme token SHIB saw a significant increase in popularity during the last 12 months. Tags in this story What do you think about the popularity of bitcoin in Europe and the shiba inu interest in the U. Let us know what you think about this research study in the comments section below. Bitcoin is in the early pioneer phase, if you want to jump onboard at this time it requires knowledge and caution.

The early American pioneers migrating west saw a good opportunity, but it was a treacherous journey in a covered wagon for some time. Many pioneers waited for the safety of the railroad before migrating west, but this is what separates the pioneer from the follower. Being a pioneer requires the desire to learn as well as the need to proceed cautiously. Making any kind of payment or purchase with Crypto should only be done from your own privately held wallet, and never directly from the ATM.

Making any Crypto payment is easily done from your own wallet, but if someone is talking you through making a payment directly with the ATM, beware it is most likely a scam. It's important to never use the ATM to purchase coin for a third party, in fact we don't knowing allow this activity. ALWAYS first purchase your Crypto to your own personal wallet that you are holding in your hands and then you can later make as many payments as you like to whomever your choose.

The charge backs and returns safeguards that come with the centralized and controlled banks, just don't exist in Bitcoin. In order to remove these lecherous middlemen the Bitcoin protocol had to eliminate the good old boys trust system. Bitcoin is serious financial independence, but at this juncture it is not yet for the huddled masses.

There are zero consumer protections designed into Bitcoin because it does not run on the buddy buddy system, it runs on cryptographic enabled authentication and verification liked to a Public and Private key pairing system. If you are a consumer that needs protection from yourself then you should not be using Bitcoin at this time. Consumer protections are only able to exist because a third party like a government or a banker ultimately has control over everyone's money, essentially they hold and control everyone's money and we merely make requests to use.

You must agree that a bank holds all the cards when it comes to begging them to use your own money. Step out of line or by simple mistake your ability to transact can be revoked in a millisecond, making it impossible for you to buy gas or even a loaf of bread on your way home tonight. The ability to transact is a fundamental requirement to exist in our modern societies, and that ability knows no due process on the front end.

Understand that the Federal Reserve Bank is not a governmental organization, it is a private organization under no legal obligation to let you use their money. With Bitcoin there are no third party people between you and the destination of your funds. We at Bitstream LLC can never have access or control over your funds, we are simply providing the ATM as a convenient interface for you to interact with your own Bitcoin.

Nobody can ever withdraw Bitcoin from your personal wallet without your Private Keys nor manage it without you, but manage it wrong and you will lose it! First obtain your own wallet on your own cell phone and give yourself a chance to learn Bitcoin. At this point in Bitcoins evolution there just aren't any easy one time payments that you can be making without a knowledge base about Bitcoin first. Users must be willing to first learn about Bitcoin to be able to use it responsibly.

In this early time of Crypto understand that there just aren't any situations important enough in which you should be trying to make a fast payment.

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Mar 20,  · The masterminds behind the alleged cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme called Bitstream Circle are believed to have stolen more than $10 million in investor funds. The . Skip to main content Bitcoin Insider. Menu. Mar 20,  · Bitstream Circle – Bitcoin News. March 20, wedgeframe. Bitstream Circle, the masterminds of the Ponzi-style cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme, is believed to have taken .