etheric networks locations
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Etheric networks locations

As a customer, I would like to view website status when Etheric is down, so that I know what time co-workers can expect me back online. Josh Bigtuna00 Reported EthericNetworks you're about to lose a customer. My connection has been down so many times in the last year it's absurd.

Support is non-existent email replies come days or weeks after reporting problems. Network status page is never updated. Don Barker d1barker EthericNetworks our service has been down 3 hours now. Is there a known issue? Sounds like you need to also Maybe talk to your support team before interfacing with customers on the issue.

Brian Hey brianhey Reported EthericNetworks billstout TimAlton I know you are working on it do you have an estimate on a fix? Mon Mar 15 outage lasted 54 seconds Mon Mar 15 outage lasted 81 seconds Mon Mar 15 outage lasted 31 seconds Mon Mar 15 outage lasted 48 seconds Mon Mar 15 outage lasted 24 seconds Caerdwyn Caerdwyn Reported EthericNetworks link on the Sierra Road tower has been up and down all weekend ever since the "engineering maintenance".

Yep, there's been tickets filed, but after almost two days of this it's time to meet your uptime SLA. You never used to be like this. What changed? Etheric's dedicated fiber backbone and one-hop peering connections to all major Bay Area data centers allows the company to rapidly deploy community-wide solutions that can offer significant savings for members. After suffering with slow DSL for years, we now have fast, reliable broadband that makes every day easier. It has been a game changer - no more lag time or failed transactions mean happier employees and confident managers.

We are looking forward to adding more smart agriculture tools like sensors and monitors. Etheric stands behind what they build, and will work with you every step of the way to make sure you get exactly what you need. All of our offices now work together seamlessly, and we couldn't be happier with the service.

We are seeing an incredible demand, and our investment in new infrastructure could not have come at a better time. Etheric was founded to bring customers together, and we are dedicated to continuing this legacy as we explore new ways to provide powerful services to our community. About Etheric Networks Etheric Networks is a leading internet service provider dedicated to delivering fast, reliable, and affordable connectivity for business, government and residential clients.

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Depending on your address, there may be availability of one or more of the fixed wireless providers listed above near you. There are dozens of other fixed wireless internet providers serving residents all over the U. Your home needs to be close to a fixed wireless tower, ideally within 10 miles or less. For this reason, some addresses may not be eligible for fixed wireless internet service, even if there is a provider in their ZIP code.

For the most part, fixed wireless providers operate in rural areas since cable and fiber providers are already established in most cities. Plus, tall buildings and densely populated areas can obstruct fixed wireless signals. Etheric Networks fixed wireless internet is only available in California, but it has symmetrical speeds and both Gigabit and Fiber options. Rise Broadband also offers six different plans, giving customers lots of options in terms of speeds and price. Starry Internet offers 5G fixed wireless internet, so it has great download and upload speeds.

There are also no hidden fees or contracts with Starry. Though it has limited availability, it is still a new service and will be expanding in the future. T-Mobile offers 5G Home Internet with no hidden fees, price increases or data caps. While its simplistic pricing makes it extremely appealing compared to other providers, it does have inconsistent speeds and your location could affect the quality of your connection.

Verizon offers two fixed wireless 5G plans at very affordable prices compared to other ISPs. Its 5G internet is available in many cities across the U. What is fixed wireless internet? Fixed wireless internet is a type of internet service that uses broadcast towers to transmit and receive internet signals in the form of radio waves. A small dish or antenna receives the signals and sends them to a modem, which converts them into the internet service you use to browse the web, send emails and stream TV.

Similar to satellite internet , fixed wireless broadband eliminates the need for a phone or cable line for service, making it a popular choice for residents of rural areas. Fixed wireless towers can only send signals to roughly a mile radius, however, meaning fixed wireless is available to fewer areas than satellite internet. Where is fixed wireless available?

Main service areas for fixed wireless internet providers include rural regions in the Northeast, Midwest and western U. Use the zip search and check with Etheric Networks directly to verify availability. Please call a representative at to confirm. Explore plans below or call to get started. Please enter a valid address.

Share your experience to help other users. When writing your review, please support your rating with specific, detailed reasoning. If you are experiencing issues with your router, call Etheric Networks customer service directly for assistance. I became a customer in November not because I work there, but because I moved to La Honda, California where Etheric is one of the only options.

There's no cable or fiber up here. I'm on a private ranch at ft. My options were satellite or fixed wireless and as a livestreamer, I was worried about using anything but a wired connection.

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Other large cities covered by Etheric Networks. Hayward, California | Salinas, California | Sunnyvale, California | San Mateo, California | Berkeley, California | Santa Clara, California. . Etheric Networks is a leading Bay Area provider of fixed wireless high-speed internet. The cost-effectiveness, rapid deployment and ROI of fixed wireless solutions make it a popular choice for businesses that must have a fast, low-latency Etheric, our team is committed to customer service, on-going support, and new technology. Sep 12,  · Etheric Networks is an Internet Service Provider based in Redwood City, California serving the San Francisco Bay Area. It specializes in high-speed Internet access .