bakutbilisiceyhan btc pipeline
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Bakutbilisiceyhan btc pipeline crypto coins graphic

Bakutbilisiceyhan btc pipeline

The pipeline, inaugurated in July and dubbed the "energy project of the century," carries Azerbaijani oil from the Caspian Sea, in addition to volumes from other countries in the region like Russia and Kazakhstan. A total of 4, tankers have operated at the Haydar Aliyev Marine Terminal during the pipeline's nearly 15 years of operation. In , In , that figure was Last year, the company shipped the most barrels in April despite the worldwide lockdowns that decreased the energy needs, reporting Qoraboyev sees politics behind the Russian court ruling.

Kazakhstan, most of whose oil exports reached European markets through Russia's Black Sea ports, seeks alternative routes like Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline to ensure its petroleum to reach the West. Kazakhstan has pursued a neutral stance on the Russian offensive on Kiev and rejected the recognition of pro-Russian breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine as independent states.

But the Russian pressure is not working, experts say. Last month, the Kazakh president refused to receive the Order of Alexander Nevsky, a prestigious award, which is given to Russian citizens with a distinguished civil service record. Differences between Kazakhstan and Russia and security concerns in the Black Sea have forced the Tokayev government to explore alternatives like the BTC pipeline to transport its oil to European markets.

Inaugurated in , the BTC pipeline is primarily used to ship Azerbaijani oil. But the Kazakh oil has been pumped through the BTC pipeline on a few occasions, says a senior Turkish energy ministry official, who wants to stay anonymous.

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Throughput capacity — one million barrels per day from March to March Since March it has been expanded to 1. On 23 March , BTC reached a significant milestone by loading the th tanker of oil transported from the Sangachal terminal near Baku across Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey to Ceyhan. Since the 1, km BTC pipeline became operational in June till the end of the second quarter of , it carried a total of 3.

In the first half, around million barrels more than In addition, other volumes of Caspian regional crude oil and condensate continue to be transported via BTC. The pipeline throughput capacity is one million barrels of oil per day. The BTC pipeline facilities include.. It is an incorporated joint venture company made up of 11 shareholders and managed by BP, its largest shareholder.

Approximately 10 million barrels of oil were required to fill the line. The first tanker export of crude which had travelled through the line was on 4 June,

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