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Crypto fork dates

The software was launched by Mike Hearn in late in order to include several new features he had proposed. While the previous version of bitcoin allowed up to seven transactions per second, Bitcoin XT aimed for 24 transactions per second. In order to accomplish this, it proposed increasing the block size from one megabyte to eight megabytes. Bitcoin XT initially saw success, with more than 1, nodes running its software in the late summer of However, just a few months later, the project lost user interest and was essentially abandoned by its users.

Bitcoin XT is no longer available, with its original website now defunct. Bitcoin Classic When Bitcoin XT declined, some community members still wanted block sizes to increase. In response, a group of developers launched Bitcoin Classic in early Unlike XT, which proposed increasing the block size to eight megabytes, classic intended to increase it to only two megabytes. Like Bitcoin XT, Bitcoin Classic saw initial interest, with about 2, nodes for several months during The project also still exists today, with some developers strongly supporting Bitcoin Classic.

Nonetheless, the larger cryptocurrency community seems to have generally moved on to other options. Bitcoin Unlimited Bitcoin Unlimited has remained something of an enigma since its release in early The project's developers released code but did not specify which type of fork it would require. Bitcoin Unlimited set itself apart by allowing miners to decide on the size of their blocks, with nodes and miners limiting the size of blocks they accept, up to 16 megabytes.

Despite some lingering interest, bitcoin unlimited has largely failed to gain acceptance. Put simply, SegWit aims to reduce the size of each bitcoin transaction, thereby allowing more transactions to take place at once. SegWit was technically a soft fork. However, it may have helped to prompt hard forks after it was originally proposed.

Bitcoin Cash In response to SegWit, some bitcoin developers and users decided to initiate a hard fork in order to avoid the protocol updates it brought about. Bitcoin Cash was the result of this hard fork. It split off from the main blockchain in August , when Bitcoin Cash wallets rejected bitcoin transactions and blocks.

Bitcoin Cash remains the most successful hard fork of the primary cryptocurrency. As of June , it is the eleventh-largest digital currency by market cap , owing in part to the backing of many prominent figures in the cryptocurrency community and many popular exchanges. Bitcoin Cash allows blocks of eight megabytes and did not adopt the SegWit protocol. Bitcoin Gold Bitcoin Gold was a hard fork that followed shortly after bitcoin cash, in October The creators of this hard fork aimed to restore the mining functionality with basic graphics processing units GPU , as they felt that mining had become too specialized in terms of equipment and hardware required.

Although it was initially possible to mine bitcoin using personal laptops and desktop computers, the growing mining difficulty, as well as the advent of Application Specific Integrated Circuit ASICs hardware created specifically for bitcoin mining, has made it all but impossible to profitably mine bitcoin at home using the processing speed of an individual computer. Some bitcoin forks, including Bitcoin Gold, have attempted to make bitcoin more accessible by changing the hardware necessary to establish a network connection.

One unique feature of the Bitcoin Gold hard fork was a "pre-mine," a process by which the development team mined , coins after the fork had taken place. Many of these coins were placed into a special "endowment," and developers have indicated that this endowment will be used to grow and finance the bitcoin gold ecosystem, with a portion of those coins being set aside as payment for developers as well. Generally, Bitcoin Gold adheres to many of the basic principles of bitcoin.

However, it differs in terms of the proof-of-work PoW algorithm it requires of miners. SegWit2x When SegWit was implemented in August , developers planned on a second component to the protocol upgrade. This addition, known as SegWit2x , would trigger a hard fork stipulating a block size of two megabytes.

SegWit2x was slated to take place as a hard fork in November However, a number of companies and individuals in the bitcoin community that had originally backed the SegWit protocol decided to back out of the hard fork in the second component. To some extent, the backlash was a result of SegWit2x including opt-in rather than mandatory replay protection; this would have had a major impact on the types of transactions that the new fork would have accepted.

On November 8, , the team behind SegWit2x announced that their planned hard fork had been canceled as a result of discrepancies among previous backers of the project. The simplest way to conceptualize a fork in a cryptocurrency's blockchain is to imagine that the fork introduces a new set of rules for bitcoin to follow. After a fork, bitcoin's blockchain diverges into two potential paths forward. After a new rule is introduced, the users mining that particular bitcoin blockchain can elect to follow one set of rules or another.

This choice is similar to a fork in the road. What Was the First Bitcoin Fork? The two biggest bitcoin hard forks are Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold, although there have been other, smaller forks. The upcoming hard fork will be Monero's fifteenth software version V The previous two versions, which went live in October , only had minor improvements. The chain's ring size is slated to expand from 11 to 16 in Monero's upcoming hard fork. These added ring signatures are anticipated to enhance transaction privacy and make it difficult to reverse-engineer transaction sources.

Developers also intend to add view tags to outputs to cut the time it takes to check a wallet's balance and transactions by up to 40 percent. Monero's block size was also approved to grow 14 times per year rather than 32 times per year, resulting in lower transaction costs. Finally, Monero will use Bulletproofs, a zero-knowledge proving mechanism, for range proofs. This will ensure that the information recorded in a confidential transaction is completely accurate.

Shashank is the founder at yMedia. He ventured into crypto in and is an ETH maximalist.

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So far many folks have turned out to be legitimate, while a few are suspected to be fake. See notes below for specifics on each fork. From late to as many as 20 Bitcoin forks occurred, the amount of Bitcoin forks has only grown since then. Anyone holding Bitcoin in a wallet where they are in control of their private keys, or anyone holding Bitcoin on a platform the supports a given fork, will be privy to a given fork.

How you claim your forked coins depends on where you hold your coins. It is rare for exchanges to support forks, so if you do want to claim forks, make sure to use a wallet where you control your private keys. That said, if you are going to claim forks, please read the advice below on best practices for claiming a fork! Each fork occurs at a block number AKA block height.

To qualify for the fork, you must be in Bitcoin before the block height for that fork occurs. See the additional notes at the bottom of the page for more information on how to claim forked coins and how to be in Bitcoin for the fork. Implemented to deal with the block limitations issue. The debate over this also led to the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. Added Schnorr signatures, and improved the ability to handle smart contracts. It also allowed for the Lightning Network.

BIP Suggested. Block NOTE: Snapshot block already occurred; the coin has officially been released and trades on a number of exchanges. No-premine, proof of stake, CPU mining, 2mb blocks. Block , Bitcoin World BTW.

Around December 23rd. Not to be confused with LiteBitcoin. Bitcoin God GOD : No pre-mining, no central team in theory , smart contracts, large blocks, POS mining, lightening network enabled, zero-knowledge proof, etc. Originally said to occur Dec. According to the site: ETH block: Each ETH can claim 0. BTC block: Further Reading What Is a Fork?

In the beginning, there was Bitcoin , which was designed to function as a decentralized digital alternative to cash. Over time, more specialized currencies have appeared, such as Ripple and Monero. This means that almost any divergence in the blockchain can be considered a fork. When Do Forks Occur? Forks occur when the user base or developers decide that something fundamental about a cryptocurrency needs to change.

A fork can have a substantial impact on a cryptocurrency. They are often predicated by large price fluctuations and have proven to be quite controversial in the past. There are two main varieties of forks: soft forks and hard forks. What Are Soft Forks? A soft fork is any change that is backward compatible.

However, any blocks that are mined will be considered invalid by the updated nodes. A hard fork is any change that breaks backward compatibility. Nodes running the old software will see any new transactions as invalid. If a large enough percentage of the community decides that they want to continue using the old rules then the chain will split, resulting in two separate currencies.

Hard Forks Require Consensus A hard fork requires majority support or consensus from coin holders with a connection to the coin network. For a hard fork to be adopted, a sufficient number of nodes need to update to the newest version of the protocol software.

This allows them to use the new coin and blockchain. Any nodes that chose not to update will be unable to use the new blockchain. There are several ways to ensure that consensus is in place before fully activating an update. Soft Forks via Miner-Activated Updates Soft forks sometimes use miner-activated updates, where the hash power of a new protocol needs to equal a certain percentage before the update is adopted.

Dash uses its masternodes to adopt major changes to the blockchain protocol. A majority of the community needs to agree before any fundamental changes can be implemented, or else you risk a hard break. The result of a successful upgrade is that a new coin will fork off from the blockchain, from the block where the upgrade took place.

Two separate coins with two separate ledgers, all originating from the same blockchain. One Blockchain vs Two Blockchains In the case of updates like SegWit, everyone ideally updates to the new protocol, so only one coin exists. In cases of hard forks, like Bitcoin Cash , two different coins and blockchains will run simultaneously after the fork. Both blockchains are adopted, which means they co-exist and operate independently of each another with roughly equal community adoption and value.

The first outcome is the most common, as happened with Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, with Ethereum vastly outperforming Ethereum Classic. The second is rarer, but it does happen. Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin ended up broadly coexisting once the SegWit 2.

There are often competing visions for the future of a cryptocurrency and this can lead to a point where traders and miners feel that they have no choice but to go their separate ways. Bitcoin Forks to Bitcoin Cash For example, the lead up to the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash split happened after a series of increasingly venomous debates within the community. SegWit 2. X On the other hand, sometimes, this level of disruption can be enough to prevent a fork from taking place.

The controversial SegWit 2. What Are the Effects of a Hard Fork? Hard forks can have a profound impact on the cryptocurrency and not just because of the uncertainty caused. The Bitcoin Cash hard fork is a good example of a quirk that can occur. For example, if you had held 10 Bitcoin at the time of the Bitcoin Cash fork, you would have 10 Bitcoin Cash.

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How do you spread bet Examples of this include Segwit for block limitations, Taproot privacy, and Https:// which was suggested in to help allow for Ethereum-like smart contracts on Bitcoin. May 27, The DAO crowdsale ends. Ellaism is a pure smart contract platform. In order to accomplish this, it proposed increasing the block size from one megabyte to eight megabytes. Soft forks are backwards compatible, meaning users with the new protocol can still interact with users of the old protocol. If chosen to join the new chain, the software has to be upgraded to make newer transactions valid while the nodes who do not choose to upgrade their software continue working the same.
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Cryptocurrency Calendar. Show Filters. Event Date Recently Added Past Events Trending. October 22, 6/27/ · Fork Height/Date: 24th January at , block Reward Ratio: 1 BTC: 1 BCA Tip To Claim Bitcoin Atom: See Coinomi’s wallet guide here for claiming your Bitcoin Atom . 1/18/ · Among upcoming crypto forks, the last expected official hard fork was ZenCash. It’s a part of the Horizen Ecosystem. It was supposed to welcome the main-net hard fork on .