printable baby betting pool chart
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Printable baby betting pool chart how does betmgm free bet work

Printable baby betting pool chart

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They can guess the birthday, gender, weight, and even length. Then the winner is the one who can guess the closest. The baby weight pool can also be held along with the baby shower to make it much more fun and intimate. What is the average weight for a baby?

The first thing you need to have in mind is that having a baby means having more attention to others, in this situation it is your baby. The average weight for a baby is about 3. In this case, you need to remember that certain circumstances happen. Those are the baby boys who will have more weight than girls. The first baby born will have less weight rather than later babies. Also, parents who have more weight will be likely to also have large babies and vice versa.

The template can be completely customized in Microsoft Word, so you can add or remove columns as you like. Cute pink and blue blocks spell out the word "baby" at the top of the page. Some other ideas for categories are born with or without hair, number of hours in labor, born before or after the due date.

This can also be played by the daddy to be and his friends since men love to make wagers on things too. You can make anything the prize or do a cash prize since betting pools tend to involve one. Size: 8.

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Baby Pool for ’s Baby Point system: Person with the most points wins. ( points maximum score. No negative points) Gender Birthday Birth time Weight Length Hair Color Eye Color 50 . Oct 04,  · Download Baby Pool Template (point based) PDF. Now, there are many ways to run a betting pool of any type, and baby pools are no different. This particular template is set . This free baby pool printable template will allow you to log all the baby shower guests game guesses on one sheet. Word Draw. Free Templates. Aug 2, - Baby Due Date Betting .