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Crypto influencers singapore

The couple co-founded Night Owl Cinematics , a YouTube channel and production firm known for its lifestyle and comedy videos. In them, he shared about his two-week foray into non-fungible tokens or NFTs and play-to-earn P2E gaming. Tan also included a link to help his followers set up accounts on the popular Metamask crypto wallet as well as two other centralized crypto exchanges CEXes.

He runs a separate social media channel called Reno King that focuses on home renovations. In the next few stories, Tan talked about two P2E games that he was playing and gave brief pointers about their pros and cons. The first game he introduced was Bomb Crypto. In the crypto community Michael is known as the high priest of Bitcoin. Microstrategy has purchased over , Bitcoins worth over 4 billion United States dollars. He is best known as a co-founder of blockchain project Ethereum, which he envisioned to surpass the limitations of Bitcoin.

Binance the world's largest and leading cryptocurrency exchange. CZ tweets his thoughts on the latest issues and news, which he disclaims as financial advice. He also shares about his talks and interviews relating to crypto in general. He also tweets numerical data on the status of crypto. More and more content creators are exploring the world of crypto, and are involving the topic on their daily social media posts.

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Crypto influencers singapore In her Twitter threadshe defends NFTs, explaining that they are a way for creators to truly own their content, which followers can also buy a share in and invest. Plus, if you want to earn free crypto, you can use one of the Bitcoin faucets Crypto. After all, a good crypto investor is one who not only knows how to invest but one that fact checks information received! Stay up to date with the latest breaking topics in the industry. Blockchain Chick Blockchain Chickalso known as Heidi Chakos, ranks among the top influencers and educators in the blockchain space. Michael Wrubel With oversubscribers, Michael Wrubel has built a solid following as he speaks about cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and stocks.
Nfl betting lines 2nd half Zhao is the founder and CEO of Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Many like to see what he has to say about other areas as well, including technology and business. Crowdcreate is a growth marketing agency that helps companies and crypto influencers singapore get more exposure, increase sales, create buzz, acquire users, and grow their online community. CZ tweets his thoughts on the latest issues and news, which he disclaims as financial advice. Lastly, using an influencer could parley into partnerships and relationships that could put your project on the map. On platforms like Instagram, influencers get paid for their reach and engagement, not the actual content which they produce.
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Masa depan cryptocurrency He also contributes to Tech in Asia. On top of all of that, he is also a tech entrepreneur and is currently the Managing Partner of Hartmann Capital. In addition to their news coverage, CoinDesk also provides data and analysis on the cryptocurrency markets. Contact Us. Crypto is now more than just a buzzword or place where the tech-savvy go to play. We hope this list helped you gain a better understanding of the crypto influencer space, and who are dominating it.
Btc ytd return With nearly k followers, That Martini Guy focuses on providing the latest and greatest in crypto and news. When crypto meets Simps. Investment influencers: 5. We just don't talk about them as non-fungible items. Conclusion In a nutshell, these are 5 investment influencers who have dedicated their social media platforms to share about crypto. Read more tech stories:.
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Social media influencers have an outsized influence — their words carry more weight because of their authority, whether if it is perceived or real. There is a reason why companies hire influencers. Marketers for example, rely on influencers to get the word out on their products. Then again, in a reverse scenario — if crypto influencers shill coins that rise, and followers make money from these investments — what happens then?

Punishing negligence and bad actors We all know that to be an influencer, it is optional to have high educational qualifications — which can often be a soft gauge to see if a person understands the technical knowledge that cryptocurrencies require. Anyone with a large following can transition from being an influencer to a crypto influencer, despite the fact that the crypto world to a layman is technical and difficult to understand. When influencers make this switch, the clout that they have on one topic transfers to the other through their charismatic authority.

As we have seen for some crypto influencers, this can be problematic. While influencers may not have a duty to compensate followers, we need to call them out on their responsibility as public figures. For those who have integrity, they have to try to shield followers from bad investments and ensure that their content is well researched and caveats well disclosed. Asymmetric information should not be used by anyone, influencers included, to make profit at the expense of others. But these disclosures should not exempt followers from DYOD doing their own research.

The crypto space is large, and still relatively new. No amount of disclosures and governance can substitute individual caution. The words of influencers are most certainly not the gospel, and should not be treated as such. Image credit: Kaspersky Some may also argue that crypto influencers, at least in Singapore, are fundamentally different from other types of influencers.

For one, due to strict regulations, crypto influencers in Singapore are not paid by DPT platforms to promote cryptocurrencies. They are in effect, self-employed content creators that cannot be sponsored. So their revenue comes from content creation, like ad traffic revenues. Irene Zhao After gaining a following of over , as a traditional Instagram influencer, Irene Zhao made the leap into crypto this January. Zhao believes that decentralisation is the key to helping creators like herself get compensated fairly for their work.

On platforms like Instagram, influencers get paid for their reach and engagement, not the actual content which they produce. Through NFTs, Zhao is able to directly monetise her work. Today, the company is one of the leading crypto data trackers in the world. It provides free access to market data of over 7, different crypto-assets. Ong has over 30, followers on Twitter. He also hosts monthly panel discussions on CoinGecko, where leading personalities from the field are invited to share their thoughts on crypto happenings.

NFTs may seem like they are currently in a bubble but I think we are just getting started. In the physical world, most of our possessions are non-fungible physical items and people collect all kinds of random shit. We just don't talk about them as non-fungible items. Ong, on the other hand, believes that their growth is just getting started.

He tackles the claim that NFTs have no inherent value by saying that the same applies to an assortment of physical possessions which people seem to collect. Arthur Cheong An investor since he was 19, Arthur Cheong switched over from oil and gas trading to cryptocurrency around five years ago.

Since then he has served as Vice President of Singapore-based blockchain company Zilliqa and started up his own investment fund, DeFiance Capital.

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It covers Twitter profiles with additional insights about the influencers’ true reach and demographic of followers on their main channels, via media and intelligence tools powered by . Jun 13,  · 2. Roger Ver - @rogerkver. Source: Known as “Bitcoin Jesus,” Roger Ver was one of the earliest promoters of Bitcoin back in He was one of the early Missing: singapore. Mar 31,  · Some may also argue that crypto influencers, at least in Singapore, are fundamentally different from other types of influencers. For one, due to strict regulations, .