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Card index betting

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When a player is sent off having already been shown a yellow card, 35 points are added to the total. Your bet is based upon how many total booking points you think there will be in a particular match. Booking Points Calculator You can use the Booking Points Calculator below to access booking points statistics for various football teams and leagues based on each season or overall. This information can be very useful when determining the best booking points bets to place. Simply select a team or league from the drop-down list below to get started.

Note: For some teams where full information for all games is not available, we have added only the most recent information available. For example, there cannot be 27 or 42 points. Then simply place your bet accordingly. For example, if you think a red card will be shown, there only need to be one yellow card to take the total booking points to over You would bet on this market if two teams were playing each other which have the capabilities of scoring a lot of goals but also tend to concede a lot.

With booking points, you need to look at which teams receive the most cards. Crystal Palace would have to receive at least two more cards than Manchester United for the bet to be successful. Manchester United would have to receive more, or the same number of cards as Crystal Palace for the bet to win. Asian Handicaps are also commonly offered, and with these bets, if the outcome ends in a draw, then your stake is refunded.

Player to be Booked This is a very straightforward market. Wagering on a player to be booked will be successful if your selection is shown a yellow or red card. To get even tastier odds, you can place on which player will be booked first. There is no magic formula, but by doing a little research and betting with a little common sense, you can greatly increase your chances of winning.

The things you should look at before placing your wager include: 1 Recent Form The simplest place to start is often the best. Check out how each team has been doing in terms of bookings in the last few months to get a general idea of their form in the regard. There are a bunch of great websites that will help you do this. Are they a side who gets booked often? If so, is this the case for the team in general, or are there specific players who make up the majority of these bookings?

The key thing to take away here is to get a general overview of how each team usually performs in terms of bookings. Once you have this, we can start to investigate a little more about how other factors could affect these results. Whether or not these players are in the game you are looking at will be absolutely vital to the kind of bet you should make. All in all, it is crucial to consider the lineup carefully when making a prediction, and not to treat teams as a singular entity.

Different styles often yield different results in booking points. For instance, if a team has been playing a mostly defensive side and are now facing a much more aggressive opponent, the results from those previous couple of months may be less relevant than if their opponents were more consistent in play style. The best way of figuring this out is probably to go back and look at the last couple of times these teams faced, especially if it was a relatively recent match-up.

It will affect everything from style to the lineup. For instance, imagine if you are betting on a high-stakes match between two title contenders. Emotions will be running high, the atmosphere will be electric, and both teams will be give everything to win.

Another way in which this can hugely impact the outcome is whether there is a personal rivalry between the teams. A derby with a lot of history such as Manchester United vs Manchester City — or Arsenal vs Tottenham — could create a more volatile playing style, meaning more cards are likely to be brandished. We all know that the rules remain the same but how strictly these rules are enforced does change — in some cases quite significantly, depending on the referee for the game.

Football stats will show you that there is a big difference between someone like Michael Oliver and Lee Probert. Some referees, for instance, often blow their whistle for a foul, but are lenient on the cards. Getting to know the quirks of the referee is our secret weapon for best utilising card and booking point markets.

That said, most stats display the average per game only. As you can imagine, things usually get heated up in the second half, when the team that is behind starts to play more aggressively for example, or if the winning side starts to defend more aggressively. And we all know certain players who tend to get frustrated more towards the end. It is actually very hard to find stats that compare yellow cards in the first half to the total number of yellow cards, but a study has shown that Advantages of Match Booking Points: We know how booking points work, and we know some ways to make our bets that bit more effective.

But why exactly should we choose this type of market above others? Just look at the amount of markets available to you. This type of lens can give you a unique perspective and appreciation for the beautiful game.

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