what is the point spread on the villanova game
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What is the point spread on the villanova game investing in natural gas

What is the point spread on the villanova game

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Mar 29,  · In the college spread, Villanova is listed as a 4½-point underdog against Kansas. Final Four History Villanova has won its last four games in the Final Four and covered in . Point spreads also have an additional element known as juice, or the vig, which is the tax paid to the sportsbook for each bet. The juice is indicated next to the point spread. This number is . AdTickets On Sale Today And Selling Fast, Secure Your Seats Now. USA Tickets Compare Prices on the Worlds Largest Ticket MarketplaceSecure Delivery · Deals Won't Last Long · Wide Selection · Selling FastServices: Onsale Alerts, Detailed Seat Maps, Local Currency Checkout, Tracked Delivery.