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Betsey place blaydon church

Bird Charles A. Brennan Margaret Butler T. Coates William J. Cooper Joseph Carter J. Casebourne Roland J. Coverdale H. Chapple Robert Lincoln Collins H. Cheesebrough John R. Craggs F. Herbert Cook Frederick Creaves J. Clark J. Cook Harold Creevy W. Dear Walter Drinkwater T. Cummings E. Derry C. Duffy F. Cussons G. Dickinson John J. James Dunning J. Dale A. Dixon J. Durham J.

Dixon Alan Norris Easey H. Danby C. Dodding David Egglestone Fred. Egglestone Edward Davies Thomas G. Ellyatt John Davison R. Dovaston R. Elsdon John James Davison C. Dovenor Wilfred Elvidge J. Dowson William Gilbert Evens E. Foster George Gavillet C. Eves W. Foster William H. Fowler Norman Jos. Gibson P. Fearn H. Stanley Fowler Ernest J. Gibson S. Feltham C. Fowler A. Gibson Arnold Fenny John W. Fowler Gordon Gibson James W. Fenwick C. Fox George A. Fernie D. Valentine Gilfoyle John Ferris T.

Frankland R. Gilfoyle Herbert Fethon C. Frankland Catherine Gill R. Filby B. Frankland Thomas Goldsbrough John E. Finch A. Franklin George W. Fullagar J. Furness Edward John Gowler W. Fletcher James Gandy H. Flute Robert Garbutt C. Grocott F. Hardy A. Hardy G. Henderson Francis H. Hall James Harris R. Herbert Wilf. Hall Frederick Wm. Hamilton James Hauxwell S.

Hannah Henry Hood Haylock H. Hodgeson R. Hogan W. Holden Vivian Harold Hunter Reg. Johnson Amy Snr. Holland John William Hunter T. Johnson William Jnr. Hollis T. Judge Richard Horsley R. Kay Ronald House R. Kelly James M.

Hudson B. Jenison F. Kimber George Rushworth Kindlan William Leighton W. Lynch F. King Ernest Lemarchand V. Lewis John Lyth J. Kirkup M. Kjelgaard John F. Lahrey J. The 'Crowley Crew' were renowned not only for their skills with metal but also their steadfast and resolute defence of their rights and freedoms in the face of government intimidation.

In this respect the Crowley's Crew and the Keelmen were two formidable communities. Sometimes they fought good causes together, sometimes there were disagreements and rivalries. At the end of the Napoleonic Wars the business diminished and fragmented. It had been managed by Crowleys descendants. The blacksmiths of Winlaton formed a Friendly Society and Joseph emerged as secretary and was a driving force, before developing his business interests in Blaydon Burn.

Joseph Cowen Jnr made a speech to Blaydon Burn Lodge of the Durham Miner's Union in Oct , including this paragraph - "When many busy centres of industry were moorland and forest, Winlaton was a seat of vigorous industry. The semi-socialistic experiment of Crowley was interesting both politically and industrially.

It got together a body of workmen who gave distinctive character to the village, who afterwards acted as pioneers in the special trades in other districts. They lived largely in community; they began their work with a prayer; they ate together; they adjusted their differences with voluntary courts; they had a church and a school, a cock-pit and a bull-ring. They were stout church and king men, rough, but loyal. This enabled the growth of fire brick production, also other heat resistant products such as gas retorts, sanitary fittings.

One family, the Cowens, became synonymous with this local brick production such that the plain speaking Joseph Cowen Jnr. Joseph Cowen Snr. When Crowley vacated Winlaton, Cowen became something of a leader of the blacksmiths who remained. He then developed his own business and his entrepreneurial gifts enabled him to become a wealthy businessman from mining and the making of firebricks and other clay products, initially in Blaydon Burn then beyond.

But just as Crowley had been a good employer with a social conscience, likewise Cowen was a good employer, liked by his workers. He became a radical politician who campaigned for democratic reforms eg. He was knighted in for his work as chairman of the Tyne Improvement Commission. Joseph Cowen Jnr. He knew many European radicals including Garibaldi and Marx. Garibaldi visited Cowen at Stella on two occasions. The statue head is now in Blaydon Library. Cowen was allegedly under surveillance from foreign intelligence officers for smuggling revolutionary texts in consignments of bricks!

He followed his father as MP for Newcastle but retired from parliament in , disillusioned with its methods. He had a reputation in parliament as blunt, unsophisticated and plain speaking but was admired for his honesty, integrity and caring social principles. The Cowens developed two significant brickworks in the burn. It closed in The site, pictured right, was at the northern end of the burn, adjacent to the old Blaydon to Ryton Road and just west of Horsecrofts.

It has now been cleared and is a wild flower meadow. Some of the old kiln and coal-drop walling remains. Situated alongside his Mary and Bessie Pits for a ready supply of coal and clay it was also a major producer of firebricks, coke, gas retorts and other clay products. The Bessie Pit also had coke ovens and a coke grading platform which ran along by the burn wagon way.

The high yard closed in although some facilities joiners and pattern makers workshops remained up to the s. At their peak the two Yards made six million firebricks a year.

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Betsey place blaydon church Robinson J. Jenison F. Bernard Tinkler John T. Valentine Gilfoyle John Ferris T. It closed in He followed his father as MP for Newcastle but retired from parliament indisillusioned with its methods.
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Silver bullion investing strategy It has now been cleared and is a wild flower meadow. Orley W. He then developed his own business and his entrepreneurial gifts enabled him to become a wealthy businessman from mining and the making of firebricks and other clay products, initially in Https:// Burn then beyond. Lynch F. Smith Patterson eventually relocated to larger premises in Blaydon Haughs The Spike presumably for the good transport links mainly the railway.

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