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The client notes that over time, the working terms at FxPro Group Ltd holding company are deteriorated, and it is Forex brokers very risky to keep a large deposit with them. It is logical after reading such reviews to ask — why to go back to the broker where you have already been deceived? Here is another forum where the trader advises to stay away from scammers. If these scammers got you fooled, consider sharing your unpleasant experience to prevent FxPro thieves from stealing money from other traders in the future.

All calculations are based on the current rates on the FxPro trading platforms. An experienced media professional, John has close to a decade of editorial experience with a background that includes key leadership roles at global newsroom outlets. The attempts to find the lost money did not bring any success and the author has nothing left to do but to place this information on as many forums as possible. Be careful and do not make such mistakes — keep your money away from scammers.

Eventually, the user received an answer to this question — they said, Anton Ch. Is being promoted at the expense of a company with the worldwide reputation and the complaints of deceived traders are just his wild fantasies. The sarcastic story about a dishonest broker by a comedian with the nickname Anton Ch. FxPro representatives responded in a strange way to this story and started to remove the funny story from all threads and websites where they could. Then happened the regular delays, expansion of spreads, etc.

FxPro employees clearly cannot answer the question where the money went. Another user also noted that FxPro constantly changes the conditions for withdrawing money for their clients, which intentionally complicates and delays the procedure for withdrawing money. It means that the reviews with the praises of the quality and efficiency of technical support cause certain doubts.

This happened due to the departure of analysts from FxPro company. The FCA regulator is also not responding to regular traders. After joining FxPro, the methods of stealing money, apparently, have not changed for this company under a different name. At first, everything is fine, and when the trader loses his vigilance, his account is fully drained. Initially, the client may not notice any problems in the work of the trading platform and the communication with the server.

The fact that mt4 will not die was clear from the start, having felt mt5. Moreover, the structure is well established the MT4 platform - we understand , even the MQL5 site has been created as a separate entity. Business brought and is still bringing maximum profit to brokers exactly on MT4 platform MT5 and MT4 are different products. Consequently MT4 could not die and could not not evolve. I have long said that MT4 will continue to live on!

The developers on their website say: You can continue to trade on the terminal MetaTrader 4, without fear that its support will be discontinued with the official release of the new MetaTrader 5 platform. I didn't say that I was expecting such an expansion, but I just said it would be good for it to happen.

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