shops that accept ethereum
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Shops that accept ethereum

Its number punch system lets you easily record up to 24 recovery words to back up your cryptocurrency hardware wallet in five minutes and HODL in peace forever. Edit and manage your venue details and promote your business to thousands of Coinmap users.

Simple Search Our unified single line search bar allows you to quickly search for venues by name or address. Not looking for anything specific? View all the cryptocurrency merchants and ATMs around you. Verified and Rated Coinmap is based on community feedback. Recently visited a venue listed on Coinmap? Give it a quick rating and help other Coinmap users. Zoom in to discover places nearby, or zoom out to see how Bitcoin conquers the world.

Remember when only a few stores had POS machines used for card payments? Chances are that, within a few years, paying with Ethereum might be just as common as contactless payments are now. But what about retailers? There are plenty of stores that accept Ethereum, both online and offline.

Moreover, the list is constantly updated as more and more companies allow you to pay with Ethereum; check back to stay in the loop. Planning to spend some Bitcoin, too? Try our list of companies that accept Bitcoin. Want to buy some Ethereum? Click here to get your crypto at Paybis! Thanks to them, the range of things you can buy using Ethereum is extremely diverse.

Online Stores that Accept Ethereum Many projects in this category are just traditional marketplaces that accept both traditional money and cryptocurrencies. The large majority of those stores built on either Shopify or WooComerce — the two e-commerce giants that together power over 4 million stores.

Each of these platforms allows stores to accept Ethereum by using several gateways. Other marketplaces in this section are geared exclusively towards the crypto community and accept only digital currencies. Online electronics retailer accepting a wide variety of cryptos, including ETH, and offering free worldwide shipping.

One-stop-shop for DIY enthusiasts. The place to go for some NFTs! OpenSea offers all kinds of digital art and crypto collectibles. Blockchain-based marketplace for augmented and virtual reality properties. An open peer-to-peer marketplace that connects sellers directly to buyers and accepts cryptocurrency payments.

Interesting to know Amazon, the biggest online retailer, does not yet accept Ethereum. For some strange reason, they not yet followed the path of WooCommerce and Shopify in this regard. Amazon is cautious and wants to be on the safe side. But a solution is coming! It will be fast, cheap and completely independent from the marketplace itself. We will have to wait and see. Shop with Ethereum for Your Holidays Find the best deals in air travel and buy your tickets with crypto!

Pay for your holidays with crypto: book your flight, hotel and car rental, all at one place. Lithuanian travel aggregator accepting crypto payments Celebrate your crypto success in style: rent a private jet. Cryptocurrencies accepted as payment. Online aggregator of parking services in US airports accepting payments in crypto. Looking for the perfect opportunity to celebrate ETH hitting your price target? Boatsters Black offers luxury yacht charters, with Ethereum payments accepted.

A hotel rental platform offering destinations around the world and accepting payments in popular cryptocurrencies. Curious fact Expedia, which started to accept BTC in , dropped it in — Apparently, they did so because of its extreme volatility. And some of them are already Ethereum-friendly! They may not be the cheapest on the market, but they offer major advantages such as: Anonymity: all that is required is your email address.

Your personal data will never be leaked to a third party. A hosting service offering a full range of services, from simple shared hosting to dedicated servers. Set up your website and pay in Ethereum! An affordable hosting provider accepting payments in Ethereum and other popular cryptocurrencies.

UAE-based hosting provider offering VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and domain names, Hostsailor accepts payments in dozens of cryptos. Affordable web hosting with crypto payment option. Hosting provider with UK-based data centers and site builder tools. An independent provider with data centers in Dallas, Seattle and London. Web hosting provider with data centers in the US and Europe. Privacy-focused hosting provider that accepts payments in a wide variety of cryptos.

Another hosting provider with a focus on privacy, boasting offshore servers that allow it to ignore DMCA complaints. Accepting Ethereum as a form of payment is a great argument in favor of a hosting provider. You can use a free online ranking tool to see how the provider compares to major companies. You should aim for at least

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You have access to reading the Forum, except for private areas. You must respect other users in all of these areas under the penalty of being banned from them if you don't. You have the right to express yourself without offending other users. From standard grain-free recipes to premium ferret food. You can browse a large assortment of products on the website and choose the ones you need.

Perhaps, your dog wishes to have its own bed? Or your cat wants a personal bathing system installed in the bathroom? No matter what wish your favorite pet has, Pet Pro Supply Co. On the website, you can find a pizza shop located right next to your house or simply in your vicinity. Moreover, the pizza store itself does not need to accept crypto.

Essentially, you simply need to type in your address on PizzaForCoins, pick the right location, and place your meals in the cart. After you pay with crypto, PizzaForCoins relays your order to the shop, and then your pizza gets delivered to your door.

VPS hosting is not the only specialty of Snel. This Dutch company also provides domain services, so you can pick the right name for your future website at Snel. The payment process at Snel. The company has its own Snelwallet, so you can keep your funds in it and pay without using your cryptocurrency wallet each time you want to renew your hosting subscription. The company features coffee from different regions on the planet, including Brazil, Tanzania, and Costa Rica.

You can also get yourself a CBD chocolate bar. Beliani accepts Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies as payment. Beliani has several branches in Europe, so If you live in European countries or the UK, it is an excellent store where you can buy furniture with Ethereum. Beliani guarantees free shipping and does not charge its clients extra money for returns.

Tapjets Tapjets is one of the biggest private jet booking platforms worldwide. Tapjets lets its clients instantly charter a private jet at the lowest price possible and go straight to their desired location. It is a great choice for crypto investors who have made their millions and now want to travel the world in comfort.

At Tapjets, when booking private charter flights, you earn special rewards, which you can then redeem to get free flights. Tapjets features multiple cryptocurrency payment options, and Ethereum is certainly on the list. So, if you ever find yourself desperately wanting to get to the other side of the planet in a couple of hours, Tapjets is who you need to call.

It provides shared hosting solutions with an unlimited amount of domains and email accounts. The service also offers virtual private servers that allow clients to choose their custom configuration. Moreover, the company does not require its clients to share any of their personal information. You can also choose your hosting plan and then increase the number of your servers as your hosting needs grow.

FlokiNET accepts Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. With the help of Peddler. The marketplace features products from hundreds of retailers in Amsterdam, so you are guaranteed to find everything you want. In , Peddler. Unfortunately, the service operates only in Amsterdam. If you like to drink coffee, you can order a Starbucks gift card.

If you are into playing video games, you can get yourself a Steam card. By buying cards at eGifter, you can earn special points, which you can use to buy more gift cards in the future. Amagi Metals Amagi Metals is a place where one can buy gold and silver with Ethereum. It is an international eCommerce precious metals dealer.

At Amagi Metals, you can stock up on various foreign coins made of precious metals. You can even buy gold bars which go for incredible sums of money but are made of. Yet, if gold is out of reach for you, you can consider investing in some silver. Amagi Metals is a great spot for starting your precious metal portfolio.

BitGild BitGild is another retailer focused on selling precious metals that accepts Ethereum. BitGild has built a solid reputation as a trustworthy dealer. It has already sold products to more than ten thousand customers. BitGild has international shipping, so you can order your gold bars from any part of the world. For instance, you can purchase a g Valcambi gold bar or a 1oz Krugerrand silver coin.

Philipp Plein If you are a fan of apparel that screams high fashion, then Philipp Plein should certainly be the brand of your choice. Moreover, taking into consideration the fact that the company recently began accepting cryptocurrencies, it is now on the path to becoming the favorite brand of all rich crypto investors. In Philipp Plein clothes, you are guaranteed to make a statement.

The company is known for its pieces of clothing featuring skulls and bones, as well as provocative prints. The company often holds massive sales offering tickets for as little as 18 dollars. You can even travel in absolute comfort if you purchase Business tickets, yet in that case, you can expect the fare to be slightly above average. Apart from Ethereum, the company accepts Bitcoin and many other crypto assets. Does Amazon Accept Ethereum? Being the largest eCommerce retailer, people are often curious to know whether Amazon accepts Ethereum payments.

Well, the answer is that they do. With the help of the Moon browser extension , people can make purchases from Amazon using Ethereum. The service that makes the transaction possible leverages the services of the Lightning Network to convert crypto to fiat without charging any extra fees. For now, the service is only available in the United States. Amazon also allows buying gift-cards using Ethereum.

Ethereum Payment Method To accept payments in Ethereum , a store needs to integrate an Ethereum payment gateway. The process is easy and convenient for the sellers.