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But if you want to save time and make the same amount of money minus the hassle of finding offers, matched betting websites can do all of this for you using more advanced techniques. Just leave it at that and move on with your life. So, what are you waiting for? But, this would be an excellent opportunity to practice to learn the nuances first. Take a look at Bet for example.

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Best march madness bets today

Sportsbooks will create dynamic betting lines that fluctuate in reaction to the on-court action in real-time. For example, if you like a favorite to cover a -8 spread, but they get off to a slow start and are down by 1 at the half, you can bet them live at a different line, say Live betting is an exciting way to get involved in a game you watch and is offered by the majority of top online sportsbooks across the US.

How to bet on March Madness ? There are many ways in which you can bet on March Madness. Moneyline: Picking a team to win straight up. If the Duke Blue Devils are facing off against the Michigan State Spartans for an Elite Eight matchup, you would pick one squad over the other to triumph. Point Spread: Choosing the favored team to win by more than a specified number of points set by oddsmakers, or the underdog to win outright or lose by fewer than that specific number of points.

Props: Bets related to brackets and player stats like rebounds, field goals, etc. Futures: Bets that can be made weeks or even months in advance of the tournament. For instance, in October you could pick North Carolina to win the championship game. Parlays: Multiple bets on one ticket.

Live Betting: Making a bet while the game is going on. Live betting odds disappear fast. If you see betting lines you like, take them quickly. A Brief History Of March Madness The March Madness tournament has been played since but has not always been the size and scale of the tournament as it is today. Betting with a futures wager allows you to place a wager at any point throughout the season and get pretty solid odds but be careful as you can place a wager on a program earlier in the season and they can fail to make the tournament entirely.

The odds for betting on March Madness are very similar no matter the major betting market that you use. Most spreads are going to be around to ensure that they are as even as possible on both sides. Sportsbooks will adjust the spread until they get roughly half the betting action on the favorite to win and half on the underdog to cover.

While the odds are usually pretty close to the same, those small differences add up over time. Bettors need to make sure the context fits the stats because these programs do not play balanced schedules. Looking at perennial powerhouses like UCLA and Duke can be tricky as they schedule some lower-tier competition at times and could inflate their stats for March Madness if they win via a blowout.

That will inflate how dominant they will look in terms of their per-game numbers with crooked numbers on both sides averaging into their totals. Just like in basketball, bettors should attempt to look deeper into the numbers and look at smaller chunks of numbers instead of the entire season. Looking at stats against teams over.

March Madness Betting Trends Betting trends are commonly used by bettors in an attempt to get an edge by finding something that happened over time and quantifying it. It is critical to remember that in NCAA Division I Basketball, each player has a maximum of four years of eligibility though in some cases with injuries or transfers, players can get exemptions and the best players are typically leaving after their first season in an attempt to jump to the NBA or a different professional league.

Another thing to consider is college basketball coaches can switch schools from time to time, and rumors about coaches from the smaller schools leaving for a bigger program tend to start swirling around tournament time. Trends in collegiate sports as a whole can be a little tricky as the sample size needs to be small in order to talk about the current crop of players and if you go too far out, it is not focusing on any of the players and sometimes the coaching staff of that program.

Bettors need to use trends as a complimentary piece when looking at bets and not as a supplemental piece. How to Bet March Madness In order to make the most bang for your buck, a bettor must realize that there are a variety of sportsbooks out there and scavenge each one in order to find the best odds. Doing this will save you money if your bets fall short or make extra money on wagers that win, making you more profitable in the long run.

From there, projecting which teams have the best chance of pulling off an upset is critical because there is always a team or two that wins a few games that many people believe is a one-and-done program in the tournament. Projecting the final score based on different factors such as the last few games or how they performed against similar opponents can help you figure that out.

If you find a discrepancy that seems to be a value, then bet on that.

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The Ramblers may not have big man Cameron Krutwig anymore, but this team is still humming on both sides of the ball. They are top 10 in the country in effective field goal percentage and play defense at a top 25 rate this season. The Buckeyes have deadly shooters and a reliable forward in E. Liddell but the sum of the parts on the Ramblers team now that Marquise Kennedy is healthy is too much for me not to play. This team is humming after blasting through the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament and should take advantage of a porous Ohio State defense that is outside the top in KenPom's adjusted defensive efficiency metric.

They force turnovers at a bottom 30 clip in the nation and I can't see them getting enough stops to win outright. I think we are looking at another Sister Jean run. Virginia Tech Part of me thinks that Texas is what I have thought this entire season, overrated and a clunky roster that struggles in the frontcourt. Glowing endorsement for a bet, right? However, this is a tough matchup for the Hokies, who will have to deal with elite ball pressure they didn't see on their path to the ACC title.

Chris Beard's Longhorns force turnovers at a top 15 clip and have the on-ball chops to stick with the likes of Storm Murphy and Hunter Cattoor on the perimeter. Maybe Texas is checked out after blowing a double digit lead against TCU in the Big 12 quarterfinals last week, but the Longhorns have the talent to beat what I think is an overrated Virginia Tech team now while we are grabbing UT at their lowest point. I'll trust Beard one last time even though I don't love the roster. This matchup and line is too favorable considering I make the Longhorns north of 3 point favorites.

The Big 12 was full of some of the best defenses in the country, and while Va. Duke I had this matchup circled since Selection Sunday and it's time to bet on it. Duke may have the star studded players, future NBA lottery picks and famed coach Mike Krzyzewski's 'Last Dance,' but they are ill-equipped to handle the Texas Tech defense that ranks first in the nation in KenPom's adjusted defensive efficiency metric.

While Duke has the size to match the Red Raiders, I am curious if the team will execute properly. We have seen this team look overwhelmed and ill-prepared at times this season when they solely relied on their talent to bail them out see: matchups against Virginia and Miami and Michigan State. Now, the team's bottom half of the country assist rate, may leave their offense short on answers.

The Red Raiders come from the Big 12, where physicality is commonplace. The Red Raiders are going to be a culture shock to the youth of the Blue Devils. TTU can switch and Duke is going to need to move the ball with precision in order to beat the 'no-middle' defense. Mark Adams' team struggles protecting the ball, sometimes it appears the team is just eager to get back and defend, but I'm going to trust a team full of seniors to be on their best behavior on Thursday night.

Not to mention, Duke is outside the top in turnover rate this season. The Red Raiders are an elite cutting unit and awesome on the offensive glass, two spots where the Duke defense is vulnerable. The Blue Devils are outside the top in defensive rebounding rate. Of course, Duke may get a favorable whistle given the physicality of Texas Tech, who ranks in opponent free throw rate, but I think Texas Tech is the better team and it's time for me to get down on Coach K's final loss.

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