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Ethereal knives build

Well, your choice. Gear Levelling Gear You can use any levelling gear, and if you're doing this a leaguestart, you want to get MS on the boots, attack speed on the bow and a quiver with life. You want evasion bases. EK gear This is just an example of gear that you could use. Obviosuly a 6L Kintsugi is expensive and is more of a stretch goal, but you can just as easily use a 6L Assassin's garb with life, resists and life regen to counteract the degen from blood rage.

Obviously make sure your resists are capped before you start mapping. Jewels Cluster Jewels We want to use cluster jewels since they give a huge amount of damaage and can allow us to use more auras, as well as getting other buffs. These are some examples of what you're looking for.

They are kind of expensive, so they should be gotten later league. Prefferably you want: life, cast speed, crit strike multi and any other mod. Corrupted blood immunity can be gotten with these. I wanted to play an EK build, but i couldnt find one to my satisfaction, so i decided to make my own.

Why do we use Toxic Rain to level? EK is rather uncomfortable to level with because of its mana cost and low single-target. Numbers-wise, the damage difference between the two is quite small, generally learning very slightly towards crit chance depending on your current gear, but even if it were to be a slight damage loss, it would probably still be worth taking crit chance over multi simply due to how much smoother it feels to play.

When linked with increased duration, you'll have around seconds to pump damage into it after you cast it before it 'turns on' and starts targetting enemies and dealing a percentage of the damage you dealt to it to enemies in an AoE around it. I also tend to throw it out during sustained spawn mechanics such as harbinger packs, ritual, etc. You can see the shield that I have which is a really solid option, and will likely be the most common for most HCSSF players' budgets.

A more common but decent early option to go for would be a Ahn's Heritage, though I wouldn't stick with it for the endgame shield. Craftable affixes consist of Prefixes and Suffixes. These affixes have Tiers that determine the strength of their rolls. Item level is important because higher tier affixes are locked behind higher item levels. However, they are ABLE to roll higher tier modifiers, so getting higher item level bases is always desirable, but not necessarily mandatory outside of certain key pieces of equipment.

You can check required item levels as well as possible affix rolls and the likelihood to roll them A. Learning to navigate this site will help you progress much faster on your crafting journey in PoE! So there's a TON of different ways to craft your endgame wand. I'm going to start by listing my suggested priority order. The game absolutely vomits hundreds of quality gems at us this patch, especially when utilizing the new influence altars that increase gem drops.

If not, scrap the wand and restart. If you hit it, then you'll regal. If the regal orb hits one of the affixes you've past the hard part and you should have your endgame wand. From here you'll just multi-mod and put on the 2 affixes you are missing. From here you regal orb and hit an acceptable tier of flat lightning to spells. Now you multi-mod benchcraft and put on crit multi and spell damage.

Finally you can slam with an exalt to fill your last suffix slot and prayge for crit chance or another decent suffix. Rage Essences are also really good if you don't need the dexterity, as getting more strength is more crit chance for the build. But it's important to note that crafting in this game will take practice to truly understand.

As with most things dealing with PoE, knowledge and experience are king.

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Ethereal knives build They are kind of expensive, so they should be gotten continue reading league. The self-chunking might make you uncomfortable at first but you can pop your life flask as you hit it and instantly top yourself off. When linked with increased duration, you'll have around seconds to pump damage into it after you cast it before it 'turns on' and starts targetting enemies and dealing a percentage of the damage you dealt to it to enemies in an AoE around it. Remove Chain and go ethereal knives build to Fork 6. Your 6th link is Pinpoint Support, if you decide to use ring of blades the threshold jewel for EK as soon as possible I do not recommend doing this then you'll want to prioritize pinpoint higher, as you don't have enough projectiles to comfortably clear without it if you're shooting in a nova.
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Will I need some fancy gems or items? What about DPS? At level 60 in mediocre gear, for reference. How about survivability? I like to use a Granite or two to keep myself safe while herding packs. How does your current gear look? Pretty crap, lots of improvements can be made, but I had nothing in default when I started again. How does it look in action? Also managed to run into two Physical Reflect Necros in a row.

I find a lot of the time some choices come down to taste. Always assuming skill point from Bandits in this build. Level 73 — More mana and crit After this you are close to additional ES, cast speed, mana as well as crit multiplier and spell damage in the middle. You can also get a large amount of ES on shield and block next to Elemental Equilibrium.

Crown of the Inward Eye is just a very solid item that gives a lot of damage and survivability. If you can afford a Bottled Faith, that is a huge damage boost, aswell as a Watcher's Eye with flat crit from Hatred. Other than that just get life and resists and a little bit of ES because we do get free ES regen from our ascendancy so might aswell put it to use. If you choose to do so I would recommend putting in Faster Projectiles for better clear, or Hypothermia for more damage.

You can use Herald of Purity instead of Ice for more dps, or even a Herald of Thunder with a curse on hit setup if you prefer. Vitality is not really necessary if you're struggling with mana, I mostly use it to get leech from my Watcher's Eye with the mod "Damage leeched as Life while affected by Vitality".

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[HCSSF] Ethereal Knives Inquisitor Build Diary Ep.1 and Build Breakdown [PoE 3.17 Archnemesis]

Jul 09,  · 2/10 Elementalist Cold Ethereal Knives Build The Elementalist ascendancy class from the With class has a powerful build utilizing the Ethereal Knives ability, which is excellent for. AdHarness your inspiration and charge forward, design a knife that shows who you are. It starts with a spark, is honed by experience, and etched into reality. Ethereal Knives are used as the only Damaging ability, combined with Flame Dash for faster movement the build has quite good clear speed. During boss fights use Tornado to boost your DPS, link it with Culling Strike and Onslaught for enhanced performance. For a Guard Spell use Molten Shell or Steelskin, dependin See more.