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This means that, around How do I prepare for a good retirement? There are many factors that can influence a good retirement, for example: good medical insurance, savings, being debt-free, etc. But without a doubt, a retirement plan is a fundamental tool to help us be prepared and to have financial freedom without being tied to a job. What is a retirement plan? A retirement plan consists of regular savings in long-term diversified investments. Its purpose is to create enough assets to cover all retirement expenses.

You start this savings plan when you're young for a stipulated period, that is, from the start date of the plan, until reaching the age at which you want to retire. Contributions are normally made on a monthly basis, they are invested in formal savings instruments that offer annual growth on the investment and the retirement plan is calculated in such a way that at the end of the investment period, whoever owns it can generate income from life from accumulated assets.

This is with the purpose that, once you reach old age, you can replace the monthly income you would usually get from working a job and to maintain the same standard of living without any type of concern. What is the first thing I should know if I am thinking of starting a retirement plan? If you want to start a retirement plan, we recommend you set a goal of making a monthly contribution to this plan. The contribution will vary according to your specific saving abilities, that is, according to your income, expenses and specific objectives, there vary depending on each client: for this reason the plan must be tailor-made for you, covering your and your family's needs.

It is very important to establish a goal at the beginning to be able to measure and adjust that contribution during the saving period. You don't want to fall short and not have the time to make up for it! At KNG, we always recommend that before investing in any instrument you contact your financial advisor.

If you do not have one, KNG's main service is to offer you a free consultation to ensure that the investments you make are in line with your investor profile avoiding any type of future decapitalization. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA L. Louver 45 N. Venice Blvd. Venice, CA rdfa W. Slauson Ave. Edgewood Pl. Fairfax Ave. Brand Blvd. Raymond Ave. Almont Dr. Distribution Harkawik 3rd Ave. An Outsider. Sometimes text mentors—and, in the case of Klein is penned in thought bubbles emanating and Spoerri, her community.

Yet, an outsider? Rudick most ambitious public sculpture project, initially imagined the project as a more Tarot Garden Image courtesy of Niki Charitable Art Foundation. In looping searching for it, or something like it.

Does that mean my version —mostly paging through exhibition is only mine? Rudick behind the Renaissance Club on Sunset means for it to flow from beginning Boulevard. Afterward, Brown found Saint comes through the book, too, as, like Phalle crying, tortured by the transience the pages themselves, her brief texts of the experience she had intentionally ponder how our lives are constructed created.

None this has no bearing? The book unfolds lives while writing Sam Stephenson in a more conventionally narrative way and biographers who channeled their at first, as both Saint Phalle and Rudick little-known subjects, using archival intended.

As Saint Phalle tells us in text across drawings, letters, and illustrated often accompanied by drawings—like diary entries. Early on, she was certain and others. In the mids, after Mathews interior, feminine world. She began to paint while goddess that viewers could enter from in the psychiatric hospital. Upon between her legs and climb into using her discharge, she received a letter a ladder reaching into her stomach.

In the mids, in which she told her mother she would after the birth of her second child, never do laundry; her mother slapped she left Mathews to live alone nearby her. At Catholic school, she told the and focus on her work. She meant to nuns that Mary was more powerful return, but fell in love with the sculptor than Jesus.

Yet, she did not want to join Jean Tinguely, who would be her lover the feminist movement when younger for a decade and collaborator for life. She had imagined a painting emphasizes her isolation in her battle bleeding and wounded, with emotions against patriarchal violence, saying and sensations. She acknowledges paint and other things spaghetti, eggs! It becomes clear throughout What Is Now Known that for Saint Phalle, joining and belonging have more to do with master narratives than with the sharing of intimate lived experience.

It is as if she worries that being defined, understood, or claimed by any movement or school will limit her range of experience and expression. Yet she also sees herself as a devouring mother—does she mean then, that she is choosing to be unpopular? Catherine Wagley writes about art and visual culture in Los Angeles.

Rudick, Rudick, — Photo: Tom Haartsen. Many imagine more hopeful and equitable futures that might repair the damage of their exclusion and wonder how their creative practices serve the communities in which they live. In less nimble hands, a show largely comprised of a broad mix of principled video art, social practice, and quiet portraiture might read as plodding and time-consuming.

But across eight galleries at the Hammer and six at the ICA LA, Butler and Ellegood found the fun, the awe, and the elegiac in both time-based media and objects whose profundity relies on time unfolding. And they figured out how to make all of this resonate between the two venues. Bartana convenes a group of feminist thinkers around the seriousness of a Dr. Some objects inspired wonder because their makers seemed to have compressed the infinitude of time and space into the urgency of the here and now.

Its Black, blue leaf-headed figure stood sentinel-like as threads of silver and copper charted a networked 17 18 history of minerals, extraction, and labor, all against a black background bursting with the illusion of stardust. There is wisdom in accounting for the pain of the past at scale. Built with antacid tablets, perfume, cocoa butter, and other materials on found paper event flyers, business cards, etc.

Cheang evoked a similar sense of the fleeting with her multi-channel video. One wall featured a video of a protean figure who shapeshifted, sometimes appearing androgynous and sometimes traditionally female, while navigating a motherboard wasteland. Another projection of blood platelets flooded the floor and ceiling, magnifying the microscopic parts that keep each of us alive.

Here, the Taiwanese-American artist allegorized the technophilic capitalism that estranges women-identifying people from their bodies. But both artists practice systems-savvy and hopefulness, where the stuff of the past might not be condemned to melancholy but rather turned into possibility, and maybe even joy. The two venues also conjured two complementary types of magic: process at the Hammer and historical revision at the ICA LA. The tailors created garments that were stretched onto wooden frames to make paintings that were then slotted into an open-storage system at the center of the installation.

Three-channel digital video, color, and sound, 10 minutes. Photo: Jeff McLane. Mixed-media installation. By giving each artist or pair of artists a gallery of their own, the curators asked audiences to witness the flourishing of creative practices by people who are often overlooked: middle-aged, women-identifying artists of color. They tacitly asked visitors to consider the energy it has taken for women artists—trans, cisgender, Black, Brown, queer, among other categories of historic marginalization —to create in a world that has only begun to provide women with as many resources as are predisposed for white, cisgender, heterosexual men.

As a curatorial project, Witch Hunt suggests histories-in-the-making rather than pointing to those that are finite and settled. The exhibit evidenced a history of transformational feminist art that an increasingly monetized and insistently white male-dominated art world ignored at its peril. The show exemplified an unapologetically intersectional feminist cultural production that, thanks to the global amplification of Black Lives Matter, has become au courant for L.

Witch Hunt, built from the legacy of the aforementioned exhibitions, was a timely rejoinder to the particular traumas of the Trump presidency. And Witch Hunt demonstrated the bittersweet paradox that feminism—especially when put into practice by feminist artists— remains vital because the equity it seeks has yet to be achieved. Mixed-media installation of five sculptures. Bottom: Vaginal Davis, Mary, Mary detail Mixed-media installation, including sound and paintings on found paper.

Single-channel video projection with color and sound, 38 minutes. Image courtesy of the artist. Bottom: Minerva Cuevas, Feast and Famine installation view Mixed-media installation, dimensions variable. For, yes, it is progress that the current American vice president is a Black, South Asian, cisgender woman. Each object becomes a talisman when Rico describes how it augments the toolkits that death doulas minister for the recently deceased.

Melissa Lo is a feminist historian of early modern science, medicine, and visual culture. She writes about the politics of art, cultures of images, and histories of contentious knowledge. Accessed 6 November Black Abstraction in Motion Adee Roberson closed out her 40th year watching the sun dip below the ocean in Negril, Jamaica, where she returned for solace and grounding after closing distance time, an exhibition that was on view at Artist Curated Projects last summer.

Roberson and I met in Los Angeles in and have grown closer over the years, our connection deepening with the discovery of our mutual heritage and other intersections. Most recently, we have been spending time with each other in Jamaica, a shared point of origin. When she returned to Negril last November, I joined her on the beach and we took turns sipping mezcal on lounge chairs, lazily basking in the sun. Created in her studio in Los Angeles where she is based, the works featured pinks, oranges, and blues distinctly reminiscent of a Jamaica sky.

The greens and blues in her abstractions reflect the mountains and oceans of the various places she has lived, synchronous hues that ground her connection to the land. In many of her recent paintings, this memory merges with feeling and movement: layered, bulb-like shapes—rendered in various shades of green—echo the leaves of a mango tree, extending up its trunk and into the sky. When an overt figure is present, such as in Aquamarine —which includes a small, cutout image of Patra, a Jamaican dancehall artist, in the top left corner—it is usually a portrait of a personally significant figure or a family member.

The abstract painted works are made up of bright colors and shapes that weave together with bold chromatic contrast. The color palette is vibrant, stark, emphatic, and unreserved. The shapes are organic—a mix of hard edges and gentle curves create portals and passageways into complex realms. The paintings are a testimony, an archival practice imbued with spirituality and legacy. Historically, abstraction has been a difficult area for Black artists to find success in, as abstraction upends projected ideas of what visualized Blackness is often told to be.

Image courtesy of the artist and Artist Curated Projects. In Puriv freedom, and dispelling the myth c. Though, and lines loosely convey the building in the past, Black people may have materials, streets, and fire escapes been limited to working in ways that make up urban life. Born in West Palm Beach to an AfroIn Rules for being free Anansi 6 Jamaican mother, she has always , part of an ongoing series, been deeply connected to her diasporic a faint silhouette or shadow can be roots.

She embraces the cross sections seen within a lush, green terrain. What appears to West African spiritual teachings. Roberson, Pusey, and Johnson have traveled similar routes from Jamaica to the United States with significant stops across international art centers, their works connected by an occasionally shared color palette and by a shared sense of geographic movement, wherein their Jamaican identities have also been forced to shift and evolve.

Each found abstraction as a means of navigating the distance between themselves and their changing environments. Born and raised in Los Angeles, painter June Edmonds often experiences her abstraction as communications from the ancestors, illuminating future possibilities anchored in previous migration.

During a hurricane in Kingston last summer, Roberson recorded music using a synthesizer and a kalimba, an instrument with African origins. She understands one of her roles to be memory keeper, and her practice is a means of resisting the dilution of time. The rain pattered urgently on the roof, wind whipping through the trees and electronic notes, the cosmic and airy sounds of the inherited instrument combining in an organic, magical soundscape.

Abstraction reflects an intuitive dialogue between the Black artist and the world—one where they are free to work outside of the confines of a prescribed identity. A Vagina, a zine that platforms censorfree expression of queer and trans people of color.

Currently, her writing practice involves poetry and essays, with published work across several different platforms including gal-dem and NIKE ACG. She is based between Kingston, Jamaica, and Los Angeles. New York: Routledge.

Accessed January 10, Audio-video installation. The images are indeterminate and meditative—indistinguishable body parts swirl together in psychedelic splays. Nearby, in a radical shift of scale, a tiny, diabolic woman surrounded by flames reaches up to us from an almost vaginally-sized floor projection that a museum guard warns me not to step on. While the majority of the works on view at The Geffen have been shown before with the exception of five video installations realized specifically for the Los Angeles exhibition , for this retrospective Rist has installed them Vanessa Holyoak in a unique setting full of unexpected turns and unmoored from chronology or linearity.

Her affecting song, replete with dragging guitar chords, sets the emotional tone for the visceral video in which an array of aquatic imagery pours across the screen. This cyclical approach warps the linearity of the medium, bringing the video closer to the haptic quality of physical sensation, as well as its abstracted manifestations in both memory and dreams. This temporal warping is just one device Rist employs to shatter the substrate of the screen, in turn seeking to break us out of our technological isolation by bringing the screen into the commons and reimagining it as an experience of collectivity.

Single-channel video color, silent , spherical monitor, and elastane swimsuit, 3 minutes. Photo: Zak Kelley. Images courtesy of the artist and The Museum of Contemporary Art. Photos: Zak Kelley. Rist invites us into the personal space of dreaming in Deine Raumkapsel Your Space Capsule , a miniature bedroom in a wooden box that visitors can gaze into by climbing up a small set of stairs. By inviting us into this space, Rist reveals an intimate dreamscape wherein we might exchange subconscious visions, setting the stage for a collective reverie.

In this cultural moment, screens largely keep us apart while sustaining an addictive illusion of connection. Big Heartedness, Be My Neighbor asks whether screens, ubiquitous signifiers of our technocratic world, still have the radical potential to bring us together, to make neighbors of us.

She revolutionizes the notion of the contained screen by making pixels material, projecting her visions onto whiskey bottles or parasols. A projection onto communal red picnic tables beckons the viewer to sit, and thus temporarily become part of the swirling, abstracted plant-life beaming down. It is with this sense of dreamlike play, in the spirit of childlike curiosity that exists outside of both logic and danger, that we are encouraged to join her.

If screens can bring us together in shared experiences of trancelike wonder, perhaps we must first rethink their containers. Like figments of a collective unconscious in a shared lucid dream, these are images that are not afraid to touch. Vanessa Holyoak is an interdisciplinary writer and artist based in Los Angeles. Her art writing has appeared in Carla, Journal. Bibeau in Brooklyn, contained sculptural, liquid amalgams of cosmetic skin products and rice yeast.

The mixture of meju fermented soybeans , saltwater, jujube, oregano oil, elderberry, magnesium oxide, and over-the-counter American drugs released vaporous tendrils from eight small holes at the top of the box. Soft overtones of rot. Sea mist. Oily scalp. Otherness is olfactory, after all. I wanted [my version of] the Bride to be more like a preindustrial, Asian agricultural machine that contains the source and power in herself These ideas reorder a use-value from ancient agricultural methods in an absurd way, by dissolving contemporary health products.

But, also, the Bride Machinery has a gesture, implying her labors, constantly working and making her exertion—urine, sweat, odor. How do you see the fermented as specifically a form of feminized labor? I see the fluidity in the installation as the source or identity of the Asian female. The liquid as a living organism or substance in the main installation [The Milky Way Table] shows the mold and spawns growing, the color and smell changing, the dissolving of all kinds of pills and soybeans.

This whole process is the fermentation and the labors of entropy, just like giving birth. The living organism is maintained inside of the container, breathing in and out itself. This entropy could make a special sauce or rotten liquid, as the female identity goes into society. They may have sort of matured in the process or been tortured, exploited by the system.

HY: Yes—moms, grandmas. It happens in their homes as a group, with neighbors or friends or family. They make it at home with their peers, traditionally. And so, how does the palette resist? HY: As we know, a smell can bring forth memories. It is cultural material. In my work, I started off by fermenting scents from the microorganism in the vitrine, smells like kombucha or soybean-paste stew. These are recognizable to some people.

But then it changes into a weird, strange smell from nowhere. This kind of uncertainty or unpredictable stage as a performative quality is what I wanted to see in my installation. Things are really bound by the smell or odor. Otherwise, certain smells are not elevated in this way—smells that are always experienced in restaurants or at the Asian supermarket.

And so bringing them into this space and making art viewers all experience this arresting smell is very affecting. How do you think smell is more effective than anything else as a material for you? It gives me the chance to take on these cultural forms and interrogate them about their meaning within society.

It was the compelling and dominant presence in the factory, and I felt like it was a whole other world. I think smell is really important [in the work] because it represents the collision of desire and control in the system being decomposed or fermented. This kind of unpleasant or feminine smell baffles us.

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