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Postponed football matches betting on sports super bowl betting topics to talk

Postponed football matches betting on sports

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Before we dive into the main bulk of this article we do want to add a disclaimer: some bookies will differ in how the proceed in these situations. As ever, if you are unsure, our advice is to contact the bookmaker directly to get an official ruling. However, this article will show you what you need to look out for and the information within could also be a factor when deciding which bookmaker you want to bet with.

Abandoned Matches An abandoned match is where the game did get under way but then failed to finish. This means that the game has officially kicked off before an event has occurred serious enough for the referee to call a halt to the proceedings and shut it down. There are a number of reasons why games get abandoned, but the most common is the good old British weather. Waterlogged pitches from excessive rainfall, and even snow, are two of the most likely candidates here.

Games can get started under pretty ropey conditions, but if the conditions worsen pitches can become unsafe or unplayable. Other reasons can include things like crowd trouble and even major injuries to players. There have been several cases of this in the past few years and we talk more about a couple of these later in this piece. Any markets or bets that have already been settled will remain settled and your bet will have either won or lost. For example, if you place a bet on the correct score of but in the 75th minute the game is abandoned for a waterlogged pitch, the market has not yet been settled so the bet will go down as void and you will get your money back.

However, if you place a bet on the first goalscorer in that same match and a goal has been scored before the game is abandoned, then your bet will stand as the market has been settled. There may be times where players are removed from the field of play for an extended period of time. If this happens, the game is essentially still active, but bookmakers state that the game will need to be completed by midnight local time or it will be classed as abandoned.

This may seem a ridiculous rule to include, but in places like Spain they often play games quite late at night with 10pm kick offs, meaning that they cut this timeframe very close even without stoppage time in play. Postponed Matches A postponed match is where the game never gets started and no markets ever go live at the original starting time. The starting time is the important thing here as this is what differentiates a postponed match from a cancelled match.

A postponed match is one that at some point will need to be replayed. For example, if a Premier League match gets postponed before the start of the game, then at some point down the line it will need to be rescheduled, otherwise these two teams will play one less game than everyone else and the contest will be unfair.

Postponements can also occur for a number of different reasons. Crowd trouble at the start of the game is fairly common, but the most common has to be… yet again… that of the weather. The rules for postponed bets are a little more varied from bookmaker to bookmaker, and this is because the games will still be going ahead.

Most bookies will carry existing bets across to the rearranged date and time, so long as that game is played within 48 hours. However, if the game is not rearranged within 48 hours or the date has not been confirmed within 3 hours of the original start time, then the bookmaker will void all bets on that market and punters will get their stake back.

Obviously if you think what the bookie has done is wrong then you should contact them but we advise checking the rules first as there may often be a relatively simple explanation. That said, we can talk generally about the two different scenarios, and what tends to be the process when dealing with your bets. Postponements are a little more straightforward than abandonments because the picture is typically a little clearer. Generally speaking one of two things will happen: either the bet will be voided and you will get your stake back; or the bet will carry forward to the rescheduled event and stand as normal.

Most of the time, with most bookies, the factor that will impact upon which of these two things happen is when the event is rescheduled for. This is very much the point at which things differ from one bookie to the next. Whilst one site may void bets unless the rearranged fixture is played within 24 hours, another may allow 48 hours, 72 hours or even a week or more. Equally, further restrictions may exist, such as the new date being confirmed within a certain timeframe.

Again, this can vary quite significantly, with some betting sites requiring that the new date is fixed prior to the original kick-off, others that it is sorted within three hours, and others allowing 24 hours or more. An abandoned game is one where the match begins but for some reason is not completed in the normal way, at the same time and place. Normally a match must finish by midnight local time in order to be classed as completed, though this, again, varies from one betting site to another.

A less depressing abandonment came more recently when a Sunderland v Fulham game was stopped after 21 minutes because of heavy snow. Whatever the reason, and there are many more possible causes of an abandoned match, this is a real nightmare for players, fans, administrators, punters and bookies. If your bet had already been unconditionally settled it will typically be allowed to stand.

Examples of this can be seen below: Bet on Pele to score first — Pele scores first and then at some stage after this the game is abandoned: bet wins Bet on draw at half time — at half time the home team are ahead but the game is abandoned in the second half: bet loses Bet on BTTS and over 2. Equally obviously, it is less great if you backed the hosts in the same scenario.

Some bookmakers may not void all bets if an official result is declared, although this is rare, with abandoned contests usually subject to a replay further down the line. If the rescheduled match is played within a short amount of time, bets may stand, as with postponed fixtures.