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Bcc btc tradingview

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However, in order to get real-time information, you have to pay a commission to the exchanges. One-year and two-year prepayment discounts are available. Users get the ability to work with two charts and five indicators and save up to five charts. It is offered only for charts during the working hours of stock exchanges. There is also a one and two year prepaid discount. Four charts are available for a template on two devices at the same time, as well as up to 10 indicators on the chart and saving up to 10 templates.

Subscribers are offered up to 8 charts in one template and work on up to five devices simultaneously with up to 25 indicators on the chart and unlimited save templates. Users are given a support number for instant problem solving. All plans also include monthly exchange fees. Features of the TradingView platform In the beginning, the platform provided only charts, but gradually new functions were added.

TradingView has become a full-fledged community of technical analysis traders and investors thanks to instant messaging and much more. The following is a description of some of the key features of the product. Stock Charts Charts remain one of the most important aspects of TradingView.

The MACD is also crossing over and there is plenty of room for growth. The TD Indicator is also giving bullish signals. This is good for our trade, let's see how it goes. Anyways, there is lots of potential, specially if Bitcoin Cash decides to go against Bitcoin, so for this trade we are looking good. Thanks for your continued support. We are still within range. Please allow this trade time to continue. Keep your stop loss active.

Let's hope we don't hit our stop loss. This trade is still active. Pretty obvious, but I still believe that it needs to be stated. When Bitcoin finishes its final leg down, Bitcoin Cash will have its moment, then it is time to move on.

This can take several days, at the least, to develop. So let's wait patiently and see how this goes. The next level to look at after this is our stop loss. It doesn't look like it wants to make any harsh movements, still can go down a bit, but not that much relative to our hugely volatile cryptocurrency market so on the USD side it looks more stable.

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Has the Almighty Bitcoin Finally Fallen for Good? Not So Fast, Let's Investigate in TradingView

AdBrowse & Discover Thousands of Business & Investing Book Titles, for Less. Oct 23,  · Analistas da Finder projetam o Bitcoin (BTC) a US$ 80 mil até , com o preço do ativo podendo chegar a US$ mil no final desta década. Caso a equipe da empresa de serviços financeiros da Austrália esteja correta, a maior criptomoeda do mundo chegaria em com um preço de aproximadamente R$ 1,4 milhão, levando em consideração a. waiting small breakout, beli di zona aman fibonacci.