super bowl betting topics to talk
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Super bowl betting topics to talk

However, game management is a serious issue for Sean McVay, the Rams' coach. Game decision-making could make the difference for a surprising underdog win. Bengals vs Rams Stats Comparison We can take a look at ESPN's passing block success metric, which measures how often the offensive line holds pressure within 2.

In the regular season, the Bengals were ranked 30th in this indicator. The pass rush success metric is determined by how often defenders apply pressure within 2. In the regular season, the Rams were leading in this aspect. The Rams lead in pass defence success, while the Bengals in pass-rush efficiency are in 25th place. However, this Sunday, Trey Hendrickson and partners took down Patrick Mahomes with four sacks and an interception.

They will need to repeat this in the confrontation with Matthew Stafford. The service uses tracking data to analyze the likelihood of a complete on each shot based on factors such as distance, player location, wide receiver gap, and quarterback pressure. It then compares the quarterback's actual completion rate with the expected one.

Among all starting quarterbacks in the league, Burrow Cincinnati Bengals leads in this indicator, being the most accurate passer in the league but he will have to face one of the toughest defences in the NFL. The Bengals are 12 in the EPA for driving and 15 for overall performance. Yet, the team has proven that their defence can adapt like against the Chiefs.

At the same time, the Bengals definitely do not have the best offensive line and yet Burrow finds ways to deal with the pressure. Now that we know the Rams are the favourite, in the next section, we will dive into some of the best Super Bowl betting odds. What are good betting odds for the Super Bowl? In this section, we will focus on specific markets and players, as well as proper suggestions and Super Bowl betting odds based on their performances in recent games and throughout the season.

Total - Over In a Super Bowl with Stafford and Burrow, we expect a high-scoring game. Both teams are ranked among the best in scoring and yards per play. Total points, odd or even? Pretty straight forward here. Will the combined total points scored equal to an even or and odd number? Depending on the sportsbook, you can also make wagers like this for individual quarters. Will the team that scores first win the game? Sure, you can make an educated guess on the winner of the game, but there are too may factors in play to say one way or another if that team will also score first.

Jersey number of first touchdown scorer? There are several different versions of these types of bets out there. Variations of this type bet include; Will the jersey numbers be even or odd? Higher or lower than 80?

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