top applications running on ethereum
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Top applications running on ethereum download crypto currancy ticker

Top applications running on ethereum

This app is currently under development, but once it is implemented, it could help to transform Ethereum blockchain into a dramatically superior platform for fund transfers of all types, keeping transaction fees low and reliability high. TenX TenX offers users the ability to spend Ether almost anywhere in the world. Cryptocurrencies have generally been slow to breach real-world points of sale, and platforms like TenX are working to solve this problem.

TenX helps to sell physical Visa or Mastercard cards and they can be used to convert Ether into fiat currency in a variety of places. Gnosis One of the benefits of the blockchain network is its public nature. Apps like Gnosis have a purpose to harness the wide availability of users on the blockchain and will try to gain prediction data from voting samples.

Gnosis can allow users to predict all sorts of different things, from election results to the weather. But just like some of the other apps on this list, Gnosis has its own token, too. Etheria Etheria is described as a decentralized Minecraft in which the entire world state is stored in the Ethereum blockchain.

The virtual world is made of land tiles which can be purchased for 1 Ether and can be interacted with by sending commands to a smart contract on the blockchain. Due to the decentralized nature of the application, it can never be taken down and can be interacted with without restrictions.

EtherTweet EtherTweet is a social dApp, that provides an uncensored, blockchain-based communication platform. Users can interact with the platform by adding blocks to the Ethereum blockchain, and can only remove their own contract from the application. It is essentially Twitter for Ethereum, with public messages, with a limit to characters.

Like most blockchain actions, users will need a tool like Geth Command Line to interact with EtherTweet. If you want to talk about a possible partnership or collaboration with us, let us know and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Share this:. It is also specifically designed for non-technical users. Mist Browser also comes with Mist Wallet, which is the official Ethereum wallet client.

It supports two types of wallet solutions allowing users to set up a simple wallet, as well as, a multisignature wallet for extra security. While it is designed to be easy to use, it does have a significant drawback given the fact that users must first download the entire Ethereum blockchain before the wallet can be used.

It has many of the same functions as a traditional, geographical nation in that it has education, insurance, a public notary, diplomacy programs, and identification cards. Users can become citizens or allies, join embassies and consulates or start their own nations. As a result, everyone will have the ability to choose the nation that they prefer to be a citizen of. Everex Everex is a company that delivers microfinance and remittance services.

It offers a mobile and a desktop-based digital wallet which allows users to transact in and exchange tokens that are denominated in fiat currencies. Some potential use cases for this service include complementary currencies, business loyalty point programs, token baskets, content creators, crowdsales, and token changers.

Etheria Etheria is a virtual world where players can build things. However, the benefit of this Dapp is the fact that Etheria is fully based on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can purchase tiles in Etheria for full Ether. Gnosis Gnosis is a platform that was created in order to deliver a decentralized prediction market. With Gnosis, users can vote on almost everything from the weather to sports scores and election results.

The goal is to offer a prediction market as a service. It allows users to create events that can be subsequently funded by a single investor or by using crowdfunding. In theory, the platform could be potentially used for many applications.

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If you have plenty of time on your hands, love RPG games, and want to try to change that time into money then My Crypto Heroes might soon become your favorite Ethereum dApp too. It is a space-faring simulation that allows players to find and collect blockchain based planets.

These planets can also be colonized, and new resources can be found. Grow your civilization and they can build spaceships to explore the universe and find new planets. All of these planets, spaceships, and resources are collectible and can be traded, bought and sold within the dApp. The game was launched in June , and while it took some time to catch on it has now climbed to become one of the top 20 dApps with over daily users playing the game.

Some of the planets to collect on 0x Universe The game was developed with a finite number of planets, which means the value of planets should increase over time as more are discovered and less remain to be discovered. The game also includes specials in the form of alien artifacts that can be discovered.

Status Status is an extremely ambitious project that operates as an Ethereum light client node. Because of this is has been categorized as a wallet, but it is far more than that. It can be used to access any other dApp through a mobile browser. And it functions as a mobile operating system, making dApp development more accessible for everyone. Screenshots of the Staus mobile app The goal of Status is to make a better web, and they are providing the tools necessary for individuals to build anything needed to power that better web.

The project was launched back in February of and is one of the oldest dApps. While there were some questions regarding the longevity of the project, they have proven themselves and have made Status one of the top ten most popular Ethereum dApps. With growing adoption and usage it could be one of the big names in dApps in Augur Augur is a decentralized prediction market that allows users to create a market based on the outcome of any future event.

This allows for wagering on the outcome of sporting events, elections, contests, and any event you can think of. Augur User Interface on Platform Because Augur uses crowdsourcing in its prediction model business can use it to forecast such things as future sales volumes, budgets for research projects, and completion times for projects. Crowdsourcing has been shown to be more accurate than even expert opinions. In addition to being one of the most popular Ethereum dApps, Augur is in the top ten Ethereum dApps, it is also one of the oldest, having been released in August Chainlink Chainlink is a rapidly growing dApp that allows smart contracts to connect with external resources such as APIs or necessary off-chain data.

It does this through a decentralized oracle network and maintains secure and reliable connections. Prior to Chainlink, it was extremely difficult for smart contracts to access off-chain data, which limited the scope of dApps. However with Chainlink smart contracts are able to connect to payments, events, and real-world data. Chainlink sees in excess of daily users, and that number has been growing steadily. When you think of all the potential uses for blockchain oracles such as Chainlink it becomes clear that this could remain one of the top dApps for years to come.

Ethlance This is an interesting Ethereum dApp that is looking to change the way that we hire freelancers. You can think of it as a decentralised version of a Upwork or Fiverr where those who are looking to hire a freelancer can post their job requirements. Given that this is decentralised, there is no entity that will sit between those hiring and the freelancer.

This means that there are no fees charged either on the employers side to list a job or on the freelancers side when they earn their commissions. Image via Ethlance Also, given that there is no one controlling the types of jobs that you can post, it is completely open and free. You can post an unlimited number that can be as broad as you define.

All that is needed is for you to pay the Ethereum Gas fees that are associated with the posting. In order to interact with this dApp, you will probably need to use an application such as Metamask. This will allow you to interact with the Ethereum blockchain.

They have a helpful guide about listing jobs, paying for work and requesting work. This is a blockchain project that is trying to develop a collective of decentralised marketplaces and communities. There are also a number of other dApps that are trying to relieve the pressures that freelancers face with using large centralised marketplaces.

For example, there is Jobchain which is making it easier for employers to hire freelancers with cryptocurrencies and zero fees. Decentraland The Decentraland project is both ambitious and pretty unique among dApps. The team is building an open virtual world on the Ethereum blockchain that runs on open standards.

In Decentraland users are able to create, experience and monetize new applications and content. And since it is based on property, even virtual property, it could become extremely valuable. Some plots on sale on the Decentraland Network. Image via Decentraland In addition to the uniqueness of creating a virtual world represented by digital tokens, Decentraland has the additional unique feature of being created by its users.

That means creativity is unlimited and it can be highly rewarded for those who build items that are in high demand. Users can also access the Decentraland Marketplace which is a fully decentralized and open market where you can discover, buy, sell, and manage your parcels of LAND.

Eventually, you will be able to explore the creations and lands in Decentraland using a VR headset. Ethereum 's decentralised blockchain and its native digital currency Ether are proving perhaps the most widely used tools for dapp building , as its network is specifically built for the purpose and the Ethereum Foundation, its trade organization overseeing development, runs regular 'hackathon' events to promote new decentralized applications.

But what can you do with a dapp? For this feature, CoinDesk casts its eye over the current offerings and picks out seven of the more interesting projects being developed using the Ethereum blockchain. Enriching the web Taking picture or video on phone The Vevue project promises to "bring Google Street View to life", by enabling users to take second video clips of restaurants, hotels, places, events and more to share with other around the world. All users need is a smartphone, and by answering requests pinned in their neighbourhood they can earn bitcoin or even Vevue equity tokens in selected areas.

Furthermore, with the project's Google Chrome extension, 'Vevues' are available when browsers use Google Maps to search local businesses. The " Make Videos, Earn Bitcoin " app is already available on the Google Play store, though is not in its final state and does not currently reward users. Building virtual worlds Etheria is a Minecraft -like virtual world in which players can own tiles, 'farm' them for blocks and build things. According to the project website, the "entire state of the world is held in and all player actions are made through the decentralized, trustless Ethereum blockchain".

Until now, it points out, all virtual worlds have been controlled by a single entity. All aspects of Etheria, on the other hand, are "agreed to" by the participants of the Ethereum network without central authority.