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Etheral brief

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Enrollment is open and students may begin the program at any time. All courses are provided in online classrooms, with one-to-one faculty mentoring. Students also have free access to our comprehensive Study Tactics and Resources Center, with links to subject related web sites, online libraries, articles and research assistance. It is a 6-hour semester course that must be completed within 6 weeks. Its aim is to gain a working understanding of fundamental theories of psychotherapy and its practice.

Together the courses provide you with a theoretical understanding of various approaches to therapy and a practical skill set necessary for the effective practice of grief therapy. While you may have gained some familiarity with this material in Masters level courses, GRM provide more advanced working knowledge of the major approaches to therapy. You will also find consistent opportunities to apply the material to grief therapy specifically. The aim of this course is to introduce students to the theory and practice of grief counseling.

It is a 6-hour semester course that must be completed in 6 weeks. Its aim is to provide you with a background in identifying presenting problems and developing goals, objectives and other aspects to assist clients in making progress in therapy while enhancing the therapeutic alliance. This course will provide you with an understanding of these topics and skills needed to approach them therapeutically within the context of counseling.

It is a 6-hour semester course that must be completed with 6 weeks. This course is designed to provide student with a working understanding of how the grief process changes over the time and how grief expresses itself depending on when a loss occurs. The aim of this course is to further understand the psychological experience of loss, explore the dynamics of ambiguous loss, understand resilience and how to strengthen it therapeutically, and gain further knowledge on attachment and its relationship to grief work.

The aim of this course is provide students with an overview of major concerns and issues relevant to working with terminally ill clients and clients dealing with debilitating illness or serious diagnoses. Either the captured Ethereal is a deliberate attempt to misdirect the Imperium, or the matter is far more esoteric than had previously been thought. Ethereal Anatomy and Physiology Note: The canonicity of this section has been questioned due to conflict with other sources. Dissection of a female Ethereal by an Imperial Magos Biologis ; letters correspond to text at left.

The following information was gleaned from a dissection report conducted by Magos Biologis Sharle Darvus: Detailed look at unknown Ethereal "Diamond Organ", see text below. Subject: Tau tau, Tau "Ethereal". Age: 61 Tau'cyrs Approx. Cause of death is asphyxia following cyanide intake. NB: Specimen was poisoned during sleep, without obvious distress. Endoskeletal "skull" reveals age-knitted growth plates: close analogy to human cranium. Cavity contains spongy cerebrum encased in fluidic membrane.

Olfactory Chasm. Evidence of densely-massed subdermal receptor neurons; unexpected size and complexity of cilia. Conclusion: subject's scent-detection vastly superior. NB: Ethereal Caste displays unknown "diamond" organ.

Occular organs. Lateral arrangement. Primitive photoreceptors suggest limited sensitivity of vision. Conclusion: subject relies upon advanced olfactory senses and technology? Internal cavity. Endoskeletal cage of vertical ribs contains upper vital organs. Note size of single folded lung, evidence of vestigial secondary stomachs cf. Conclusion: efficiency and durability of internal organs comparable to our own i. Upper limbs. Three manipulatory digits plus opposable thumbs. Unblemished dermis suggests manual labour atypical.

Clothing majority removed. Complex woven fabric material unknown ; geometric patterns styled in copper filigree. Perambulatory limbs. Tertiary joints analogous to Terran artiodactyls even-toed hoofed animals : suggests evolution from cloven-hoofed ruminant Terran analogues include goats and sheep. Extreme vulnerability of padded elements incongruous with general robustness of subject. Speculation: unusual periods or accelerated racial development have not advanced all organs at uniform rate.

Skeletal cross-section. High concentration of porous nodules suggests efficient perspiration process typical of arid-indigenous organism. Secondary stratum above musculature comprises complex tubular runnels, including capillaries and glandular nodules. Detail Inset: Quadravalvic heart. Atria are distinct from ventricles, and divided by complex filter-sheaths. Speculation: Subject's heart doubles as liver, delivering impurities from circulatory and digestive systems alike, to be filtered and removed as waste.

Skull Detail: Unknown "diamond-organ" in the forehead of the Tau Ethereal. Rear ganglia connects to cerebral lobe. Polyp-structures vaguely reminiscent of "pheromone" glands amongst Terran invertebrates cf. Speculation: Perhaps a pheromonal communication system?

The sensitivity of Tau olfactory senses would certainly support a process of airborne chemical "signifiers. Results are inconclusive, and the purpose of this organ remains unknown. General Observation: Subject's anatomy suggests a highly developed species of analogous physical durability to Mankind.

Is this racial parallelism purely coincidental? Ralei: "So, do you have a name? I know you understand me. My servant Dorvus tells me you've been trying to convince him to release you for hours. Your command of our language is very impressive.

Your race has never struck us as interested in learning. Mercifully we aren't all alike. For example, Aun -- that's what your caste is called, yes? I should be delighted if you would tell me all that you can about the Tau-var.

If I am denied the company of my people I can at least represent their righteousness. The Tau'va is the one true pathway. Where gue'las place your faith in a god that con affect your life not at all, the Tau'va brings every T'au to contentment. The Greater Good.

The knowledge that staring inwards one finds only solitude, but by staring outwards, by devoting oneself to the race and its quest for perfection, there is harmony and peace. Ralei: "An ongoing quest? So you admit your empire is not yet perfect? What is? The Tau'va is the path, gue'la, not the destination. Why should we rail against that which makes most sense? Each T'au is free to choose their destiny. That they all choose the Tau'va is merely testament to its righteousness.

It is a unifying ideal. Ah, yes. I've heard that argument before. And what happens when you find someone who doesn't want to be unified, eh? The Greater Good is no mere diversion. No empty godhood in which we place our faith. It is a necessity, human. It is the only thing that can save the galaxy from itself. We have a saying. Aur'ocq shoth'r'i tskon sha Tau'va. Ralei: "All right. Another question. What do you know of O'Shovah? Long pause.

I ask you again: what do you know of O'Shovah? What do you know of Commander Farsight? Ralei: "Let me start you off. It's a story I heard from a trader an the edge of the Damocles Gulf. Seems this O'Shovah was a great hero of yours in the Fire Caste. Genius at whatever he did, just so long as what he was doing was fighting. Isn't that how it is with you T'au? Everyone with their niche, no interbreeding, no intermixing.

So, O'Shovah sets off to reclaim some colonies, and naturally there's an Ethereal in charge. Except the Aun gets killed and O'Shovah ends up in command. Suddenly there's no one reminding him about the bloody Tau'va, and he's a long way from home.

So what does he do, Aun? I mean, like you said, the Tau'va is something you choose to follow, yes? Surely O'Shovah would've carried on with the peace and tranquillity crap, despite it all? Ralei: "Except he didn't. He set up on his own. His very own little empire, without you Ethereals telling him what to do, without your wretched Tau'va running his life. Ralei: You said it yourself, Aun. Well maybe it only makes sense whilst you lot are in charge.

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