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Nfl mvp odds betting

Allen accounted for over 5, yards and 42 touchdowns a season ago. Those are MVP-type numbers, and when it comes time to hand out the award, seeing the Bills QB up on stage feels like the likeliest outcome. The 4, yards and 37 touchdowns are certainly high numbers, but 13 INT is also a high number.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that KC seemed to focus on a more balanced approach down the stretch last season. But when you're listing the most dynamic players in the league, Jackson's name has to come up, and we've seen enough from him to know better than to remove him from this conversation. Justin Herbert Herbert is clearly a great young talent with almost unlimited potential. Whether that potential can be converted into MVP votes remains to be seen, but his window is now open.

He surpassed the 5, passing yard mark and threw for 38 touchdowns in , and is only expected to get better. He already looks to be stronger physically heading into , and the Chargers are on the precipice of serious contention in the AFC. Change your strategy at different points in the season While some futures bets must be placed before the season begins and are then removed off the board such as team win totals , other wagers will change odds as the season goes on.

If you are wagering money on a futures bet with changing odds keep in mind that there is less variance at the beginning of the season when more players and teams are still in contention and more variance as the season goes on when teams and players at the top separate themselves from those at the bottom. In the preseason and beginning of the season, betting on dark horses can prove very profitable. But as the season continues, expect to see odds tighten around the favorites.

At that point it becomes wise to focus on the players near the top of the odds board and betting big underdogs is practically like giving your money away. Look for value with underdogs While the bigger names tend to be strong MVP betting favorites, there are also live long shots that can provide tremendous value.

Look at younger players on the verge of breaking out, or guys that have already been playing at a high level but could take the next step now that they are in an ideal situation with a new team, coach or system. Other players that can give a great payout are established stars coming off under-performing seasons due to injuries or other factors.

If you're lucky you might be able to catch them in a bounce-back year. Follow the narrative When placing futures bets on individual awards, keep in mind that voters, not a scoreboard are often the deciding factor. Voters can be influenced by a variety of factors, including media coverage and public opinion. Consider what the media narrative is for a particular season and which players they seem to be rooting for and against.

For example, in LeBron James' first season in Miami, he was viewed as a villain or heel by the media and Derrick Rose, who ended up winning MVP, was the perfect foil for that. When Ron Dayne won the Heisman trophy back in it was viewed by many as a well-deserved reward for his entire career at Wisconsin. Research historical trends Historical trends, especially recent ones, can give you a good idea of which way voters tend to lean.

The NBA MVP, for example, almost always goes to a player on the best or second-best regular-season team in the league. Identifying those trends is a good way to separate the true contenders from the pretenders.

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