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Forex screeners

The system is automated, basically a plug-and-play model. The AI that is used by the software produces strategies with a high success rate. The results of scans are displayed as alerts that inform you of the data you need, like the company price, and volume.

The scanner can be used via a browser or as a separate program. It evaluates data and makes correlation analyses. The database incorporates an archive with over a decade of financial data and hundreds of metrics that are used in the analysis. Photo credit: Stockrover.

It is a go-to tool for swing trading. The minus is the limited day trading options. When using the program, you will have a sea of research reports to analyze and metrics that are updated by the minute. The point is newbies can more easily navigate this system than some programs that have a complex layout.

The platform scans international stock exchanges. You can create customized scans based on technical parameters you think are important in your strategy. Like most other scanners, the algorithm assists traders to select the preferred criteria and locate the stocks that meet the parameters. The free option only gives you a taste of what you can get from the software. You will be limited in the options. The paid version offers real-time streaming and a large range of technical options. Trading View gravitates more to technical analysis.

Many brokers are happy with this option because analysis of the market is the basis for their strategies. Photo credit: Tradingview. The mix of a slick design and a powerful algorithm makes Trading View a good option for traders that have gained some experience but are still not experts. You can use it on your smartphone, and be constantly plugged in into the market and the possibilities that are opening for you.

This software has a long history, scanning the market for three decades. It has been updated 20 times, so you can be confident that it has benefited from the long experience the designers have accumulated over the years. Photo credit: TC You can compare trend strength and swing sizes between stocks. It is designed to be user-friendly, but also a good partner in helping you locate potential stocks that complement your style of trading.

A good feature of TC is the charting options that help traders to select from different plot styles. Finviz — Great Option for Day Traders Just like its competitors, the scanner offers preset filters, or you can customize the scanning with the EasyScan tool. But if you chose this course for your stock trading, you need to be educated about the financial market. If you are new then you cannot create formulas that will produce reliable results.

Photo credit: Finviz. It is not the best option for day traders but position and swing traders will benefit from the functionalities of the program. Results are presented clearly, and newbies and veterans can easily learn the program. Finviz enables you to locate corporations that have a certain market capitalization. This is done by filters that look for stocks by market cap. The free version has a limitation, that is not present in Finviz Elite. The pro model offers real-time streaming data, email alerts, and charting options.

Sales and revenue info is accessible to paid account options. You will be provided with real-time charting, a large selection of indicators, and screening criteria. The news feed is useful to keep up with changing circumstances. Headlines get your attention when something that concerns you occurs. Unique features and technical criteria make the Benzinga Pro a great choice for traders that want a quality analysis platform.

The robust system enables access to different screener settings on preset filters and criteria. Photo credit: pro. You can program an alert to inform you when a criterion is met. This way you can trade stocks from the platform. The application is used online or locally on your desktop. Photo credit: marketgear. The platform offers a trade journal, that helps you keep records of trades. You can record what strategies were profitable. The scanner filters data points and checkboxes. Atom Finance — Large Perspective By connecting to your brokerage account, you will receive a precise perspective of your portfolio.

This way you follow the trends and get advice on how to diversify. For experienced traders, the scanner researches stocks and combines the market data with up-to-date financial news, which makes it easier to compile trading strategies. Photo credit: atom. But if you want the full package like prices analyst commentary trading volume and equity research.

The best option for day traders. The data presented is collected from company reports, major banks, and SEC filings. For example, you could choose to focus on currency pairs that have certain volumes or ones experiencing certain levels of volatility. With a good screener, this can be done with a few mouse clicks. And indeed, a major benefit of using a screener is that it can help you save time. This problem is easily solved by using a filtering tool.

To top it all up, by employing a forex screener it is possible to eliminate emotions from your decision-making process. Screeners are tools without emotions and they simply filter information based on logic, not human feelings.

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I'm not sure if screener is the correct term but there seem to be some advertised on the net. The ones i checked out only seem to screen stocks though and not currencies. If I want to try out a trading system for example where I make a trade if the price breaks out of Bollinger bands before retracing, so I want to get an alert telling me early that the price has broken out. When I started trading several years ago I developed a trendline breakout system.

The trades were more or less profitable but soon I faced with a problem that it took significant time to wait for a signal. Crypto Screener The TradingView Crypto Screener sorts and filters cryptocurrencies based on certain technical criteria, timeframes, and metrics. The TradingVeiw crypto screener offers a selection of predefined screeners and also the option to custom build a screener using the filters tab. The filters within the TradingView Crypto screener are tailored specific to trading Crypto.

The Hotlist is identical to the stock screener. But can be displayed in the chart side bar for convenient access. Hotlist located in the chart side bar The Hotlist is only available for stocks. Refer to the last section for a deeper dive into this useful tool. I will briefly give an overview of these screeners in this section. There are two easy ways to access these three screeners: Method 1: Stock Screener tab Located on the bottom left of any opened Chart See blue box and arrow below.

Method 2: Screener dropdown Located on one of the main tabs at the Home page. Its goal is to screen stock, forex, or crypto assets using a set criterion — the criteria can either be technical, fundamentals, or descriptive. This section will discuss how to create your own custom screeners, understanding and customizing the TradingView Screener interface, and finally, understanding Hotlists. How to create a custom TradingView Screener To make the most of the screener tool, TradingView allows users to customize and adjust screening criteria.

The filters can either be adjusted through: Slider: use to determine a range of a parameter see blue box below Drop-down: select from default options provided by platform see black box below Manual input: usually for setting value requirements see red box below Understanding the Parameters The screenshot above only shows a snippet of the adjustable parameters. As you scroll down, you will see an overwhelming amount of filter selections! To narrow down the parameters, you may opt to look at specific parameters only.

TradingView divides the parameters into three main filters: Descriptive, Fundamental, and Technical. Use the top selection tabs to filter between each of these. I will describe how to use and interpret each of these parameters in greater detail: Descriptive Descriptive filters that relate to general parameters.

There are a loads of parameters provided. These include things like: High, Low, Open, Post-market and Pre-market Close, Open, High, Low I will discuss in detail the other common descriptive parameters that you can take a look at: Symbol Type You may opt to select all by ticking Any or tick only those that you would like to appear on your screener.

Exchange This parameter does not always appear in the screener. Its appearance will depend on whether the selected country has multiple exchanges available. The parameter can be customized to only display certain exchanges.

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