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Hydrogen crypto

Hydrogen energy industry is still in the early beginning. For example: Only few hydrogen gas stations exist in Germany. In near future there will be hundreds and thousands. Besides our research and development work for adequate production technologies, project scheduling and others, suddenly some successfull Initial Coin Offerings ICO appear in the marketplace and we were very excited about these new form of crowdfunding. We put all our knowledge together and idea of HydroCoin was born.

According to our concept, HydroCoin is not only a tradeable value, it is also a certificate and a customer payment solution for fuel at gasstations. Members will vote for projects to support. Earliest trading day for HydroCoin will be October 1st The price of HydroCoin will depend on market activity, availability of clean energy and willingness of customers to buy those. Our Smart Contract, uploaded to the Ethereum blockchain, manages as an unstoppable and self-directed application the proper distribution of HydroCoins.

It takes care, that the right amount of HydroCoins were send automatically, when Ether is received. You can participate. Please read carefully our whitepaper. We will build up an infrastructure of min. Our Team HydroCoin is influencing the change of energy consumption, which requires a combination of energy, the blockchain, crowdfunding, market trading, independent energy supply knowledge and experience. HydroCoin combined its team looking at this mix of expertise needed to create the cleaner tomorrow.

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Please change the wallet network Change the wallet network in the MetaMask Application to add this contract. I understand HGT Price Live Data Solving a longstanding problem Climate change is a major problem that the world is facing with campaigns ongoing to reduce greenhouse emissions. However, fossil fuels still dominate the major share of energy consumption and countries globally have committed to achieving a various degree of carbon reduction milestones in the future.

Hydrogen has been placed as having a key role in global energy transition since it is a more sustainable energy form without the greenhouse effect. As a result, several organizations have committed to utilizing hydrogen-based systems and a fast-growing industry is centered on this concept. Offset programs have long been criticized as being merely PR tools that allow companies to avoid directly tackling their environmental impact.

This is further confirmed by the difficulty in tracking the money assigned towards achieving zero-net carbon emission. Hydrogen token is at the forefront of addressing this problem by using blockchain technology to build a sustainable ecosystem. It has developed a system that tracks the progress of users towards achieving carbon-free emission goals. This popularity is due in part to rising demand, improved infrastructure and optimistic studies about the future of hydrogen. These elements allowed the hydrogen stocks to explode and reach new heights.

The slow but certain energy transition towards ecological vehicles is taking shape and is being reinforced by low emission zones LEZ in particular. Luck could smile on you if you manage to select the hydrogen stocks of the big winners of tomorrow. It will include easy integration of cryptocurrency payments and even a digital arbitration system. In the end, our goal is to integrate all businesses, employees, and business assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem, which will make businesses truly efficient, transparent, and trustworthy.

The projects announced worldwide. Source Hydrogen Council. There are thus today in Europe no less than industrial projects related to hydrogen. Asia, which was a forerunner, has 46, Oceania 24 and North America

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Launched in , POWER OF HYDROGEN wants to reward the consumption of green hydrogen for road transports, around the world and through the development of an innovative . Sep 28,  · The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced charges against The Hydrogen Technology Corporation, its former CEO, Michael Ross Kane, and Tyler Ostern, . Hydrogen token also aims to help individuals participate in the crypto world while also contributing their quota towards fighting climate change. Sustainable ecosystem Hydrogen .