ethereal spire
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Ethereal spire

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Set your table with these cutting boards that suit any party and concept. The spire's form changed, and it started to curl around Alex's arm. It was like a soft band made of paper that was being pulled along. The sound of sizzling could be heard as the ethereal form of the spire wrapped itself around Alex's body in an instant. Alex felt like he was touched by something of terrifying coldness! Yet, Alex's body wasn't being frozen or injured. Alex felt a cold sensation creep into his body.

However, the outside of his body started to warm up again. It was like the cold sensation was moving through his body. Alex felt the cold sensation enter his head of its own volition. Yet, there seemingly was a blockage that stopped it from advancing. After a moment, the cold sensation gave up trying to get into Alex's head, and traveled towards his frozen arm again. Suddenly, Alex's left arm regained feeling, and he felt like his arm became even colder than before.

Alex barely managed to jerk his left arm in panic. Suddenly, a terrifyingly cold wind came out of Alex's left arm. The cold wind hit the ice cover beneath Alex, and an additional layer of ice formed on that spot. Yet, something shocking happened at the same time! Alex's arm instantly warmed up! In actuality, Alex's arm felt quite hot suddenly! It was like Alex had gathered all the cold in his body and had expelled it. Even the ice spear, which was stuck in his shoulder, was melting away.

It was like Alex's left arm had worked with the same principles as an air conditioning unit! In order to make a room cold, an air conditioner needed to transport the heat somewhere else. If the inside of a room was as hot as the outside and the air conditioner was turned on, the inside would become colder, and the outside would become hotter. The hot temperature was gathered and expelled.

Alex's arm had seemingly done something with the same principle but reversed. Alex had cooled the surroundings, resulting in his left arm becoming hotter. However, Alex had far bigger problems right now and didn't have any time to analyze this right now.

All of this had happened in just three seconds. A gigantic, brown… boulder-like thing broke through the middle of the lake. It was over ten meters tall and nearly three meters wide. A line went through the boulder-like thing. Alex knew what this was, and his heart beat fiercely in his chest. If already the beak of the octopus was ten meters long, how huge was the entire creature?!

The beak had punched through the middle of the lake, and it had closed around it. The octopus had probably assumed that Alex was still there. Luckily, Alex had grabbed the ethereal spire while sliding. Alex looked with terror behind him. Suddenly, the entire lake exploded! The gigantic octopus had realized that it had caught nothing, and its entire body broke out of the lake.

It couldn't let go of its bait! It cost too much Mana to condense something like that! Tentacles nearly meters-long stretched across the lake as a gigantic head came out of the water. The eyes of the octopus quickly looked around, and they immediately spotted the running Alex. The tentacles all punched down at the frozen lake. Surprisingly, the ice didn't break.

That was because the octopus had used its ice powers to increase the hardness of the ice. As the octopus smashed its tentacles down, its body left the water and flew towards Alex. It had thrown itself over 50 meters into the air, right towards Alex! Alex's heart nearly stopped. This octopus was too fast! It would catch him in an instant! It would catch him in a second! Alex looked forward with desperate eyes. Yet, what he saw made him despair.

The hedgehog had turned around! It wasn't even looking at him anymore! Alex's eyes opened widely with terrified eyes. And then, everything changed! It was one loud, explosive sound. It was like a grenade had gone off! Suddenly, Alex felt a storm hit his body. A terrifying wind had suddenly picked up, and Alex's body was hurled across the lake uncontrollably! As Alex was thrown around, he managed to catch a glimpse of the octopus in the air, and an image was burned into his mind! Over 20 extremely long, green needles had buried themselves into the octopus' body!

This was the reason for the explosive sound and the terrifying storm! The needles had exploded off the hedgehog's body, had passed by Alex's body with unimaginable speeds, and had buried themselves into the octopus! The wind of the needles had thrown Alex across the lake!

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