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Ethereum youtube channel

The trend was pointed out Monday by esports commentator Rod Breslau. But while the Twitter breach was the result of hackers gaining access to Twitter's internal tools and systems, it's possible that each hacked YouTube channel was taken over separately, without hackers compromising YouTube's internal tools.

Nonetheless, hacked channels promoting Bitcoin scams appears to be pervasive on YouTube. A YouTube spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but some hacked channels were disabled shortly after Business Insider asked YouTube about them. The channels highlighted by Breslau aren't the only ones that appear to have been compromised.

Those changes were made recently — the channel's social media links show that it originally belonged to a Croatian gaming YouTuber who was promoting his YouTube channel as recently as yesterday. A YouTube channel that was apparently hacked was promoting a Bitcoin scam as of Tuesday morning. In a video explaining the hack, MarcoStyle said his channel was compromised after he was tricked into clicking a malicious phishing link in an email. Fake Elon Musk videos are streaming on YouTube to dupe people with cryptocurrency scams.

But the reality is that all such YouTube videos are fake! There is a whole network of cybercriminals who have uploaded fake Elon Musk videos on YouTube to scam viewers. So, how is this Elon Musk scam being powered on YouTube? Fraudsters are hacking YouTube accounts and promoting fraudulent cryptocurrency giveaways with fake videos. Thousands of people watched these bogus videos this month, according to BBC.

For months, a number of individuals have been duped into transferring cryptocurrencies to criminals via these video live stream on YouTube for months.

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Dec 19,  · Thank you all for understanding what happened, I appreciate the support and I really want to push this information out for everyone to see. The fact they wer. State channels allow participants to securely transact off-chain while keeping interaction with Ethereum Mainnet at a minimum. Channel peers can conduct an arbitrary number of off Missing: youtube. Check Ethereum [ETH] YouTube statistics and Real-Time subscriber count. Discover daily channel statistics, earnings, subscriber attribute, relevant YouTubers and videos.