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Eagleville investing

Overall Niche neighborhood gradeThis neighborhood is a desirable place to live! See details Awning Agent Humberto Marquez : Humberto has four years of real estate experience prior to working for Awning. He has helped hundreds of clients across multiple real estate markets with buying properties and actively invests himself.

Feel free to ask him any questions you have about Awning, investing, or any listing. Note from Humberto The advisor has not left any notes on this property. Manage Our property management services include: Simple Communication Unanswered emails? Confusing phone trees? Convenient Online Owner Access Financial documents, maintenance histories, and other information about managed properties are all available in our Online Owner Portal. Professional Building Inspection Interior and exterior property inspections are completed in each unit to check the electrical systems, roof, etc.

After every unit is inspected we develop a status report and provide this to the owner of exactly what condition each unit is in. This attentiveness reduces the cost of maintenance by instructing tenants on how to handle problems until a professional arrives. On-Time Rent Collection Rent is considered late on the 5th and by the 7th we post a notice to the property.

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