trend lines forex strategy
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Trend lines forex strategy

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Trend Lines In An Uptrend Just because price comes close to the trend line, you will need some type of trade trigger or price action to get you into the trade. Also know these are general rules. There are a few ways to draw your trend line and the key is consistency! Every market, every Forex currency pair, they all have a rhythm to them. There will be times where price is following a general path and at other times, it will establish a different rhythm.

It is this rhythm we are looking to exploit. On this chart, you can see there are several trend lines drawn. This is due to a change in the state of the market as indicated by the arrows. At various points on this chart, the market will thrust to the upside, find a price point, consolidate, and push off again. Fanned Trend Lines That is the nature of each and every market and as a technical analysis tool, the simple trend line can show you , objectively, when this occurs.

What is also common, and you can prove this to yourself, is often times pullbacks in price are similar in price between each of them. Trading With Trend Lines The most common method of trend line trading is using them as support or resistance and trading the reversal off of either of them. Buying Trend Line Bounce For Buying A Trend Line Bounce Draw an upward trend line connecting a minimum of 2 higher lows or higher swing lows Wait for price to come come and touch the trend line at some stage down the future Place a buy stop order pips above the high of the candlestick that touches the trend line Place your stop loss pips below the low of that candlestick Place your pofit targets on previous significant lower swing highs or peaks that you see on the chart.

To summarize the buy off the trend line, connect two points and wait for the third touch for the trading opportunity. For Selling A Trend Line Bounce Draw a downward trendline connecting a minimum of 2 lower highs or lower swing highs Wait for price to come come and touch the trendline at some stage down the future Place a sell stop order pips above the low of the candlestick that touches the trendline Place your stop loss pips above the high of that candlestick Place your pofit targets on previous significant higher swing lows trougs that you see on the chart.

Selling Trend Lines The selling is the exact opposite of the buying — Look to trade the third touch of the trend line. There are 2 ways that trend line breaks can equal a trading opportunity Trade a longer term trend reversal Trade short term trend line breaks to get on the longer term trend Here we have a down trend and we fanned the trend line due to the strong pushes down in price. Trading Trend Line Breaks Each time price pulls back towards the resistance trend line, we draw a support trend line on the pullback.

The trade is on the break of the trend line. On the far right of the chart, you can see the main trend line has broken. What do we do now? We wait to see price retrace to test the former resistance trend line. Will it become support? For sell: Set the stop loss above the candlestick.

Profit Target: For buy: target the previous resistance. For sell: target the previous support The Tips: Further confirmation 1 — Combine the trend line strategy with candlestick patterns. The yellow highlight on the chart shows a pin bar pattern. It is one of the candlestick pattern that indicates a reversal. Notice the price bounce back up tremendously. Oversold area indicates weakness of selling. You will like this!

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Trend lines forex strategy No longer do you have to manually draw and update trendlines on your chart. A Stop-Loss order can be placed pips under the yellow trend line. This time frame is used because a trend was already identified in step one on the 4 hours and 1 hour time frames. This is just to get another perspective of this downtrend. How to use trend lines in trading How do you trade a trend line?
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