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The daily brief investing on the go

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Everyone has their favorite products, services, brands, and strategy in picking investments, but at the end of the day, nobody knows how the market will perform and what stocks will come out ahead. These funds are designed to replicate the performance of the underlying benchmark as closely as possible. It is important to understand the difference between an ETF and a mutual fund. Mutual Funds are actively managed, and the expenses are often much higher vs an ETF.

Also, because they are actively managed most mutual funds do not beat the market. Most people should just buy low fee exchange-traded funds, but what they do is talk to a financial advisor or walk into their local bank and get referred to mutual funds which make that advisor earn a commission based on how much you invest with them. Absolutely not, but by holding ETFs, you get to experience what it is like to be a stock market investor without having to hold single stocks that can be volatile.

If you want to begin investing in the stock market on the go while being able to start a portfolio of Individual Stocks or ETFs, check out the platform M1 Finance. Investing in low fee index funds is often the best option for most investors, especially beginners. Method 1 is you can make money through Stock Appreciation.

It is important to know that share prices can be unpredictable, and you should always invest in companies you understand. Method 2 is you can make money through Dividends. Dividends can provide investors with a quick form of passive income. Not all companies decide to pay dividends to their shareholders, but the ones that do pay dividends due so using a portion of the companies earnings.

Companies generally pay on a quarterly basis every 3 months , but there are companies that pay semi-annually every 6 months , and some even monthly. It is important to know that companies that pay dividends can cut or cancel their dividend at any time, so know that these dividend payments are not always guaranteed. The Difference Between Growth, Dividend, Aggressive and Conservative Stocks Stocks that do not pay dividends and grow at a faster rate are generally referred to as growth stocks, and Stocks that pay dividends are generally referred to as dividend stocks.

There are companies that are both growth and dividend stocks. There are also Aggressive Stocks and Conservative Stocks. Aggressive Stocks are considered aggressive if they have no revenue, income, or producing earnings, but the company is filling a unique niche that is innovative and expanding into something new making it more likely to experience higher volatility to the upside.

Remember there are also Exchange Traded Funds ETF which can be considered fairly aggressive, conservative, and ones that pay a high dividend. So it really depends on, what the individual is looking for, as there is truly is a vast amount of companies and ETFs to invest in.

It is important prior to investing, knowing your risk tolerance, and how much volatility you are willing to take on. Do you want passive income? Do you want to invest in aggressive stocks? Do you want to invest in conservative or dividend stocks?

HISTORY We originally published the Daily Brief under the umbrella of Intelligent Network Concepts from to , reaching a high of about 35, daily readers before financial exigencies required our relinquishing the project and leading us into successful corporate and educational careers. Remnants of those early Daily Brief days are still available on the Internet Archive.

Over the years we discussed the project — what was right about it; what was wrong; how could we have monetized it to prevent closing it down; how might we bring it back? Fast-forward to early , when we found ourselves in a world in which a we were at a point in life where reconstituting the Daily Brief was actually viable, and b the world was in greater need than ever of news as information, not as sensationalism, commentary, assertion, opinion, clickbait, or propaganda.

We're still finding our way with this new version of the Daily Brief and invite you to subscribe for free to join us in this journey and mission toward a better informed world. We welcome your comments, suggestions, and questions. Please use the contact form to get in touch.

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