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You should carefully consider whether trading in cryptocurrency futures is appropriate for you in light of your experience, objectives, financial resources, and other relevant circumstances. Please note that virtual currency is a digital representation of value that functions as a medium of exchange, a unit of account, or a store of value, but it does not have legal tender status.

Virtual currencies are sometimes exchanged for U. Their value is completely derived by market forces of supply and demand, and they are more volatile than traditional fiat currencies. Profits and losses related to this volatility are amplified in margined futures contracts. FAQs I want to trade bitcoin futures and other cryptocurrency futures. Can I be enabled right now? As with any futures product, there are certain qualifications and restrictions before you begin trading crypto futures and micro crypto futures: You must be futures-approved and use a non-retirement account.

If you have an account with us but are not approved to trade futures, you first need to request futures trading privileges. Be sure to check that you have the right permissions and meet funding requirements on your account before you apply.

Please note that the approval process may take business days. Please keep in mind that the full process may take business days. This advisory from the CFTC is meant to inform the public of possible risks associated with investing or speculating in virtual currencies or bitcoin futures and options. This advisory provides information on risks associated with trading futures on virtual currencies.

How can I check my account for qualifications and permissions? Among different types of cryptocurrencies, top categories include the following: 1. Another utility cryptocurrency, filecoin, creates a decentralized storage network, providing users a new way to store and retrieve data. Augur, for example, is a decentralized prediction market built on top of ethereum where users can find and place bets on elections or sports outcomes.

How and Where to Trade Cryptocurrencies There are several thousand digital or online platforms on which people buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Payment options include credit and debit cards, wire transfers, and hard cash, which means you can buy bitcoin with a credit card or through an online payment system, and you can sell bitcoin for cash. But whichever exchange or method investors may choose for buying and selling crypto, they should proceed with caution.

In recent years, the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC has filed numerous cases alleging cryptocurrency or digital-currency-related Ponzi schemes or other forms of fraud, but the SEC does not yet have rules in place specifically addressing cryptocurrencies. The regulatory landscape could change.

Investors considering cryptocurrencies would be wise to proceed with caution and study these markets carefully before taking any positions. The buck, whether digital or paper, stops with you. Be very cautious and monitor any investment that you make.