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Ethereal quern

However this admiration she feels for the protagonists, often dissapears quickly either by a next dialogue in her talking, or in game quotes. In Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume, she shows a liking to cute things, such as the Hamster, and apparently either does not have much confidence or lacks assertiveness, as is shown in the rather humorous scene with her and the Norse Gods regarding a "Valkyrie Profile" spin-off of some sort. In both of these scenes, she is somewhat scolded and confronted by Gabriel Celeste.

Her relationship with Gabriel Celeste , has been a matter of much debate. It is implied they are mother and son, but also they are referied as siblings, the latter being the most known and accepted. One change that has been made to resemble a more close link within the two Celestial Beings, is the change of the soundtrack.

Her first appearance in Star Ocean 2: Second Story and Valkyrie Profile feature her with the theme "Mighty Blow" that is later changed to "Incarnation of the Devil" that was the original theme for Gabriel Celeste , which the two often share even within the most recent titles. The first games in which she appears, such as Star Ocean: Second Story, Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean: Blue Sphere, feature Ethereal Queen as a mere pallete swap of Gabriel Celeste he having blue wings and blue aura, she having both red and much harder with few unique moves, this later changes in later games such as Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria , Radiata Stories, Star Ocean: Till the end of time, and so on.

In which both have different clothes, different wing shapes, and sometimes are featured with different color of skin and different hairstyles, being also the Crescent Moon-shaped staff originally used by the two, kept to her, while Gabriel is more often seen using a Lance-shaped rod, if not a real Lance.

The Ethereal Queen is normally named as the hardest foe in each game, however some titles make an exception to this rule. Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria feature Dirna Hamilton as a superboss only fought when the Ethereal Queen was defeated, Star Ocean: Second Story features Indalecio limiter off as stronger than her, and Star Ocean: Till the end of time features Freya as a superboss that can only be fought with the orb acquired after defeating her, being in this game the first one in which the Ethereal Queen is commonly called as easier than Gabriel Celeste , being the only apparently time in which the latter has gained certain superiority over her, although this can be attributed to the difference in the player's level when they are fought.

If fought at the same level, the Ethereal Queen remains the more powerful. Another move that was later removed was her ability to transform, that was featured in Valkyrie Profile in which she shows an image looking similar to her but in a more evil way, where she literally becomes more agressive, something that was later removes in later games. Even if the Ethereal Queen only appears as a superboss, alongside Gabriel Celeste , she has become somehow popular, the fact plenty of tri-Ace games give the option to the player to refight her as much as they want and in harder modes, proves players really enjoy fighting her, hence how she still remains as a strong opponent in which winning is by no means easy, unless using strategies that often involve great risks such as having weakened characters to boost their power.

I'll show you what true despair is. Resign yourself to your fate! Transforming Now I shall end this! Performing Empress Massacre. Once she is defeated, she hands over the Angel Orb to unlock the final bonus boss, Freya. Interestingly, the Queen can be fought in two arenas: one is inside a cathedral, while the other is a see-through platform hovering over an endless world of gold fields with the sun setting in the background. She grows more powerful each time the player defeats her, sprouting four, then six wings to indicate this.

She hands over an Ethereal Queen's Feather each time she's defeated. When defeated the first time, the player can receive Recipe Memo After defeating her, the party returns to B18 and has to complete the floors again before fighting her again.

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STAR OCEAN:5 Ethereal Queen 6 wings chaos (max hp atk/no food)

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