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Bitcoin fork monitor

The network topography that makes up the Bitcoin network is also a small world design or Mandella network, which ensures fast transaction propagation, as well as a very close singularity regarding what everyone sees in their mempool. Bitcoin is designed in a UTXO unspent transaction outputs format, in which transactions or address capability is defined by valid transaction outputs. This design is very efficient and scalable as it does not require constant account status monitoring to validate a transaction.

The ETH approach, on the other hand, is account-based, which means each transaction has an associated number that can be processed on the account and ordering system. Furthermore, the ETH blockchain does not lend itself to a small world structure. As such, there is no clear picture available of all transactions at any given time. Consequently, on Ethereum, we experience differences in what our various nodes see at the 0-conf level.

This adds complexity to our processes when we aim to monitor propagation and conflicting transactions. Through reasonable fee monitoring propagation and waiting for one confirmation, we can currently guarantee 1-conf ETH transactions. GAP is currently researching how to support omni token transactions. Many of the world's top digital currency exchanges became involved in the process if only to state their support of the fork.

This meant that users of exchanges like Coinbase or Binance were eligible to receive one new token for each old token they owned at the time of the fork. BitMEX stands apart from other major exchanges for taking sides ahead of the fork; it announced via blog post that its contracts "will settle at a price on the Bitcoin ABC side of any split and will not include the value of Bitcoin SV.

One potential reason for this maneuver is to allow the larger digital currency community a chance to voice its support for one coin option over the other by its trading actions. The first Bitcoin fork occurred on August 1, , resulting in a split between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. The original split between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash was motivated by philosophical and technical disagreements on the most effective way to increase the currency's transaction limits.

Bitcoin Cash proponents, including Jihan Wu, Craig Wright, and Roger Ver, argued that the easiest way to scale upwards would be to increase the size of a block—thereby allowing faster and cheaper transactions, but increasing the storage costs for network nodes. On the opposite side, small block proponents like Blockstream advocated for smaller blocks, with small transactions handled in off-chain solutions like the Lightning Network.

Since the two sides could not come to an agreement, the large-block side used a hard fork to create their own, separate version of bitcoin, although they failed to attract a majority of the original network's nodes or miners. A hard fork is a protocol upgrade to a blockchain network that is incompatible with older versions of the software.

This is different from a soft fork, where older versions are able to interact with the new protocol. Since a hard fork rejects any block that still uses the old rules, a hard fork effectively creates a new network with a separate cryptocurrency. Any wallet address with a balance at the date of the fork will later have equal amounts of cryptocurrency on both networks.

During a hard fork, new coins are assigned to any wallet address that had a balance at the date of the fork, even if the wallet software is not capable of recognizing them. The easiest way to claim new coins is by importing your private keys to a wallet that is compatible with both cryptocurrencies.

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Just like Bitcoin, the Bitcoin Cash supply is limited to 21 million coins and each block takes 10 minutes before it is confirmed. On the other hand, as the maximum block size was increased by eight times, it allowed the Bitcoin Cash blockchain or Bitcoin fork to scale more transactions. Scalability or scaling is the maximum amount of transactions that a particular blockchain can process every second.

Bitcoin is very limited in this sense as it can only process an average of 7 transactions per second. This is one of the things that are currently letting Bitcoin down — if it is going to be used as a global payment system, it must improve its scalability performance. Source: cointelegraph Due to the changes that were implemented after this Bitcoin split, Bitcoin Cash can process about 61 transactions per second. What this means is that if you held 0. Since this Bitcoin fork was launched, it has been a very successful project.

In fact, at the time of writing in June , it is the fourth most valuable cryptocurrency in the industry. The main person behind the Bitcoin Cash project is a well-known cryptocurrency investor called Roger Ver. Ver, often referred to as "Bitcoin Jesus", believes that Bitcoin Cash is actually the "Real Bitcoin", and he thinks it will overtake Bitcoin as the number one cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is the most important invention in the history of the world since the internet. While Bitcoin Cash was concerned with reducing transaction fees, the people behind Bitcoin Gold wanted to make Bitcoin more "decentralized". This is because the vast majority of Bitcoin mining is controlled by just a few pools in China.

Once the Bitcoin reward is won, it is divided between the pool, based on how much each person has invested. Ultimately, this gives the people running the mining pool lots of power and influence over the network, which is why some believe that this Bitcoin fork has become too centralized. In the early days before mining pools became dominant, it was possible to mine Bitcoin by using a basic CPU or GPU, meaning that anybody could do it in the comfort of their own home.

Those days are now long gone if you want a chance of winning the reward — not only do you need to be part of a mining pool, but you also need to own really expensive ASIC hardware. But guess who manufacturers a lot of the mining hardware? One of the largest mining pools in the industry! In response, Bitcoin Gold installed a new mining process that makes sure that specialized and expensive hardware cannot be used to increase somebody's chances of winning the mining reward.

Think about it like this: If a Ferrari raced 10 Mini Cooper's, which car do you think would win? Well, obviously the Ferrari as it has the most powerful engine! However, Bitcoin Gold changes things so that instead of a Ferrari being in the race, there are just 10 Mini Coopers, giving everybody a fair chance of winning. However, instead of taking 10 minutes like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold can confirm a transaction in just 2. The other major difference is the way that miners verify transactions.

Just like the Bitcoin Cash fork, anyone holding Bitcoin at the time of the launch received identical amounts in Bitcoin Gold. Since it was launched, Bitcoin Gold has also performed really well. This attack is actually quite ironic because the whole point of Bitcoin Gold was to prevent centralized miners from gaining too much control. ZClassic was forked from a blockchain called ZCash.

ZCash was forked from the original Bitcoin. Its founder and main developer, Rhett Creighton, also created ZClassic and since then, others have joined the team. The idea Creighton had was to combine the privacy and secrecy of ZClassic with the security and popularity of Bitcoin.

A green cross positive Diff indicates that the block that was announced first became part of the main chain, a red cross negative Diff indicates that the later announced block became part of the main chain. Boxes around blocks indicate that the subsequent block has been mined by the same miner; additional circles around blocks indicate that the subsequent block has been mined by the same miner within less than seconds.

The data shown in the figure is contained in these files: forks and block proagation Above figure Fig. The data shown in the figure is contained in this file and can be extracted from above forks file : delay2probsingle Histogram of the interval to the next block after the fork. Post Fork Intervals - Same miner: only intervals where the subsequent block has been mined by the same miner as the previous block.

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Here is an overview of past and upcoming Bitcoin forks where it is required to hold some BTC on a supported exchange or in a wallet where you control the private key. We are announcing . 8/1/ · Topic: Bitcoin Fork Monitor Thread (Read times) Minecache. Legendary Offline Activity: Merit: Leading Crypto Sports Betting & Casino Platform. Bitcoin Fork . 11/13/ · In mid-November, Bitcoin Cash underwent a hard fork, resulting in two chains. On November 20th, we announced the “ABC” chain would retain the designation of Bitcoin Cash .