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Cryptocurrency skimmer

The researchers believe that in the case of Wongs Jewellers the threat actor had added the malicious script in error. At one point, Lazarus BTC Changer was also present at a third victim, an Italian luxury clothes shop but at the time of the analysis the script had been removed from the website, the researchers say. Lazarus BTC Changer fake pay form The researchers say that the same form was used for all targets, even if it appears tailored for one victim, Realchems. The actor then used the SingleFile browser extension to save it.

Looking closer at the code, Group-IB found that it had been saved discovered another hint pointing to a Korean actor: the Korean text for Greenwich Mean Time in a comment created by SingleFiles when saving a web page, suggesting the use of a system with Korean locale.

Small campaign suggests a test run Despite the campaign starting early last year, it appears that the actor did not make much money. A set of four cryptocurrency addresses extracted from the malicious script indicate a profit. The third Bitcoin address had only one transaction from January 7 and the Ethereum wallet had been active since July and could have served other operations. The researchers tracked all outgoing transactions from the BTC addresses found in Lazarus BTC Changer samples and found that they all went to a single address.

It should be noted that there are methods and services that cybercriminals can use to hide their identity despite KYC policies. Recipients were encouraged to download the new trading bot, Gunbot attachment, but in actuality, it contained an executable that delivers Orcus Remote Access Terminal RAT malware.

RATs allow your computer or device to be controlled remotely. The attacker may even strike gold if you have any Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies that are stored on the hard drive. Miner Malware Mining cryptocurrencies takes a lot of resources and computational power. In fact, electricity is the number one operational cost to a Bitcoin miner. Compromised e-Wallets Crypto-currencies often store their value in file stores known as e-wallets.

Wallets can be compromised, manipulated, stolen, and transferred, just like any other data stored on a computer. Kaspersky Lab recently detected a new attack strain called CryptoShuffler. The technique uses simple copy-and-paste tactics to steal valuable Bitcoins from unsuspecting users, straight out of their wallets.

Fake e-Wallets Bad actors create fake e-wallets to take advantage of people new to Bitcoin and other digital currencies as they are less likely to recognize fake apps. Lookout recently discovered three fake Bitcoin wallet Android apps in the Google Play Store that trick people into sending cybercriminals Bitcoins. Some of the apps had thousands of downloads. Fortunately, Google has since pulled them from the store. But more crop up every day as the craze for cryptocurrencies hungers on.

Transfer Trojans Crypto-currency trojans monitor your computer waiting for what looks like the format of a crypto-currency account number. Unless you are aware of the switch, it will be game over if you hit the Send button. Inherent Programming Weaknesses Like any crypto implementation, the cryptologic algorithm is almost always far more sound than the program that implements it.

In general, blockchaining can suffer from a programming bug or lack of good private key security or Bitcoin wallets which will it turn compromise the whole system. So, before you use a cryptocurrency or get involved in a blockchain project, make sure the software programmers are applying secure development lifecycle SDL processes to minimize bugs.

And, protect your private crypto keys as you would the key to your house, or better yet, your safe. Known Plaintext Crib Attacks Good crypto makes the resulting cryptotext look like random gibberish. Theoretically, a crypto-attacker should not be able to figure out what the original plaintext looked like.

With any blockchain technology, however, the format of the blocks is not a secret and can be easy to figure out. Certain letters, characters, or numbers are always in the same places in every block. Plus, every block is a function of the previous block. This weakens the overall protection of the underlying encryption cipher. Weak SHA? Many security experts wonder if SHA, which contains the same mathematical weaknesses as its shorter, very much related SHA-1 precedent, is a concern for Bitcoin and blockchain both usually use SHA

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