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The piece is composed of four elements which appear along the plaza — each interacting with passersby and time. The sculpture sits where the entrance to the high school used to be and includes bricks from the destroyed structure. Matt Amante Amante is a sculptor who works out of Greenville while also serving full-time as a sculpture and art appreciation professor in the Associate of Fine Arts program at Pitt Community College.

Sculpture is integrated into the grounds of the ECU Campus for educational purposes. Additional sculpture can be found in and near Joyner Library. The predominately modern style of this collection sits in noticeable contrast to many of the other works seen throughout the Center City. The goal of the Greenville Mural Project is to facilitate and fund the creation and execution of murals. RFPs open every three years for this rotating mural. The Youth Public Arts Project YPAP is an outreach program for at-risk youth that provides arts education programs for youth to have a positive impact on their community, express themselves through artwork and interpersonal skills through executing the visual arts with teamwork.

This project is targeted towards youth from 8 - 18 years of age who show an interest in the creative arts. All participants must be referred to the program by school counselors, teachers, school social workers, court counselors, private therapists and community professionals. This project is funded through Bank of America, grants funding, corporate sponsorships and individual donations.

The Emerald Loop Vision Plan is built on the input of key stakeholders and community members representing the diversity of ages and ethnicities, as well as a range of roles both public and private, in Greenville. Process Engagement of the Greenville community included a variety of outreach and engagement including meetings both formal and informal, surveys and an interactive art installation. Through stakeholder meetings, an immense amount of understanding was garnered about existing and near future goals for art-related programs as well as future improvements in the works and being planned by both public and private entities.

These conversations were critical to understanding the vision and details of past, present and future efforts to integrate art into the urban core and how the goals of the ELVP might work with larger initiatives and programs. The City was generous with their time in reviewing draft versions of the ELVP and providing feedback about how it might best fuse with other civic projects.

Vidant Health Vidant, as a supporter of the arts and major employer in Greenville, will benefit from a Center City activated through art as well as potential partnerships with artists. Through discussions with administrators and human resource leaders at Vidant, we learned that a culturally vital Greenville as well as better connections with the Center City will attract and retain staff. In addition, stronger partnerships could develop interesting programs related to the wide reaching positive aspects of social practice artists who are exploring healthy communities.

Art therapy programs can link artists and art-making with patients. Healthy environments where creative design of spaces can have therapeutic effects for patients, visiting family members and staff was also voiced as a desire. As Vidant expands and updates its facilities over time, coordination with the city and its arts organizations can be fruitful in providing these mutually beneficial partnerships for art integration. Another noted benefit will be the growth of the art economy through retaining artists after graduation and drawing more established artists to a vibrant art and music scene.

As ECU expands into the Center City with its new Millennial Campus, its interconnectivity with the city both physically and socially will have a mutually beneficial presence. Critical to implementation of the ELVP will be partnerships with developers who can integrate art into their new and existing developments. Artists can be commissioned to work with the design team or, if the project is existing, they can enhance facades, storefront windows and empty spaces in numerous ways.

Developers in general agreed that murals, light art, sculpture and programming incorporated into their projects and the surrounding public realm will enhance their projects and add value to the Center City, making it a win for all. West Greenville Community Essential to the development of the Emerald Loop is the reconnection of the Center City with the diverse surrounding neighborhoods and communities that currently are not as integrated as one would expect, given their close proximity.

Connections both physical, through infrastructure and social, through inclusive programming, will strengthen these bonds. Physical connections can be enhanced through design improvements to streets, sidewalks, paths and trails, as well as strategic land use and zoning. Social connections will grow with physical connections in the urban environment and also through a concerted effort to provide inviting spaces for art-making, performance and events.

Shared art experience, spaces, programs and resources are critical for creating community bonds over time. As one West Greenville community activist put it, if spaces are made available, culture will happen spontaneously. This currently happens to a small extent in some locations such as the Town Common bandstand with impromptu performances.

A visionary program has started with the Greenville Theater Arts Center at the historic Roxy Theater, providing both original theatrical productions and educational programs. These efforts should be supported and communicated to the broader Greenville community. Currently, the African American Cultural Trail Association is developing a self-guided tour to share the history of Greenville and Pitt County, with locations including Sycamore Hill Gateway Plaza and other significant places. Through a mobile app, there will be accounts from individuals along with photographs and oral histories from people who lived in historic neighborhoods and their descendants.

It is hoped that sharing this cultural legacy will help ameliorate historic divisions and connect communities. People selected a strip of patterned paper and wrote their visions on it. These strips were pinned to a suspended hammock, accumulating over the evening to form a sculptural cloud that was illuminated with color-changing light.

For those who wanted to provide more detail, a more straightforward survey with a variety of both quantitative and qualitative questions was provided. From these activities as well as conversations with passersby, a wealth of ideas arose, all of which helped inform the Emerald Loop Vision Plan. What is something special about Greenville? Though the ways in which the city relates to the river may have shifted over time, there is no doubt that the waters hold a special place in the hearts of the residents.

Some residents celebrate the wildlife that shares in the attachment to the river while others bemoan the lack of easy access to the water. A vast majority of respondents placed great importance on the art spaces of Greenville — including studios, galleries and the art museum — as well as events that change a place through thematic activation. The scales ranged from Town Common and the Greenway system to alleyways ready to become more formally realized parklets. There is a clear desire to engage with the city through the outdoors.

Breweries and restaurants show up with notable regularity. In general, people are happy with what is already available. Instead of looking to remove anything, residents hope to augment the Center City experience through additions of a variety of things. At the top of the list is art and color. People want to breathe life and energy into the Center City and feel that murals, especially bright ones, can help to do so.

Others want to see art used to activate under utilized spaces, such as empty storefronts. Others made a call for more diversity in culinary offerings. Integrating a larger variety of food options helps to cultivate a feeling of relevancy to a comparably large array of peoples and can foster unity through the sharing of cultural customs and traditions. The value of food should not be overlooked in the bringing together of people.

There was no discernible pattern in this collection of answers, suggesting that there is a need for a broad range of future works and events to appeal to the varied tastes of Greenville. People love the existing sculptures and all of the events — from the Art Walk to Pirate Fest to smaller music events and the rotating mural on Starlight Cafe.

What time of day or night would you most likely be in Center City? We received a full range of responses to this question, making it clear that the Center City is an active place throughout a hour cycle. A majority of responses did indicate a preference for visiting in the early evening; therefore, experiences being available from PM would ensure the largest number of participants.

Of the daytime respondents, few gave any indication they were there for anything other than work. This indicates that the middle of the day is a prime time to target activation efforts through additional passive and active programming. Others see value in architectural artistic facade treatments and lighting, while some are interested in moving off the walls and wish to see paint liven up the parking lots and crosswalks around town.

These passive art activations are contrasted by interest in more active types of art and events including nature walks, interactive water features, open studios, outdoor films and musical performances and an arts and crafts marketplace. Greenville and its surrounding landscape is verdant with agricultural heritage and natural beauty along the Tar River.

The color green evokes growth, renewal and health. It symbolizes good luck and fertility. Emeralds, the North Carolina state gemstone, are believed to have the power to improve both memory and intelligence and transform the negative to positive. The emerald concept should be integral to the mind-set of an evolving Center City.

While the wizard passes out glasses with green lenses to help with the visualization, the message is, imagine it, will your way to it and it will become real. The community of Greenville, in engaging with the vision, will propel the growth and realization of their city. Imagined cities become real cities. It stimulates emotion and thought, reveals meaning and can uniquely resonate with and inform our personal associations as well as the collective consciousness of the local and global community.

Drawing on emotions and intellect, art in the public realm has the potential to capture the collective imagination and cultivate civic unity. These shared experiences and memories in turn become part of the place, building cultural connectivity. Creative placemaking inspires the reimagining and reinforcing of connections between people and the places they share. Site-Specific Public Artwork Site-specific art relies on unique qualities of its context to achieve its full aesthetic vision, responding to specific conditions of the place through form, material or function.

Art that taps into cultural, social and historic stories and the physical qualities and natural systems of its landscape can spark curiosity, wonder and connection. When an artwork is inspired by the uniqueness of a site or local culture, it resonates and connects the viewer or participant to the place through an aesthetic experience.

Integrated art refers to work that becomes an element of another improvement such as the streetscape, a plaza, building or bridge. Pragmatically, integrating art into functional surfaces, structures and systems allows civic spaces to remain flexible for temporary programming during festivals and gatherings. Artwork may also be less integrated, such as a free-standing sculpture that can be moved to various sites. Art as Placemaking Art as placemaking refers to public spaces where permanent public art becomes the memorable element of a place, in a sense providing the essence of its character.

Placemaking artworks can create gathering places, serving to bring the community together. They can include functional elements such as canopies, seating and paving or iconic sculptures and illuminated structures that act as interactive features or backdrops through their large scale and dramatic presence. Wayfinding artwork can signal cues over large areas, such as episodic repeating visual markers along a trail or a series of gateways.

Through art, the Center City will be inspirational and memorable; drawing residents, students and visitors from near and far. Permanent and Temporary Art Experiences The building blocks of the Emerald Loop will be artwork ranging from permanent to temporary, including special events and programs.

The diverse artwork types will reinforce and compliment each other, creating a network greater than the sum of its parts. Permanent artworks will anchor the ELVP vision with pieces that become highlights of the urban environment. This civic art will live through decades as a backdrop for events of all sorts, slowly taking on the patina of those gatherings and becoming a palimpsest of community identity.

Temporary artworks offer spikes of interest during their rotations. Temporary can indicate a wide variety of time frames ranging from a couple hours, such as a performance, to several years, such as a mural. Performance-based artworks can range in scale from an individual busker to a full-blown art and music festival that can activate an entire city or county by bringing people together.

Active and dynamic urban areas draw in visitors and increase the health and vitality of both culture and commerce. Direct and Indirect Art Economy Artist productions are an important part of a healthy cultural ecosystem and contribute directly to the business environment through employment for artists, craftspeople and contractors. Art also has an indirect catalytic effect on the economy in urban areas, spurring development in many dimensions beyond the initial art investments.

As more members of the community visit and participate in cultural activities in the Center City, they will be more likely to visit the shops, restaurants, hotels and bars there - allowing both the creative economies and the business economies to prosper. Investing in Experiential Urban Amenities A large majority of Americans believe that the arts improve the identity of their community. Art experiences cultivate a community identity by raising awareness that can stimulate dialogue and debate.

By questioning and discussing, a community develops, reinforces and fine-tunes its shared values. A broader understanding and appreciation of the various cultural expressions that make up Greenville will enhance the richness of the urban core by building cultural and intellectual capital for a more vibrant and vital Center City. An important long-term benefit of this investment will be the attracting and retaining of young professionals to the major businesses of Greenville.

A major construction challenge, Kaiser said, was removing the Olympic Runner statue, temporarily relocating it off site and bringing it back to the plaza to reinstall it as a focal point of the newly redeveloped space. A new interactive fountain has colored lights at the bottom that can be changed to celebrate specific holidays and events. To create a level space across the entire two-block plaza, BSI demolished the Kiener Plaza amphitheater — which BSI actually built in — and filled it in along the western half of the project site from Sixth to Seventh Streets at Market Street.

We are proud to have been a part of this Keystone Award winning project! Eight LED moonlights positioned on top of the foot One Metropolitan Square building shine down onto the east lawn area and splash onto the nearby plaza. A clear example of this, he said, was the timing involved in planting a vast number of trees, perennials and ground cover. The most complex obstacles inherent in constructing the new Kiener Plaza, according to Kaiser, existed in the work performed below grade that are unseen to those enjoying the aesthetics of the new city park.

Kaiser said that to achieve this end result, the sub-slab had to be built on those radius points before anything else was constructed. All of the subsurface work was coordinated based upon computer-aided design and drafting CADD drawings and precise layouts in the field. The visible rails in the plaza had to fit exactly on all the below-grade radiuses that were already built, Kaiser added, based upon the sub-slab and concrete and granite pavers.

This made the construction much more complex. Bicycle parking is another addition to the newly rebuilt plaza. First, the east-west pedestrian traffic to and from the Gateway Arch had increased. Second, there was growth in the foot traffic along Washington Avenue from loft developments. And third, the Ballpark Village developments were occurring, further stimulating pedestrian traffic in proximity to Kiener Plaza. All of these factors drove our redesign to create a plaza layout that would function as a small city park.

Four different 5-foot by 5-foot square modules are rotated and it appears completely random. We designed the larger square modules with marble and granite pavers and small, brick-sized marble pavers to create the pattern which visitors see stretching across the surface of the park. MVVA is also in charge of the overall Arch grounds design.

Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc. Geotechnology, Inc. Plattin Creek Excavating J. Bommarito Construction Co. Ryan McClure, director of communications and activation at Gateway Arch Park Foundation, praised the multi-entity collaboration that contributed to the success of the Kiener Plaza renovation. We are excited about the use and feedback we have received from visitors so far, and this is only the beginning. The firm also reviewed submittals for fill material during the construction phase and performed construction observation and materials testing services.

Although not technically part of the renovation project, the new Frankie Muse Freeman statue, dedicated in November to late Civil Rights advocate who passed away in January, has a home in the new Kiener Plaza. It depicts Freeman walking away from the Old Courthouse. Louis Housing Authority, which resulted in the end of legal racial discrimination in St. Louis public housing. Freeman was the lead attorney for the case. Krenn has been with Winco since and has served in various capacities, including director of human resources, treasurer, vice president and most recently as chief financial officer.

Krenn will replace John Campbell, who is retiring. Hammerstone brings six years of management experience to his new position. Prior to joining the RSS St. Louis team, Hammerstone was employed at Kirberg Company as a project manager.

Evidence-Based Design EBD is the process of basing healthcare facility planning and design decisions about the built environment on credible research to achieve the best possible patient, staff and operational outcomes. Leading global commercial real estate services firm Colliers International Group Inc. Louis office. Prior to joining Colliers International, McGauley was president of Gershman Commercial Equities, a private real estate investment group that began in Haberberger, Inc. Francis Leisure of Oakville has been hired to serve as service project manager with the Affton-based mechanical contracting company.

In this position, Leonard oversees all new building construction and ongoing maintenance and renovations of l existing properties in The Gatesworth community. Louis as a staff attorney. Louis as an accounting manager. Richars joins HOK after operating her own accounting company for six years.

Louis as an administrative assistant. She will support the HOK legal department. Touma previously worked for Claytonbased law firm Brinker and Doyen. Randy L. Randy brings 32 years of experience in design and project management in AEC. Franklin D. Shelton, Jr. She is working toward becoming a licensed architect.

In her new role, Burns will provide project financial analysis, billing and general accounting services. Kurt R. In this role, Kruger will guide and direct client development activities across the firm. Kroger brings experience as a senior client development executive responsible for hiring, training and developing individuals and teams in the design and construction industry. In her new role, Vespa will work on master planning and space programming activities for a range of clients. She will guide the research and decision-making process that leads to the development of an architectural program, and will work closely with clients and design teams.

She joins HOK from Lindenwood University, where she is pursuing a degree in welding and furniture design. She works in the HOK office as an architecture intern and is pursuing a degree in architecture from the University of Cincinnati. She supports the HOK office as an interiors intern.

Collins attends Kansas State University and is pursuing a degree in interior architecture and product design. He will support the HOK office as a lighting intern. Hartman attends Kansas State University and is earning a degree in interior architecture. Steven F. Damm, P. Zak Company began with new hire Ashley N.

Jenkins has joined the firm as its marketing coordinator. The donation will be used to cover the cost of training and care of additional service dogs. McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. The 82,sq. As construction manager, McCarthy will lead a team overseeing the comprehensive renovation of the structure into a state-of-the-art teaching and research environment that includes laboratories, classrooms and office space.

The project will follow a fast-track, month schedule to be completed in time for the spring semester that begins in January Ameren is participating in an industry-wide effort to step up ongoing power restoration and rebuilding efforts in Puerto Rico due to the catastrophic destruction of electric infrastructure following Hurricanes Irma and Marie. Ameren and other U. Ameren is sending nearly 75 line workers and additional support personnel as part of this effort.

Graybar, a leading distributor of electrical, communications and data networking products and provider of related supply chain management and logistics services, recently announced several leadership changes: Jon N. Reed has announced his retirement from Graybar, effective April 1, Timothy E.

Carpenter has been appointed Vice President - Treasurer, effective April 1, Dale R. Timothy M. Probst has been named Vice, President Controller, effective Jan. The firm was founded in January by Charles J. McClure when he and his wife began working out of their home in Kirkwood, MO. By , the firm had grown to four employees, focusing on HVAC and plumbing.

The jobs during the first five years of the company were predominantly schools, churches and generally anything else that would generate revenue for the tiny firm trying to gain a foothold and reputation in the St. Louis engineering marketplace. Today, the firm employs more than 80 people and is located in the historic Cupples 1 building in the heart of downtown St.

The historic Witte Hardware Building — located at N. The improvements aim to meet the evolving needs of the existing tenants and attract additional tenants. The historic building was originally a warehouse distribution facility for Witte Hardware, an exclusive wholesale hardware business that operated on The Landing from to The structure served that purpose for 73 years before being converted into office and restaurant space.

The office space in the building is serving as home to a variety of tenants in the fields of financial services, engineering, marketing, logistics and technology. With the help of architect The Lawrence Group and civil engineer Kaskaskia Engineering Group, IMPACT Strategies was able to maintain the historical integrity while revitalizing the building to improve public accessibility and function. This major renovation included environmental improvements such as asbestos abatement and the installation of energy-efficient windows in the atrium.

Modernizations were also made to the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. For new Helmkamp President Rob Johnes, a lifelong dream of being a business owner has become a reality. He worked as a project manager and was appointed vice president in Johnes later accepted the role of president in with a plan to eventually buy out and assume ownership of the business. Improper use of space heaters, extension cords and holiday lighting combined with overtaxed circuits enhance the risk of electrical fire hazards over the winter months.

The Electrical Connection is providing safety tips to reduce those hazards in response to a national report earlier this year on electrical fires by the National Fire Protection Association NFPA. Advisory Board members are long-time ASCC members with decades of concrete contracting field and management experience. They will handle questions regarding contracts and other legal matters, business development, business management, safety operations and finance. Great Rivers Greenway and its partners have finished the first stage in the Chouteau Greenway Design Competition process.

Great Rivers Greenway and partners received a total of 19 team qualifications submittals for the first stage of the competition. A jury, comprised of nine local and international experts, reviewed all submissions and recommended the four winning teams. A total of firms from seven countries and 13 U. Louis region. Teams represent the disciplines of urban planning, economics, cultural programming, art, sustainability, universal design, landscape architecture, architecture, civil and structural engineering, hydrology, open space programming, acoustics, lighting and traffic engineering.

Louis, MO, will be 20 years old in Louis, MO. Three year Directors elected are: Harvey Wolf, L. Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis ReStores feature new and gently-used home improvement products and building materials for sale to the public. The ReStores are dedicated to reusing and repurposing donated goods and diverting items from landfills. Farmington police officer Jeff Kostedt paid it forward through a law enforcement trust building program that turned his life around when he was a child.

On Dec. Kostedt and countless children from families in need are the reason the Electrical Connection has supported St. The St. This year, it served more than children. IFMA St. Louis, which provides services and support to keep residents cool during the hot summer months. The transitoriented development TOD project will feature a handsome three-story building with 62 affordable one- and two-bedroom apartments for older adults seeking an independent lifestyle.

With convenient access to MetroLink and the MetroBikeLink trail, residents will be able to easily reach restaurants, retail, entertainment venues, recreational locations, employment centers and medical facilities throughout the bi-state region. The Southern Illinois Builders Association awarded ten scholarships this year. Previously serving as senior project manager, Rotty joined Tarlton as a project engineer in William Edwards, Jr.

Brinkmann Constructors has promoted Andy McDonell to vice president and appointed him to lead its regional office in Kansas City. He is responsible for the leadership of all construction operations and related functions. Cochran began as an intern with S. Wilson in Erin Erhart has been promoted to executive vice president of retail and fee services at Midwest BankCentre.

Erhart was previously vice president of consumer banking and corporate services at Midwest BankCentre and has 12 years of banking experience. All three previously held the position of senior project manager. As project directors, they are responsible for the supervision and overall performance and profitability of multiple project teams, largescale building programs and the development and continuation of client relationships. William Bill Wagner, vice president for S. Wagner has more than 35 years of experience in the construction industry.

Kevin P. According to the St. Louis Business Journal, more than nominations were received for the award. Rotty also is a past recipient of the St. Louis projects.

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Loop trolley td direct investing Depending on site conditions, some stops may have multiple seats, while others have just a small canopy attached to the light pole. The next step, already underway, is for larger developments that will make larger impacts on the neighborhood. The color green evokes growth, renewal and health. Shelton, Jr. Leading global commercial real estate services firm Colliers International Group Inc. Healthy environments where creative design of spaces can have therapeutic effects for patients, visiting family members and staff was also voiced as a desire.
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Loop trolley td direct investing At the top of the list is art and color. EVANS ST In recent years, the storefronts and restaurants located on Dickinson Street have been reoccupied by a variety of independent businesses and brought new life to this part of Greenville. At a time when young professionals are seeking to spend their disposable income on unique experiences, Greenville must invest in the production of such experiences because without these amenities young people will choose instead to loop trolley td direct investing in other places that do offer them. Gallucci is an artist, designer and educator whose work has been commissioned for public, corporate and residential spaces around the country. A jury, comprised of nine local and international experts, reviewed all submissions and recommended the four winning teams.

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Earlier in September, DirectBooks celebrated another milestone by surpassing institutional investors in our user community. We are excited to leverage the DirectBooks platform to launch a new channel of communication with our investing clients, allowing us to work more efficiently and productively with our issuing clients.

We are simplifying the primary issuance process for fixed income by streamlining communications workflows for underwriters and institutional investors. A complete list of participating underwriting firms can be found on our website. For additional information, please visit us: www. About Loop Capital Markets Loop Capital is a full-service investment bank, brokerage and advisory firm that provides creative capital solutions for corporate, governmental and institutional entities across the globe.

During the pilot program, the Loop Trolley will operate four days a week on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a. October A round trip on the Trolley will take approximately 60 minutes and that includes a minute operator break at each end of the route — at the Missouri History Museum and the University City Library.

Heavy traffic conditions will impact trip times. For the safety of our customers and our operations team, Trolley service will be temporarily suspended during inclement weather incidents. Once it is safe to resume service, the Trolley will begin running again. The Trolley route is 2. Only one Trolley will be in service with a second Trolley serving as the spare, if needed.

Can I ride the Trolley? The trolley has a wheelchair lift and is ADA compliant. Service animals are welcome but pets and other animals are not allowed. Unfortunately, we are not able to allow bicycles on the Trolley.

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