best bitcoin wallet app india
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Best bitcoin wallet app india

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It is like a mobile wallet where you keep on your mobile for storing virtual money and doing transactions. A bitcoin wallet is also known as Crypto Wallet. The crypto wallet bitcoin wallet is available in the form of a mobile app, web-based wallet, desktop-based wallet, and hardware-based.

You can send and receive bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies using wallets. It is stored in digital mode private key address. In short bitcoin wallet means app, website or hardware device that manages private keys for you. Types of Bitcoin Wallet 1 Mobile Wallet Mobile wallet as the name indicates it is a wallet where you store your cryptocurrency in the mobile app of your smartphone.

The mobile wallet stores private keys of cryptocurrency and allows you to make a payment from your phone. Some mobile wallet comes with NFC — near filed communication features. You can access stored key web-based using the internet.

The security of the server is governed by third-party tools. Web-based wallets are also known as an e-wallet. In this type of wallet security of the server becomes very important. If the security of the server is compromised your cryptocurrency is under risk. This is because you get a tutorial guide for all the listed features.

It's ideal for all due to its smooth interface and technical graph. In case of any issue or query, the customer service is impeccable. Almost zero trading fee, around 0 to 0. Numerous security standards. Only one fiat currency is available: INR. Only Indian users can have access. No payment support using credit and debit cards. There's a gap between the actual price and the selling price. Why Choose Coin Switch?

It also offers very minimal fees on crypto trading and transfer. Trust Wallet Trust wallet bitcoin is a popular app-based wallet to store Bitcoins and other cryptos. It is among the oldest crypto-storing wallets to store popular cryptos like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and other popular blockchains projects.

Recently, Trust wallet partnered with Binance and later became the official cryptocurrency wallet of Binance. This partnership makes crypto trading and storing super easy. Trust wallet sets a private key and biometrics to protect your digital assets from unauthorized hands and fraudsters. Pros Registration and downloading are entirely free for all. It gives you the feature to trade directly on Binance. QR codes can be used to send and receive Bitcoin. Cons Prone to mobile hacks and tricks to transfer assets.

Only available in-app. No web service for PCs. Why Choose Trust Wallet? There are no charges for downloading and using the Trust Wallet app. But you need to pay a network transaction fee every time you send any cryptocurrency. Zebpay Zebpay is a multi-cryptocurrency exchange where you can trade on your favorite coin pair very quickly. Still, now it has started offering the facility of a crypto wallet to store Bitcoin and other cryptos.

Zebpay is back in operation following the RBI issued circular banning regulated financial institutions. That says providing services to businesses dealing with cryptocurrency. Cryptos are stored in Zebpay with a private key and not specifically in a cryptocurrency wallet. Zebpay also allows your easy transfer of stored cryptos to any other exchange or wallet that belongs to you with zero fees.

Transfer fees are applicable when you transfer crypto to a different wallet. Zebpay uses the HSM Hardware Security to store all your purchased and crypto assets in cold wallets as cold wallets come with high security. And to protect all transactions, Zebpay also has a proprietary security protocol, Omnitrixx. Zebpay only supports eight cryptocurrencies for storing, but when it comes to trading, it supports many different currency pairs. Pros A deposit in INR is accepted. Zebpay Wallet is linked to Zebpay crypto exchange.

Best security with Proprietary Omnitrixx security feature. Cons You get pooled crypto storage in the Zebpay wallet. FEl storing, Zebpay offers a total of eight cryptocurrencies. Why Choose Zebpay? Zebpay offers Rs. It is the best bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet in India for those who make some trades in a day and, in the end, store the earned Bitcoin in a wallet. For this fantastic feature, you have to pay a fee of 0.

But don't worry, if you don't take trade in a month, you don't have to pay a single penny. Apart from buying and selling, WazirX provides a wallet facility as well. You can also connect your mobile-based crypto wallet to the WazirX exchange for easy asset transfer. WazirX now is officially partnered with Binance the best exchange in the world. Registration on WazirX is entirely free with zero registration charge but a minimal charge on every trade you place.

WazirX allows you to trade over pairs and store all the cryptocurrencies in the wallet. You can also withdraw or deposit funds from your bank account directly. To ensure security, it supports two-factor authentication like Google authenticator to avoid any illegal sign-in or access.

Pros It gives you two options to use, one is the mobile wallet option, and the other is the web wallet option. You can directly place any trade on WazirX without KYC, but for withdrawal, you need to verify your account. Cons Any withdrawal from WazirX is subject to a withdrawal fee.

There's a limit on both minimum and maximum withdrawal amount. Why Choose WazirX? The best part about WazirX is that it does not charge any fees for deposits, and even the charge on withdrawal is relatively minimal only when you withdraw INR to a bank account. Coinbase If you are a beginner in Bitcoin trading or cryptocurrency, then Coinbase Wallet is an excellent wallet for you. Coinbase allows you to connect your account for easy withdrawal or deposit and has a smooth, lag-free interface for easy navigation and immediate actions.

This simple three-tab layout helps users to identify functions and use them when required quickly. After the recent update, Coinbase Wallet can now store digital collectables. Also, Coinbase supports more than crypto assets, which is the highest among all hot wallets.

Pros The interface is smooth and user-friendly to make navigation and crypto action easy. After the latest update, Coinbase now supports non-fungible tokens NFTs storing. Two-factor authentication and multi-signature feature for high security. Cons Like other hot wallets, it also has some security bugs and weak points in blockchain security.

Coinbase wallet is only available on tablet and mobile devices, but not desktop software. Why Choose Coinbase Wallet? The vast number of Crypto assets and excellent UI makes it a perfect Bitcoin wallet for beginners. It is highly secure on mobile and tablet devices and has minimal trading fees. Apart from crypto, you can also trade in NFT.