brian tracy investing in gold
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Brian tracy investing in gold

He teaches people how to recapture time, and turn it into money. I had the opportunity to talk to Tracy about his upcoming all day seminar with the legendary Og Mandino. It has more to do with the person you are, than the things you do.

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Lived poor, the parents were unable to feed many children, and they often were hungry. To help his family, Brian dropped out of school and joined the trades and then joined the service as a sailor. He stayed on the ship for eight years and returned to his family when he was The young man, who was already fully mature, decided to try his hand at investment activities, and got a job as a sales agent. This is the rule that the aspiring businessman followed.

He actively studied the basics of business and psychology, communicated with people and even took lessons in public speaking. All the knowledge Brian gained used in practice to see if they worked or not. Thanks to this assertiveness the young man fairly quickly gets a large number of friends and clients. Management noticed his zeal, and made him a sales manager. As a result, at the age of 25 Tracy became a vice-president of the company. Five years later, the businessman decided to pursue his dream and enrolled in university.

After graduation, Brian was offered a position in a large company, and he accepted. However, he admitted that he plots to slow down soon due to his age, but cannot stay at home all day when he could be inspiring thousands of people. He is a high school drop-out During his upbringing, Brian never had the pleasure of enjoying any luxuries. His family had continuous money problems because his father could not sustain working regularly.

Brian and his three brothers never had the luxury of wearing good clothes, and they mostly depended on charity. This situation forced Brian to quit high school and start working hard labor jobs to put food on the table and sustain his family. He adds that coming from a low-income family, the only thing he thought about is how to be successful and provide his children with the life that he never had. He loves traveling Even before he could afford the luxurious travels that he can afford now, Brian Tracy enjoyed traveling and touring around the world.

When he was 20 years old, Brian moved out of Canada and started journeying via North of America towards England. He traveled for a total of eight years while passing through France, Spain and to the Sahara Desert where he almost died due to acute weather conditions. Brian, however, did not stop there; he toured South Africa and stayed there for two years. He left South Africa and headed to Europe and then to the Middle East where he passed through Singapore and settled in Thailand for two years.

Brian Tracey has visited more than 80 countries in his lifetime. The virtues have played a key role in achieving the success he has attained in his career. At the age of 30, Brian decided to set his goals straight and went back to school; he applied for a learning position at The University of Alberta.

The configurations help people gain insights on how to maximize their potential and achieve success. Brian Tracy speaks four languages It seems like Brian loves speaking and is always working on expanding his talking boundaries and capabilities. Perhaps this is the reason why the commended motivational speaker is fluent in four languages, and his objective is to learn 72 languages.

He has read over books Tracy is thirsty for knowledge since he has read more than books on various topics such as economics, history, and psychology. He previously stated that he starts his days by doing some spiritual reading and spares about four hours a day to reading his favorite books. Brian admits that most of his intelligence can be credited to reading books and advises young people who wish to be successful to read more often. Brian, however, refuted these claims and stated that luck does not exist; only probabilities do.

He emphasized that working hard and mastering your art increases the likelihood of achieving what you desire and luck does not have anything to do with being successful. He is a cancer survivor In , Brian visited his doctor for a nasal drip only to find out that he had developed a cancerous tumor measuring the size of a line in his throat. After a deep scale diagnosis, the doctors ascertained that Brian had a stage three cancer despite him not feeling any soreness or blockage in his throat before.

He immediately began chemotherapy, and after seven weeks of attending chemo sessions, the tumor responded well to treatment and shrank significantly. He recalls wearing a pump that injected in him cancer-killing medicine after every 90 seconds for four days and led to his hair dropping.

Five days after completing his chemotherapy sessions, Brian started touring in the U. He is married with four children Brian met his wife Barbara Tracy in The University of Alberta when he was doing his master degree. The two have been married since and are blessed with four children.

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