voxelus mining bitcoins
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Voxelus mining bitcoins

The remaining 85 percent will be distributed over the next two years. In another interesting cryptocurrenty partnership, Halsey Minor, chairman and co-founder of Voxelus and chairman and founder of Bitcoin exchange Uphold, Inc. Uphold recently rebranded itself and added services to include traditional currency financial services. By giving the voxel functionality equal to bitcoin while serving the ecosystem of the leading virtual reality gaming platform represents a remarkable technical achievement.

The public crowdsale begins Monday, November 2, at sale. The first day of the public presale will start with a hour sale of 1, voxels per bitcoin, followed by three periodic price changes of , , and voxels per bitcoin until 30 days or Unlike many other platforms that use crowdsales to raise capital, Voxelus is already substantially ready for release including wallets and internal mining pools.

After upgrading to the latest version, there is a two-minute check to provide an extra layer of security. This means that all transactions are rechecked by experts before closing confirmation. There are million Voxel Coins in existence, and the mining fee for transactions is 0. In addition, it is also possible to obtain the Voxel blockchain as a direct download. A partnership with other dealers The substantial Voxel offer is further extended through a partnership with flatpyramid. This online marketplace also deals in 3D content, but does not use a digital currency.

This collaboration with Voxelus has made another 7, elements are available. These items include graphics, images, models, animated characters and environments. The aim of the foundation is to promote the use of this cryptocurrency. This goal is to be achieved through the expansion of what is currently available. Planned additions include a variety of networks, games, virtual reality platforms and more providers of entertainment content. The material will, of course, be enhanced by new collaborations with advertisers and brands.

These new facilities will also be aimed at universities. Furthermore, new groups will be launched worldwide to cater for enthusiastic people interested in the world of virtual reality. There are currently 5 million Voxels earmarked for this purpose, and another 10 million will follow in the coming years.

Awards will be distributed to achieve these goals, so developers will get a million dollars in the first year.

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Could you be next big winner? It is positive to see the Voxelus team taking the time to appear in person during both conferences, as word of mouth remains the best way to promote an upcoming project. Thanks to the help of strategic partner ShapeShift. Truth be told, ShapeShift has been facilitating various crowdsales in recent months, including the Augur and Spells of Genesis campaigns. Both of these crowdsales have proven to be quite successful in their own right.

What sets the Voxelus crowdsale apart from most other projects is how their Voxel platform is already substantially complete. Wallets and internal mining pools are ready to be made available to the public, and there will be an initial Voxel distribution following the crowdsale. How was Voxelus Funded? Some Voxels will be used to incentivise marketers and developers - although this is not yet known in terms of quantity. How is Voxelus Mined? The short answer is that Voxelus isn't mined as it was all premined.

The coin still acts like a crypto currency with blocks that are 2. The Company behind voxels recommends that you don't mine as there aren't any block rewards - it is not clear if there are transaction fees levied.

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5/2/ · Skip to main content Bitcoin Insider. Menu. 2/23/ · Voxelus is an overarching virtual reality content and gaming system that is powered by its own internal currency called the Voxel - or VOX for short - think Linden's but with open . 6/1/ · Bitcoin Forum > Alternate cryptocurrencies > Announcements (Altcoins) > [ANN] VOXELS (VOX) | The Official Coin of Virtual Reality and Voxelus Platform. Follow the .