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Sasha evdakov forexpros

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We were by no means rich Americans at this point. Seeing them all sweaty in their outfits and loud machinery at a young age scared me! It is because of what she said that day when I started school I showed up one to two hours early every day to my first grade class. Between the life experience in Siberia and moving to Florida really motivated me to be better and extremely focused.

It is because of these experiences that over the next decade I spend countless hours learning, studying, reading, and watching training videos on business, growth, and development. One of friends and future college roommate worked on the jingle while I designed the CD cover. At the time we had a basic computer, but working on a few design programs I managed to design a CD cover.

It was from there where things started to move. I was like any other kid at the time — I enjoyed playing and that involved playing video games as well. Then slowly moving to banner ads as the demand came and then websites. With time I built a big enough client base and I went into marketing and search engine promotion. If you built a website — people would come. Before I was a teenager I was already making a few thousand dollars per year.

He sold diamonds and jewelry directly to stores, but he wanted to bring more exposure to his business. Alan and I then worked on creating an eCommerce website where I did the development work and he handled the customers. I continued to do design and development work for clients as well as managing this blog business under an alias Frank Fisher. This capital allowed me to accelerate my investments and trading quickly… and it is what set things in motion for the next leg in my life.

Getting Into Trading or Investing I become interested in stocks, investing, and trading during my teenage years. My mom at the time worked as a private health care nurse and each time she visited the older patients they would watch and read about stocks. This intrigued her curiosity and she wanted to try it her self. Since she was not as technically savvy she asked for my help.

She would then make the stock picks or tell me what to do, while I executed the trades on the computer. This was nearly at the same time as I was growing my online business in web development and I decided to invest some money myself under my moms account. Right before I went to college, my online business was growing and I had a significant amount of money for a person my age.

I had my own trading account and investments, but I was still a naive trader. During my college time, I spent years studying the markets because that loss was significant and a wake up call! It took me a few years to build my mentality back to confident levels after studying hundreds of books, courses, and individuals. So all these things continued to move forward. It was all just day trading. Trading bigger Later as time ticks, we get into a little bit of bigger stocks, you could say we started getting more comfortable, and this was right around where things grew.

And this was a multiyear leg that the market moved to the upside. Everybody wins in a bull market And what happens in a bull market? We were trading right here during this time frame and I guess you could say we thought we knew better. We started to go a little bit bigger and we started to go a little bit larger in the positions doing some trading, and at the time my mom started to grow some of her own computer savviness, so she started to execute her own trades, and then right around this region or time frame, since my business grew, I deposited and started my own account.

This is where I started trading on my own. And most of these things I bought off of eBay, back at the time or during this time there was not YouTube at the time, so just a lot of books, a lot of VHS, a lot of videos and then DVDs started to come out, so I got some of those as well, I just started to learn as much as I could.

Going to college Then when I went to college right here, I went into marketing, which was not very helpful for me personally. I did do some studying from time to time on the trading, but for me personally I wanted to get out of college as quick as possible, so I took about 22 — 24 credit hours per term. From then on, this is where I went more into selling my businesses and got more money. Once I got more money, I was able to trade larger.

This allowed me to play some of the bigger companies, buy more shares, trade more, also right around this same time frame, I got a little more interested in option trading. I heard about options right around my early years, probably I would say a few years later, after getting started in trading, I probably heard about options, somewhere around here. Getting better at trading Right around this time, after I started getting to trade a little bit larger, I got a mentor and started looking at these social networks, I started to look at all these books that I read, all these VHS, these different platforms, getting and acquiring knowledge because I had these funds that I earned and acquire through my other businesses.

Stop chasing Day trading back here was all about attention and focus into the markets, it was all about buying that stock that day, selling it later, quick games, quick money, I was chasing after the money. Absolutely not. For me personally I enjoy swing trading after it registered in my mind that holding the stock for not just one day, or six and a half hours, but holding it for multiple days, holding it for weeks, this is where you really get that bigger money.

This is where you get the bigger profits. Swing trade is something I could relate to, and it gave me a lot more time freedom. It allowed me to teach, because I enjoyed teaching and connecting with people. Keep learning Similar to how I did it in the martial arts. And will I do day trading from time to time? And then for the next stage you need to do this x, y and z.

The quickest path right there was just to jump in and do it. Imagine you want to become a doctor And I like to use the example of the exam thing in terms of the medical school, or the doctors. And one of the best ways to do that is to mentor with the medicine man; to mentor with the other doctor.

So the quickest distance to become that doctor or that MD really in that tribe was to go to the mentorship, the apprentice and learn with that other person. Or to see what is it that you can actually do, rather than ask for your degree. And that is just because things are moving much more rapidly in society and a lot slower in the educational systems. Writing a book For you, figure out that path, what is it that you need to get to where you want to be? If this is where you want to get to, if this is your end destination, figure out that distance, that path, as quick as possible.

When in fact, in reality, if you just open up Microsoft word, start typing and the go through the next stage and the next stage and the next stage, upload it to amazon, they take care of all that for you. And how quickly can you get there when it comes to your trading? Listen to the people that make sense to you Thanks for sticking with me and reading my story. Start looking at things in multiple ways and perspectives, look at all the different tears and levels that you have personally in your own life and those experiences.